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The Great Iceman at The End of The Ice Age, The Devil Subtracts 80 More Years

Time keeps on slipping. Above, because of the (unexpected) rate at which ice at the North Pole is melting, the devil was forced to (significantly) recalculate his estimations as to when it will all be gone. Between (3.07.07 ) & … Continue reading

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Just Deserts: Meleanie Hain Gun Psychosis Comes Home To Roost: Bitter, Clinging to Gun Pennsylvania Mom Shot to Death by Husband

In 2008, thirty one year old Meleanie Hain captured the nation’s attention when she showed up to her daughter’s soccer game with a loaded Glock handgun. On Wednesday, by her husband, she was shot to death while on her computer … Continue reading

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"Ain't No Sunshine for the Caucasian," from INTWY's YouTube Channel, submitted by Truth Revealed

All, this is a must see video with must read comments. See exceprt below:

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The Original Yacub (Jacob): "The Big Headed Scientist," the Flugelrods & the Ultraviolet Light to Destroy Them

Flugelrods Amongst Us The Flugelrods (illustration) were the original Nordics before they crossbred with different races to acquire the appearance they possess presently. They are the originators of the Nordic race and live in a cavern beneath the Antarctic. (T)he … Continue reading

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Craigslist killer Phillip Markoff, Anne Le killer Raymond Clark, family killer Christopher Coleman & Jasmine Fiore killer Ryan Jenkins; "Than living w/a white man, you're safer strapping a steak to your back & sleeping in the woods. He's a ticking psychotic bomb." Comment of Year, by Truth Revealed?

“White men are NOT the way to go – their lack of melanin causes them to fail at coping with life, it also hinders them from reaching a consistent nightly REM 4 sleep, which means that they are liable to … Continue reading

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