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New Jerusalem Sightings Over US Cities With Large Black Populations & Unable To Be Seen By Whites Or Captured By Western Technologies Prove Illegitimacy Of American Made Israel In Middle East, "Those Who Say They Are Jews But Lie"

It couldn’t be seen by Caucasians, recored by cameras or video and (apparently) wasn’t detected by Western satellites or any Western technology. But, according to hundreds to (now even) thousands of the city’s blacks (preceded by the sound of trumpets) … Continue reading

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ANOTHER FAKE JEW MELTDOWN: Psychotic Gentilian Jew Claiming Full Jewish Heritage Bethany Storro Defaces Self With Acid, Blames Legitimate Jew (Black Woman) For Attack; “Depravity Devils Willing To Delve For Racism & Legitimacy Will Worsen In Days Coming,” Psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs (UnderprivilegedJournalism)

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