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Pretty Prom: Your Skin Is (Not) Pretty; "Blasphemous Book , Copies Will Burn"

“Your skin is not pretty sayeth the Sun of God. Because of thy continued evil, it is an abomination before me. Cursed ye are when are indoors & cursed ye are when ye are out. There is no refuge  for … Continue reading

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Caucasians Flee to Hills

“The Sun of God has given white people until 2012 to find another planet to live on,” Jacobi Ail said in a sermon given across his network, Sunday. “Can he return to his birth place in the Caucasus Mountains for … Continue reading

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Lucifer Threatens Caucasians of Fires

Lucifer, the mythological Angel of Light, has given white people five years to find another planet to live on before they are burned from the face of the planet in the Ultraviolet Holocaust of 2012, “Jacobi Ail said in a … Continue reading

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