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"Destroy White America" God Damn White America Enthusiasts Champion 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season is open and God Damn White America movement enthusiasts say they ready for it and hope to see much destruction to the property of white Americans and hope their families experience “unimaginable suffering and loss.” … Continue reading

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The Monica Jensen Melanoma Execution: "Bitch the flowers don't love you. They got color too!" Mother Nature, Sun of God Reject Mankind

“They are mankind. We are God’s original man. There is no place in white folks where God’s spirit can dwell. This is why Jesus had to teach them love,” – famed Clairvoyant Zelda Barrons X; “In all that we do, Mother … Continue reading

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God Hates White America; 1st God Damn America Prayer Protest 06.21.08

“God doesn’t hate fags. God doesn’t hate America. God hates white America and the fake Israel. And now, along with the rest of the world, is the time to for black Americans, the neighbors to the Beasts, to heave our … Continue reading

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