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Idaho Maglucification Project Successful: States With Few Blacks Spike in Skin Cancer, Carcinoma, Dysplastic Nevi & Melanoma Rates

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Elizabeth A. Rhodes Melanoma Execution: Ohio Yakub Muslims Focus on Pigs in High Places

Reportedly, Ohio Yakub Muslims employed a new technique in the Melanoma Campaign against Rhodes; and though she’s tried surgery, chemotherapy and bone-marrow transplants, her condition always returns with a new face. “The root is always melanoma,” exiled Yakub Muslim minister Yakub Shaitan … Continue reading

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“How Much Ultraviolet Light Does It Take To Exterminate The Devil?” He inadvertently asked. (plus: The Sparky Edmonston Melanoma Execution)

Exclusive images from inside Yakub Muslim Atlanta community Exiled Yakub Muslim cleric Yakub Shaitan, known to many as Yakub 666 (Y666) , has reportedly received a second condemnation by the Yakub Muslim Nation, Saturday, for inadvertently posing forbidden questions and … Continue reading

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