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Cursed Fig Tree White Man Hybrid FEATURED

THE FIG TREE CURSE, by Nikel Felon With growing interest in the recent Fig Tree curse invoked against Knoxville, Tennessee whites by Ghetto Bragging Rights celebrity felon & anti black poverty champ St. Nicolas Thief, interest in how the curse … Continue reading

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Blacks consider invoking ancient Fig Tree Curse against all white America

The success of The Fig Tree Curse invoked, last night, against Knoxville, Tennesse’s whites for the illegal prosecution and conviction of the first of the Knoxville 5, already has many blacks asking nationwide whether it should be invoked against all … Continue reading

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America's Last Name: Titanic

“This is not a difficult article. It’s easy,” author and journalist Waldof Caruthers says: “America’s last name is Titanic. She is a sinking ship. “The thing for black Americans to know is: Don’t Let White People Steal Your Victimization.” Caruthers, … Continue reading

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"Blacks: Don't Let Whites Steal Your Victimization" – Waldorf Caruthers

“This is not a difficult article. It’s easy,” author and journalist Waldof Caruthers says: “Black America: Don’t Let White People Steal Your Victimization.” Caruthers, who is preparing to publish the original memoirs of prophet and scientist Yacub 7 Ali, has … Continue reading

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