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MOBILE REPARATIONS OFFENDER ZOA WHITE DEAD, SAVAGE MOBILE WHITES BUY GUNS TO PROTECT PROPERTY GAINED BY FATHERS' CRIMES: Mobile Soldiers Encouraged To Question All Local Whites For Reparations But Reminded Of Devil's Psychotic Violence In Face Of Justice; "If Ye Are Killed In The Commission Of A Protest, 72 Virgins Await Thee," Mobile Soldier Moses Aber-nathy Reminds Soldiers: For Us, Death Is Greater Than Life

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Reparations Offender & Suspected Slave Owner Benjamin Miree Refuses To Answer If Family Owned Slaves; Objectivity Thrown Under Bus: Racist Local15TV Journalist & Reparations Offender Andrea Ramey Calls Black Foot Soldiers “Hate Group,” Refuses To Ask If Family Owned Slaves; Mobile Racial Terrorist DA John Tyson Jr. Calls Reparations “Nonsense,” Stereotypes Reparations Activists As “Dumb Niggers?”

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(BREAKINGj) “THE KYSER MIREE REPARATIONS PROTEST:” (UPDTE) FAMILY SUSPECTED OF SLAVERY OWNERSHIP; 23 Year Old Offender Turned Peaceful Protest Violent? Mobile Protesters Bo Taylor, Earnest Wiggins, Jamal Lang & Michael Lee Emerge Heroes In Daring Stand Against Racist Holocaust Deniers; (MORE) Alabama Soldiers Demand Release

While traditional American media outlets are calling the April death of a 23 year old Birmingham, Alabama Caucasian male a homicide resulting from a “robbery,” the National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) is officially declaring it a Reparations Protestthat the … Continue reading

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