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(EXCERPTS) “We Will Not Respect Black Police Officers Who Become White When They Put On Their Blue. Until Reparations Are Paid Nothing White Americans Claim They Own Belongs To Them. Black On Black (BOB) Crime Will Not Be Tolerated. And Because Of Their History & Contemporary Behavior, We Must Recognize All White Police As Terrorists.” National Black Foot Soldier General Cedishon Angelou Makes 1st National Youtube Broadcast (DEVELOPING…)

St. Louis based NBFSN General Cedishon Angelou is reportedly readying to release the movements first national broadcast via Youtube, contacts with the Network have confirmed. He is said to address: the movement’s position on brothers & sisters working withing The … Continue reading

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Reparations Offender Neil Godleski’s Just Desserts Come Home To Roost; Norwalk & DC Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Life & Family Of Criminal, 31 Year Old Catholic University Student, Demand Family Turn Over Possessions For Genera-tional Crimes; DC Soldiers Demand 18 Year Old Eric Foreman Released, Condemn Racist DC Police Regime Terrorism

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"No Reparations, No Peace!" … "Reparations By Any Means Neccessary!" … "All Whites R Terrorists." … "Reparations Offender." … "Reparations Protest." … "400 Years Of Slavery Equals 400 Years Of Freedom" …"Is Your Property On The Slavery Reparations List?" Black Foot Soldier Movement Burning Down The House; Condemned By SPLC But Emerging As Fastest Growing Black Movement In Nation

"ALL WHITES R TERRORISTS" – National Black Foot Soldier Network." If recent membership stats are an indication, the National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) might just (now) be the largest new black youth movement in the country.  I’m still trying … Continue reading

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MOBILE REPARATIONS OFFENDER ZOA WHITE DEAD, SAVAGE MOBILE WHITES BUY GUNS TO PROTECT PROPERTY GAINED BY FATHERS' CRIMES: Mobile Soldiers Encouraged To Question All Local Whites For Reparations But Reminded Of Devil's Psychotic Violence In Face Of Justice; "If Ye Are Killed In The Commission Of A Protest, 72 Virgins Await Thee," Mobile Soldier Moses Aber-nathy Reminds Soldiers: For Us, Death Is Greater Than Life

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