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NASA DEVILS "POSTPHONE" ARES 1-X LAUNCH FOR "BAD WEATHER;" "Who do you think's in the clouds?" – Antioch Hades; Mothership Makes Presense Known Over (White) Moscow

Bad weather was interfering with NASA’s attempt to launch a new, experimental rocket for the second day in a row early Wednesday. An estimated 154 lightning strikes were reported within a five-mile radius of the launch pad overnight. Launch controllers … Continue reading

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“The message in The New Collective this morning is clear,” reports Yakub Muslim and publisher Antioch Hade: “The Mothership will not tolerate whites in space. This policy includes unmanned vessels. THe narcissism of The Devil to think that they might … Continue reading

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SAME DAY, SAME TIME: (Confirmed) October 9th UN Plane "Crash" in Haiti a Mothership Smackdown for NASA's LCROSS "Moon Bomb" Terrorism

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The Devil & the LCROSS Moon Crash; What's the Devil Really Up To & Where Should Our Energies be Directed??? "Let's Pray For a Sacred Smackdown!"

According to Western media: A NASA spacecraft and its trusty rocket stage are drawing ever closer to the moon to intentionally crash to their doom Friday, all in the name of science. NASA launched the LCROSS probe in June along with … Continue reading

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Mothership Strikes Space Shuttle Discovery: "If you want to see whites suffer & their things destroyed you must remember your offerings to Allah, God & Mother Nature," Elohim Belial

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