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Slaughter Lightfoot

145 Responses to About

  1. incogman says:

    What’s wrong, Jiggly-Wigglies? Comments now closed?

    I guess you can’t face the fact Ghetto was closed down by the Ebil Whitey Racists!

    Too bad.

    I thought that was hilarious that GBR tried to say it was because of Obama. You guys are really wacked.

    Check out my new piece on the Nigger Bama:


    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      There are several reasons we’ve decided to close comments. Please see the date the GhettoBraggingRights was closed VS the date when we published the article.


  2. lastriteofpassage says:

    Who is that ignorant piece of trash incogman? Another “I’m superior” white person? If you think you are so superior why don’t you fix the economy your superior race people screwed up?! Take your skin you think is so magical and use it to cure us all of our problems! You always say you are better but you never prove it! If you think u are so magical do some real tricks and fix the world you white trash heathens f’d up!

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Tremendous contribution and “checkmate.”

      Slaughter Lightfoot

      • CommonSense says:

        To lastriteofpassage, well, I don’t see any ghetto niggers curing cancer or fighting poverty, in fact it’s the opposite. You jungle bunnies are freaking out because you have power. It’s like when a jig gets a management position, and then 2 months later the company goes to shit because it’s all a bunch of hood niggers who can’t construct a sentence. Go solve your own problems before you start bitching about other people’s.

    • C says:

      The white race didn’t fuck up the economy. Everyone on fucking welfare fucked up this country. Stop crying about how you were NOT treated & get a fucking job, pay your fucking share & we won’t fucking hate your lazy, worthless, no fucking good for anything asses!!!!!!! You all are the fucking racists, always blaming someone else for your fucked up life when it was your own worthless lazy parents faults that they had & raised your asses the way they did, BLAME THEM NOT US, THEY OBVIOUSLY HATE YOU MORE THAN WE DO, THEY ARE THE ONES THAT LEAVE THE LITTLE MONKEYS ALL ALONE TO FEND FOR THEMSELVES WHILE THEY ARE OUT GETTING FUCKED UP ON CRACK & FUCKED BY THE NEXT DICK TO HAVE ANOTHER WELFARELITE IDIOT FOR US TO TAKE CARE OF! FUCK YOU ALL, ROT BURN & FUCKING DIE!!!!

      • civilwar member says:

        This shows just how insecure some black people are. They give others who are not like them a bad name. I am ashamed of all of you. Your evil and bitterness shows. What made YOU so bitter and evil? Are you listening to the wrong people? I dare say you are. Turn your ears to someone wholesome and kind. You will be glad.

      • WHITEME says:

        There is a Stormfront headed your way.

      • Paul Rosen says:

        You seem….balanced, C.

        Let’s start with the premise that black people live off the taxes paid by the hard-working white man. Well, how much did the completely-unnecessary Iraq war (launched by almost-exclusively white men) cost the taxpayers? $1,000,000,000,000. Deaths? 250,000 were slaughtered (4,000 Americans) in Iraq. How does that stack up against the violent black crimes?

        Further, add up the collective value of what black men typically steal in a year. Compare that to Bernie Madoff’s thievery alone. Madoff’s actions were worse than those of all black financial crimes COMBINED.

        So, I have simply proved that whites murder more than blacks, waste more tax dollars, and steal more money.

        Run along to your quiet corner with your juice box & bendy straw.

        • Sen. McFadden says:

          Actually per percentage that is not hardly the case. Before making such an uneducated reply you need to balance out the weight by individual in our society.

          Once you do that, the evidence, the stats and the facts fly directly in your logic, but with that said Whites are still not the best race in the country, statistically speaking the Asians are fantastic

    • Booty says:

      Could it because too many people have lost jobs because are salaries are higher than those paid to dark-skinned Asians?

    • BlackStudent KSU says:

      Maybe we should fix the economy, since you obviously don’t have a job… it’s not affecting you.

  3. WHYTHEHATE says:

    Why the hate back and forth. This hurts the families and friends of victims as well as those who commit crimes. It’s not funny, or sardonic or cerebral. It’s just mean and detrimental to the evolution of a classless and race-blind society.

  4. lastriteofpassage says:

    My point being, if white people really do believe they are special or superhuman because of the pale skin they have..Do something with it! If you claim superiority, act out on the problems in the world, like poverty, famine, disease, and crime. Blaming brown skin does not help and it is really looking crazier than ever before now. Brown people do not own the monies, white people do, so why do they blame people who do not own their property for the economic problem? Being nasty to black people all day, calling us monkies and making fun of our hair textures is not going to put the unemployed back to work and the homeless in a house. If anything, it makes white people look like they are mentally unsound and very strange.

  5. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Again, tremendous contribution.


  6. You fucking smelly niggers shall burn in hell. I may help that happen for some of you. Ya never know, do ya? When are you fucking apes gonna learn to stop acting like the pieces of shit that you are and settle into a normal life? Working for a living doesn’t suit you? Would you rather rob the Korean store on the corner than get a job? You fucking animals created the ghetto. You ruined the neighborhoods. You wrecked the homes. You destroyed the projects. You pumped out the little niglets and then abandoned them. YOU fucked up your own lives. Whitey isn’t responsible for your bullshit. Act like a man and take responsibility for you pathetic lives. Since I know this isn’t going to happen, I revert back to my first three sentences of this paragraph. Fuck you very much, bitch. You are all faggots because you keep doing dumb shit to get put back in jail. You miss having that big smelly nigger horse cock up your ass. See ya in hell! Have a nice day. 🙂

    • YoungScottishGuy says:

      You clearly know nothing about Red-Lining do you?

      Perhaps you might have heard of White Flight!

      It’s the fault of the White establishment (I am white myself by the way) that many African Americans are forced to live in the Ghetto.

      Learn a little about history before you make such absurd comments.

      Go ahead, call me a “Nigger Lover” all you want, at least I now that I’m doing the right thing.

      • White Pride says:

        You are just being overly compassionate. You live here and deal with the primitive Apes and their constant complaining, then get back to me. The fact is they were slaved, the entire world did it (incl the UK). The fact is they were dumb enough to get enslaved. Its like they know its over, but the fact it makes them look like a primitive race tears them up inside and angers them. This country would be stronger without Blacks, 75% are dependent on Government, there would be no political correctiveness where you have to monitor everything you say in a free society with freedom of speech causing terrorist attacks because you don’t want to racially profile someone because of some sorrow clause. A pure bred 100% black…they are the closest living human to an Ape. Look at Africa, how far have they actually advanced besides the Arabian north? What have they made or invented meaningful? They know that too, and it just angers them to the point where they call whites Devils etc lol. Some still throw spears and kill monkies with dart guns. There is a good 25% that are decent, but I don’t even want that burden. They make everything they come in contact with look lousy, they ghetto’s are insane looking. Every person of a different race I seen come over here Asians, Indians, Nordic Whites all feel uneasy around them. Imagine a Anarchy, I don’t see the blacks lasting they don’t know how to organize properly and would be killed off.

        • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

          That doesn’t make your doing or how you did it right, White Pride. You are aware that, although slavery had existed before, the slavery yours introduced was unique in that it stripped our ancestors of their identities, religion, and humanity, aren’t you? It was the most savage form of slavery that had ever been introduced. Tell me, what kind of creatures would do that to others?

          All of your complaints about blacks, and it was your forefathers’ greed and perversion that, on the superficial level, brought us here. Now “white pride world wide” cries about the (fake) Jews in (illegitimate) Israel controlling America. Let me find out to those whites, because that’s what they are: whites, consider you American whites trash and you’re offended by it. Better yet, they consider you nigger. How ironic.

          Your forefathers were wrong. You are wrong for embracing their values. Sunday, in church, my pastor asked the congregation: do white people deserve to be able to carelessly enjoy the light of the sun of God.

          The congregation answered with a resounding “no.”


  7. An evil, stupid white man who loves his black brothers and sisters says:

    Which group of white people are you referring to? Are you saying all white people claim to be superhuman? I don’t claim to be superior to black people. I don’t believe my pale skin has “magical” abilities, and I’ve certainly never used a racial epithet to offend or hurt someone of another race.

    While there are many ignorant people who do (the previous post), generalizing the entire white race as hate-mongering sociopaths is not only false, but is also detrimental to fixing the problems that slavery, racism, and institutionalized oppression have caused in America.

    We white people need to right our wrongs and stop the vicious cycle of poverty, injustice, and death we have created in the black community. I just can’t stand to see so much hate and violence between us.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      You are beautiful. Now: go and sell all that you have and give it to the poor. In this you will fulfill the Will of God. Do you remember that?

      Your careful thought is appreciated,

    • White Pride says:

      no they are blinded by their warped sense. whites and asians are far superior they are lowest genetics of a living human today, thats another subject that would be racist to talk about but I looove reminding em…. do me 1 favor look at the broad spectrum of overall progress industrialism, inventions, places of living, lifestyles.. and think …….

  8. An evil, stupid white man... says:


    I appreciate your words but I feel that donating my worldly possesions to the poor will not solve anything. For one, I am only 21 years old and don’t have much to give besides my car and my paychecks. Giving awaying everything I have to the poor would just mean that I am trading places with that person. Their quality of life may increase, but I will then become poor, meaning there would be no change in the number of poor people in America. What would I do then?

    If I am not seeing the whole picture, please enlighten me.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      An Evil, Stupid White Man,
      Do you believe in God?



  9. Doc Holliday says:

    I didn’t know this was a site for the ferral beast sub-species.
    I love to hear them chimp out with its TNB as N_____ologists have proven. Is it because watermellon is not in season? Surely it has plenty of KFC,Colt45 malt, and
    chitlins to holds ya over. Gib mez a dollah, gibs mez dat,
    gibs me, gibs me, gibs mez cause Iz don’t likes workin fo nuddin! There is a continent where it is waiting for your return to be united with the rest of its sub-species.(Failed nature)

  10. Doc Holliday says:

    I might also add that there seems to be many wiggers on this site too. Maybe they also can join the ferral beast and return with the sub-species to their muddaland continent! Because this country is no place for them.

  11. another white boy says:

    Love the comments by Doc Holliday and the other not so bright person on this post decentwhiteman (obviously a oxymoron).

    I feel for the individuals above, and as underprivilegedjournalism suggest I have already sold my belonging (in excess of my actual basic needs) and lead a simple life. Although I possess the ability to amass wealth due to my “white” skin, I have opted instead to search for ways to bridge the gaps between all races, not just white and black.

    And despite what hate mongers will try to say, it works, and works well. I have found that all races face the same problems, I have “white trash” in my own family who refuse to work, think they are better than others, and at the same time, abuse drugs and go on to do everything they accuse the “other” races of doing.

    At the same time my very close friends who are of other races lament that they face the same things with there own families.

    So I come to the conclusion there are those who love peace, and those who seek discord. Those who seek peace among only their own race, are actually those who seek discord. Those who seek discord among their own race to seek peace for all, seek true peace.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Another White Boy,

      Ahh, a true jewel: True Peace by Another White Boy…. . Check your history… . I won’t wait for the book.


  12. incogman says:

    I’ll tell you the real deal, “lastritesofpassage” dumb Negro: It’s the Jews who are running this country into the ground. Once we put a stop to the Jew, we’ll be back for your vile black ass…

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      The white fake Jews? Your whining about the “Jews” is comical. By your, I mean white nationalism’s. Remember when white nationalism didn’t have to have a battle cry? No, you don’t. You were already born into the generation when white had already lost its rule.

      You’re on a sinking skin ship, Incog.


  13. Someone. says:

    American owns your family

  14. Tarquin says:

    Is this a great country or what? A mentally retarded woman can be speaker of the House and crazy people can have their own web site.

  15. Apollonaris Zeus says:

    All note to all:

    This site is maintained by the KKK!

  16. Well, let me just start by saying, everyone has faults. Major, and minor. There is no perfect HUMAN not black, white, whatever. You all have the most unreasonable communication that I have ever seen. You think your gonna get somewhere by talking a whole lotta crap about one another when you miss the root of all problems.
    1. Fix your life first and correct your mistakes (such as pointing the finger at an individual, or his/her race as the initial problem. We were all created equal but have different lives. Even though u may not see it, but if you take away your anger towards individuals who you know nothing about, whom you stereotype, no matter how much they stereotype you or piss you off, then you eliminate retaliatory anger/hate.

    2. Our blood is the same, even though our skin is not. We all bleed red, and we all have pain. We also can’t please everyone. So why make it more complicated by segregation?

    3. It’s everyone, not only the white man’s fault for problems. first of all, The people who mention that white people, black, or any race/ethnicity of people are the issue, are only selfish and unhappy with their lives. They don’t look at the fact that only a portion of the people in the country are really racist. They blow the issue up to make it bigger than it is. No offense to black people because my best friend is black, but it is the truth that the people from your own race sold you just for material things that they wanted because they were selfish, and greedy. It was also a terrible mistake for the people who purchased the slaves to do so cause they just made a market for it. This was soooooooo damn long ago, and there is no way to change it.. Get over it!!!! you don’t even know half of your ancestors back then, or their history. You didn’t live through it soo don’t slander me with your bullshit excuses that White people are the problem. It’s everyone who contributes to negativity, hate, violence, greed……etc. The list goes on. If you choose not to be negative and try to avoid retaliation and just live your life, then…..you will start to see a change in everone. It’s a domino effect that is constantly happening, no matter where you are.

    4. You have to work for what you want/get. Everyone wants more, except for the people who really live for their god/or what u want to call it. They only live with their needed items to survive, and to help others. If anyone tells me that there is no way that they can make money or work, then they are lying soooo bad…. There are more things to do to make money than u would think. I am a perfect example.. If nothing else, i would pick up junk metal and cash it in for money. I didn’t have a job for 6 months and lived on that. If thats not enough proof, I’ll make you a list of shit that I did because I wanted no ones help in getting on my feet. I didn’t even have a car then!!! (1 year ago)

    5. And finally, Just take my advice and rethink every single thing you ever believed in, or were told. There is a lot of miscomunication, and misunderstanding in this world. This is because everyone has their own opinion and with over 300 billion different views in the world, YOU CAN”T PLEASE EVERYONE! Thats why it is important for us all to work together and ignore the color of our skin, The way we dress/look/talk, and most of all, do right when others won’t. U may be the one who needs help and that person u called a nigger just passed you by in the freezing cold while your car is stuck and left you to die cause you made a spot in his mind hate you or your race… Think about everything you say or do before you do it. I am WHITE!!!!! So don’t tell me that white, black, or any other color is the root of the problem. Yes statistics are messed up, but did u acctually know that statistics are generated by a system that we have no control over, so how do we know they are really the true stats? thats why we should come together as a whole and question our leaders, and stand up for what we deserve, and need. Only numbers and masses of people in protests/petitions can change anything. I like Obama in some ways, but others not. He is only one man and cant’ change everything…. tell me what you think???????????

  17. by the way… just in case you want to reply to me personally, mail me at AdrenalineGee@aol.com

    “I can produce more solutions to problems than toilet seats get ass!”

    Josh From the East

  18. merkaba says:

    The truth of the matter is; this world is going to HELL in a hand basket! You people fucking sicken me!

    And these words are coming from an ordained minister. I totally just hope you all get what you deserve for your lack of love for ALL fellow mankind.

    Seriously, burn in hell you bigots.


  19. And the underprivelegedjournalism rests because The Truth Of The Matter From A White Guy and Merkaba left you speechless with our truths. Comment back if you like slaughter. I don’t think that you or your crew will think of any stupid excuses or lies to speak about for a while. Point Proven!

  20. And the underprivelegedjournalism rests because The Truth Of The Matter From A White Guy and Merkaba left you speechless with our truths. Comment back if you like slaughter. I don’t think that you or your crew will think of any stupid excuses or lies to speak about for a while. Point Proven!
    case closed



  21. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    White Guy,
    Hi. My comments are inline.

    How would you know that the boy would bring hate.

    His skin color. “We have passed the era when we are to judge men according to the color of their skin. As the Sun of God judges all white flesh as an abomination before him and burns it with his skin plagues and melanoma, we are to see white the same way. Once upon a time God made his light fall on the just as well as the unjust. Today his light comsumes the flesh of the unjust.” Yakub Muslim cleric Elohim Belial

    You are another useless piece of shit that assumes way too much about people

    History and your contemporary behavior upon the earth show us who and what white people are. So there’s nothing to assume. The Sun of God & Mother Nature have rejected you. Should those they (The Sun of God & Mother Nature) embrace see you differently?

    Do I need to say more? What are you afraid of? You seem to be the exact thing that you claim to hate.

    “Black reactionary hate isn’t corrupt like the white hatred that spawned it.” – Jacobi Ali. … … . WhiteGuy, do you get mad when the bully’s target kicks the bully’s ass? Or, does the bully deserve to be despised & destroyed? While you probably don’t see yourself as one of the racial white bullies of your race, you are one. White people have been and are racial bullies. “Our God is the God of the underdog, not the pig.” We are the Davids. You are the Goliaths.

    What happened to you being all mister “I believe in God and follow his will?”

    The Sun of God’s will is to burn evil from the face of the planet.

    What happened to you as a child? Were you abandoned by your daddy?

    If it were true, which it isn’t (I just saw my father a couple of houses ago. One of my sos, my nephew & one of my younger brothers were me … thanks), it wouldn’t make any difference. The Sun of God’s light has made the determination between who ‘He’ loves and who ‘He’ despises.

    Did your mom neglect you so she could do her drugs?

    If it were true, which it isn’t, it wouldn’t make any difference. The Sun of God’s light has made the determination between who ‘He’ loves and who ‘He’ despises.

    I feel so sorry for your soul.

    I’m not sure if you (whites) actually have the ability to “feel sorry” for others. We do know, however, that you don’t have souls.

    You shall surely burn in hell you racist idiot.

    Fool, we niggas! Our skin don’t burn! Nigga we dance in fire!

    I gave your race a chance and you try to ruin it for everyone.

    Wow, thanks for that great display of your race’s historic perverted narcissism. Exemplary.

    My best friend is black and he says that your words are an embarrasment and poison to the world.

    Several things could be happening here: 1) your friend could be white brainwashed and full of black selfhatred. He may only need to learn history to be able to put you in the right context; 2) he may be fronting… . There are a lot of blacks & Yakub Muslims, for example, who use opportunities to get close to whites to impregnate them with melanomas.

    You should shut up while you are ahead before someone with a temper tantrum and a whole lotta drugs finds out who you are, where you live, what you do, and just wipe your face from the earth.

    What would be the surprise? Nothing would be more characteristic of your race. As The Sun of God (Jesus) said: fill up the cups of your fathers.

    by the way, If you were not a racist, then you wouldn’t have made it so easy to know that you are an unhappy black person
    that loves to hate the white people.

    The “Father of Racism” was Joseph Arthur Comte de Gobineau. That The Sun of God has now made ‘His’ light discriminate between us and given people of color the new Ultraviolet Light science allows us the first time in history to return unto you what you have done to us and others. “God’s racism is holy,” Yakub Shaitan.

    You didn’t even consider the other races yet. Go to school and learn somethin fool!

    Other races. Most Yakub Muslims assert there is only one race of humans on the planet. Most say that, because the Sun of God has turned ‘His’ face against you, you’re not human; you’re creatures.

  22. So your a black muslim, right?…. and before further comment, do you live in the united states? and if so, why would you live here rather than somewhere else if you hate it so much? Why would you waste your pathetic time to even talk about it? heh 🙂

  23. btw. I like how you have used other people’s words instead of your own to answer to me. It shows that you are scared, and couldn’t think of anything better to send me than some sensless bullshit . That just makes my point stronger. In my comment earlier, I stated that if you really live for god then you would not discriminate against someone elses religion, so I want to get something else straight. Do you worship satan?

  24. wowzer says:

    Wow. You people are fucking crazy. Are you all so full of hate that you had to start this crazy ass website? I have an idea: Live your own life, mind your own goddamn business, and stop crying about the past. My ancestors didn’t enslave yours, so fuck off already.


      crazy im not crazy ur crazy ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its ur demon semen chewing up my sinuses aint it huh huh huh i believe it tis u who i suckd off n that elevator in the bronks mall y did u not tell me that u r a evil bastard that cum i swallowed ran straight to my ass tore it up ran 2 my brain and has stayed there and been less useful than my race has to america goddamn u ahhhhhhhh i hate hate hate hate hATE U O AND I DONT BELIEVE THE BS I HAVE POSTED ON THIS PAGE BUT PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ B KIND ENUFF TO GIMME SUM MONEY FO DIS PAGE IT SO PORTS A HOUSING COMPLEX OF BROTHAS WIT CRACK PROBLEMS

  25. wowzer again says:

    Seriously…who ever started this website is what’s wrong with America. 99% of the population just wants to get along, enjoy their life, and enjoy their families, but nutjobs like these keep perpetuating hatred, fear, and blind religious faith to the point of “calling for white destruction”. Get off your soapbox. This site isn’t smart, it isn’t poignant, it isn’t anything. It’s black racism. It’s hate mongering. It’s crap.

  26. Another one who agrees with “The Truth”

  27. What a reply! Wow! That really got the ball on your side now…..NOT! :0 😮

    • fake underprivilegedjournalism says:

      the devil feather means since u dont know that when the 3rd eye leaves the nest to resignate with the 1st and 2nd eyes it shall aproclamate the constimiration of the devilopement and consider that it shall have two paths to take either the mother ship of its forefathers and re inclimate their capture or be cum…………..a black man yakums chosen developers but then take thou whites brain as his own which makes em ultimately a black man wita white brain this is how the white man uses the sun to munipulate the dna of others such as letalvises and lemarcius ‘arbiture urp blurp nuh nuh times’ will back my coersions of these events i believe to b true the white cops hit the seen already angry becuz the black mans sperm can hold a roof on a house and the whites can only create smart intelligent children ohh the thought of those devil beast makes me wanna take a pitchfork and cram it n2 my ass which n a turn of events would send a signal to the mothership where r forefathers r sipping cristal and have the cure 4 aids i urge u 2 remember what i have told u so when shanika fashawn and malcolm xtra terrestrial return 2 this land of evil darkness and hate u can quote the statements of the chosen donna summer song which will in turn save your life i have no chance i ave benn condemned 4 suckin on white cock 4 7 bucks one time it has procrastinated my future i was in need of kool aid and chicken it was a mistake and now the demon semen of the white man burns at my brain and makes me hate and not wanna work inturn of events is the reason y all black men have no job THE DEMON SEMEN

  28. fathead says:

    I do not understand. This site is racist. How does anyone who frequents this site reconcile the obvious double standard?

  29. Anonymous says:

    I’m a blonde , blue eyed christian.. Who knows better. I love the lord Jesus christ and wouldn’t bat an eye at Satan. I do however squash him under my heels as directed. I shouldn’t have ill feelings towards certain black people but I do because I find (“some”not the christians) to be extraordinarily vulgar and deviant. I live in NY, I have been around all races all my life and there are distinct differences! Whether anyone likes it or not. There are plenty of niggers.. be them black, white, hispanic, asian or jews. (etc)… Ghetto scenes.. I’ve caused one or two in my time. It’s just a lack of dignity and refinement. I’ve had to work to overcome my volatile temper and anger issues… So should most blacks. Go to god. Forgive and be redeemed by the father. It’s refreshingand revitalizing. Be good. Bye.

    • fake underprivilegedjournalism says:



        yo dude you be sick dat get chu mad respect dawg if u been to jail and raped a bitch i can get u a position wit da gbr but chu gotta cut off sum cock den nigga u b happenin suckin dicks n shit like me da kkk b gettin bigga goddamn yakum shavares y chu make me a nigga

  30. Anonymous says:

    (blonde ,blue eyed) Ps. I am a woman. I neglected to tell you. I love this country because it is blessed. It has been blessed since the beginning of time. That’s obvious. No famine, hardly any disease, abundance of food, beautiful countryside, plenty of water etc etc…. May the lord god continue to bless and keep us. I speak to satan in JESUS’ name right now and command him to set this blog writer free and I pray that the lord JESUS will renew his/her mind to see things properly and not in a distorted , evil fashion. Satan~ father of lies, confusion, turmoil. The great ACCUSER. I bind you Satan from this page, these people and this internet… In JESUS MIGHTY NAME I PRAY.
    Amen. Love, ERIKA xoxo Love ya lord. I’m going to begin to do my work, I promise.

  31. Anonymous says:

    White will never lose it’s rule. Don’t be deceived…. Obama is a mere pawn… He’s entertainment like most blacks continue to be… Like Michael Jackson…. a joke.
    He is no where near intellectual as most presidents are NOT intellectuals. Most PEOPLE who graduate from ivy league schools are NOT intellectuals in my opinion. Who rules?? GOD rules. Black LEADERS are in CHRISTIAN CHURCHES… BIBLE BASED CHRISTIAN CHURCHES. That is where you can find strong, scholarly, black RULERS as well as white RULERS.
    Grow up, wake up…. EVOLVE and MATURE.
    READ YOUR BIBLE DAMN IT! Things will be revealed soon. Man, I can’t wait.

    • fake underprivilegedjournalism says:

      i dont know how smart baracka is but i myself luv his ass i her his dik is like a dill pickle with all the bumps i must go the demon semen is chewing at my brain i really suckd to much cock this time i just cant resist them crackheads cum by an stick dey dicks thru a whole n my wall i suk but i wont fuk on the 1st date atleast

  32. Winston says:

    Kill all Whites? Let’s see how Blacks will survive without us… 🙂 I’m sure, they will, in the bush…

  33. Winston says:

    Whites were created to advance everyone else, cause they were stuck in perpetual dark ages…

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  35. Jo says:

    You know the only one to blame is yourself and your parents, also ypou can blame your country’s educational system and the law enofrcement who allow drugs etc. We need a dictatorship democracy which is different from a real dictatorship because it is only applied to those who break the laws. If you get problems with blacks blame yourself for being an asshole towards them.


      no mam it is those demon niggers who have murdered chris n channon we do NOT believe the info we have listed but this page is the only fundraisere we have this page supports a whole housing complexs crack addiction its a serious problem in black america findin the funds for crack i mean u know where to get any crack at if so hit a nigga up yo

  36. letalvis says:

    “juss sittin’ on da sofa lookin’ stoopit!!!!”

  37. ShatteredDreams says:

    Exactly what is it you’re proud of, nigger? The criminality and laziness of your species? The fact that 103 human women are raped by you filthy animals every day? The pathetic crap you call music? Your borderline retarded IQ’s? The welfare and AA handouts you collect? The gangs that have turned this country into a war zone? The murder, robbery, theft and senseless violence you commit? The foul stench of your body? Your ugly apelike features? The destruction and carnage you have brought to once great human cities? The prison rape? I could go on but you get the picture. So tell me you worthless subhuman virus, you shitstain on human society, you primitive ooking grunting ape, WTF are you so proud of

  38. Winston says:

    We got 70% niggas in our county and 30% white boys and gals. I don’t see any ghetto, it’s all poor i think and about 1% are rich, but not filthy rich. Just like a decent Third World county. Who created it, the White Man (i’m white too, but thankfully not American) brought Africans to be slaves in their newly cleared-of-indians land. Blame on y’allselves white boyz. Some whities are nice and friendly, decent folks, some blackos too. There are good and bad apples in every race. I’m White and I stand for decency and not racialism. All the black and white crackheads, druggies, pros, white trash, niggers and similar scum – go to HELL.

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      Niggers sold niggers as slaves you fool.
      And ‘black’ people fail worldwide, not just in America.
      You said you live in a ‘decent third world country’ where Zimbabwe?
      Yeah niggers in Africa don’t live in ghettos – they live in mudhuts.
      You’re white? Wow tell us all about your white guilt, you scumbag.
      It’s because of scum like you that nigger music is mainstream – promoting rape and violence.

      • underprivilegedjournalism says:

        Concerning slavery: 1. There was no system of Chattel Slavery in Africa. Slaves were not stripped of their humanity i.e. culture, religion, humanity; 2. What Africans did to Africans, which was by in no way comparable to what whites did to them, does not justify what whites did; 3. Despite the current European historical revision, the percentage of Africans sold by Africans in insignificant when compared against the numbers who were stolen.


  39. Winston says:

    First of all YOU are the problem. YOU are THE ONE who calls other (white) people names, you are the fool of fools. You are the Illiterate American Arrogant Loud Rude Classless Happened-To-Be-White Ass Hole.

    I do not support black stuff, I don’t like rap, I don’t like loud music from car windows, it’s their culture, not mine, I don’t like what’s going on, but I’m not racist and I do not label ALL black people. I avoid Nigerians when doing business, but I love to be friends with some Coloured or Black people who would never insult me like you do.

    If you just could read… you would have read I live in a COUNTY, not COUNTRY. See the difference, you red-faced angry faggot? Because of you, some of those negroes have no life. I feel no guilt at all against anyone. There are niggers and there are white trash and I’m afraid you are the latter one.
    Go fuck yourself, I am now talking your white trash nigger language.

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      There is no such thing as a ‘third world county’. 70 percent nigger? Yeah I bet its full of success stories.

      White trash doesn’t hate niggers, white trash is YOU – a niggerloving wigger.

      I am a professional and there’s nothing trash about me.
      Go worship your master, the nigger 🙂
      Your name is Winston so I can only assume you really are a nigger.

  40. Winston says:

    It does not have to be. I created the term. I do not follow the herd unlike most of you. You are a professional? You THINK you are a professional. That’s two different things, – to think and to act and to be like one. If you hate someone, there’s a chance you will be hated which turns back at you. I don’t hate you, I feel you are upset on your Dear Government for failing to provide for you a safe nigger-free environment. Take a new route to your mobile home tomorrow, refresh your mind. The black majority county is more or less a failure, corrupted, yet surviving somehow. You don’t wanna live here. I live here not because of demographics, but because I found a beautiful place without paying a rip-off price and rip-off taxes. As a final thought – you have niggers on your mind all the time,they have enslaved your mind in a hateful way. You hate all blacks and you are imprisoned by your hate. Why don’t you teach your niggas some country music.

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      blah blah blah
      you be redneck trailer trash cracka
      blah blah blah

      Yeah, I am a professional – my job title says so.

      I can’t even read your post through because it’s too fuckin boring.

  41. Winston says:

    Your job title is a whore working for “Shattered Dreams” company? Did you ask your parents permission for using their computer, you 30 year old and still live with parents nerd? You know what the problem is with white American people, because you hate each other and you hate other races too. Get a life. Your country is nothing but an Apartheid’s Nightmare. During Apartheid it was order; not so in the U.S. today. Let me hear your loud, ignorant, self-serving, seliva-splashing, obnoxious Cuckoo-Clan rant once again before I leave this shit hole all to yourself. Don’t forget you probably evolved from ex-slaves somewhere deep in Russia with a prisoner mentality. The new America(n) today… what a change. And don’t forget – there are still good people left in the USA.

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      Thanks for sharing with me what the problems with America are today, Mr. Expert At Life – who proclaims that he lives in a niggertown because he has no money (and is probably on government funding).
      I don’t hate any human races, I hate niggers and their worshipers (you).

      • Winston says:

        I don’t worship niggers, nor I worship druggies, criminals or any other outcasts. I’m just surprised how you would spend time attacking whites instead of going to black neighbourhoods and giving away your lessons teaching them how to become self-sufficient. If you don’t teach low class citizens of any race how to be self-sufficient, the problem will eat you alive in the long run. By hating problem people you are doing absolutely nothing just making the problem bigger, Mr. Professional Hater.

  42. Winston says:

    P.S. You are cowards, you hate other people, you call them monkeys, niggers etc. then you are afraid to go into their neighbourhoods. And when they move to yours, you run. Then no white person can live in a Black neighbourhood in Chicago for example, because of people like yourself, who will not give everyone a chance. You hate and then you are afraid of your own shadow. You are a sissy, a coward. A real man never hates anyone or anything.
    Get a life.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Winston, your demeanor is appreciated.

      You said:A real man never hates anyone or anything.

      …. except injustice & evil, no?

      Slaughter Lightfoot

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      I’m a coward? Niggers are dangerous beasts and they attack and packs, and should be viewed as a significant threat.
      However, if a nigger made the unfortunate decision to invade my home – he would be greeted with sufficient self defense.
      When I was younger a nigger tried to attack me and called the police when I retaliated – the definition of a coward is a nigger because they attack in packs.
      Any actions from a nigger that can be mistaken as ‘brave’ generally are attributed to the nigger’s stupidity. (e.g. nigger tries to climb the electric fence and gets made good – fucking great story)

  43. Winston says:

    Yes, we have a problem; No, hate is not a good solution for the problem. I’m done. Please unsubscribe me from further notifications to avoid me wanting to put this guy where he belongs – in his baby crib.

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      A real man has money to support his family, hobo.
      You want to put me in da ‘baby crib’? Is that a threat of violence. I may just have to email your logs to the internet crimes database immediately.
      Freedom of speech is allowed, but threats of violence never are.

      • Winston says:

        Put you in your baby crib means to wipe milk off your lips, to let you finally grow up. It means zero violence and 100% help. You seem to be one of those standard All-American guys who when feeling threatened resorts to three letter combination: S.U.E. Typical coward. Yet, if you still feel threatened, please do what you please, you can even report me to FBI tip line, Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, Local PD (if you live in LA – LAPD charges $24 to submit a crime report and their response time, as voice recorded on their voice system, is ~8 months) and, of course, don’t forget to report me to your Mommy’s security agent. Now use all your hate energy making yourself a nice milk-shake (R), kick back, relax and think how stupid you were all these years until you met ME. 🙂

  44. Winston says:

    I came back to tell “Shattered Dreams” guy that there is nothing wrong being poor or having no money. Not all people need money, not all people want money, not all people speak or crave money and I feel sorry for guys like yourself who create B/W neighbourhoods in America. If not guys like “Shattered Dreams” coward, America today would be a decent and true Melting Pot, not a bipolar society with prejudice towards each other. I’m not an English, not an American, therefore I see your problem from a good angle; I can tell what your problem is – your problem is stupidity towards each other. Let the “niggers” live, let them be themselves; you brought them here, now deal with it, and deal with it like a Man. Ask your daddy to wipe your ass, go to a black neighbourhood and start your day helping them instead of hating them and ranting how you hate them and how they took over your Mother’s porch.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      If you review Shattered Dreams comments, you will find that he is extremely sick with delusion and self hate.

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      If you haven’t noticed, integrating niggers with human beings doesn’t work.
      They are dangerous animals, their crimes rates are out of the ballpark compared to any race.
      How can you dare tell me to go ‘help the black people’? We’ve being doing that for ages and they are nothing but ungrateful, lazy, useless monkeys.
      It is futile to try to help a nigger do anything, they are the definition of self-centeredness and evil.

      I didn’t bring ANY niggers here, you fuckin idiot. If it were me, I’d never have a god damn disgusting nigger as a slave in my house.
      Your pet niggers never had it better than they did in slavery – I have no white guilt. We saved their asses from the cannibalism and brutality they’d otherwise face in Africa.
      I thank God everyday that he didn’t make me a nigger.
      ‘not all people need money’ what are you, an idiot?

  45. Winston says:

    I’m glad you never brought a “nigger” to your country, yet you write that you saved their butts from cannibalism. It’s too late to regret what your ancestors did. Deal with it, try to save your (and my) race by something better than hate. You are a slave today, a slave of your hate. Just do one thing – go to any “nigger” and ask him: “Do You Hate Me?”. See what he says. Then tell me what he told you.

    Also, you must be talking about criminals, not about all “black” people; just those who have criminal minds. Naturally, displaced people tend to do more crime than those who consider the country as their own. Any kind of poor people (white, black or asian) would commit such crimes as larceny or theft, because they need money and usually they can’t find a job. Sometimes they are too lazy to work as they think all their efforts will go to advancing the white people anyway. Well, I’m saying: you both are wrong. There are racists amongst US-caucasian and amongst US-african people. I was addressed as “White Man” and I simply ignore it, so they will go away. Yet most of the people are polite and friendly and wanna talk to us. They want to be friends. If you treat them well, they may become part of “white society”, but since they are treated badly they create their own culture, to rebel against hate. Now talking about race, I know where you come from. Anatomically African (Negroid from Central and West Africa only) race have slightly smaller brains and more “animal-like” facial features. Is this because of slow evolution? I don’t know, I guess it could be, so they may need more time, more patience to evolve, but don’t treat them badly because they look and act different. If you treat them as your good friends, they will pay you back with respect and being your best friends. Some of white, asian, black etc. people will be criminal n0 matter what, but if you hate them, you will have the Black vs. White problem indefinitely. Go to peaceful mixed neighbourhoods and see how they manage to live together and learn. I consider I did everything to help you become less hateful towards your brown brothers. Now what’s your next agenda – the Jews? Or the Chinese?

  46. Winston says:

    Also, since the word “nigger” derives from a Latin/Spanish word “negro” (black), which is pronounced “neh-groh” and is supposed to be an insult to people with brown skin, then there should be an equally “valuable” word “blanco” (white) to describe all people with a pale skin (except Albinos and North-East Asians). I love the word “Negro” or “Nigger” and I think it should be used a lot as long as it is not meant to be an insult. So, Negro vs. Blanco = Nigger vs. Blanker? Here I’m probably creating a new word for Americans to well identify “White” or “Caucasian” people, instead of calling them Europeans or simply White, which is not always true. Even the term Caucasian is not completely incorrect, because Caucasus people have slightly darker skin and black hair usually and look more Middle Eastern rather than Central European. There are anthropological terms, such as: Europeoid, Mongoloid and Negroid – three majour races. A cooler word to describe “White People”, just like Nigger, would be something like “Blanco” or more English-like “Blankie”, “Blanker” or “Blanche” (blaensh).

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      There is also an ancient (non modern history) history to the word attached to it by the Egyptians that is buried in its two syllables “ne” and “gro.” “Ne” is the root of the word “new.” “Gro” is the root in growth. The combined meaning sums “new” “growth” … black equals “new growth” or the ability to change over time.

      There is also ancient definition and symbolism attached to “white.”

      “Phonetically, white and hate are the same.

      The revelation of this demonstrates that the originators, ancients, scribes & prophets not only had greater knowledge and the ability to see today, but that we are moving forward into a prophesied destiny.


  47. Winston says:

    The word “Negro” derives 100% from a Latin “negro” (black). Your theory about “new growth” is interesting, but unsustainable nor applicable to Africans/Browns in any way.

    Why would you state this?

    “Phonetically, white and hate are the same.”

    You’re just another racist, a “Black” one… I did not say if one guy hates blacks/browns it does not mean all white people hate blacks/browns. I can be very “racist” against “racist-niggers” or any other racists including Blanks(Whites). It does not matter what race you are, if you are going to say you’re better than others – you’re written off into history.

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      I am not the originator of the information I shared with you.

      Your: The word “Negro” derives 100% from a Latin “negro” (black). Your theory about “new growth” is interesting, but unsustainable nor applicable to Africans/Browns in any way. is only the story according to the history of the West. Western history is rooted in the flawed concepts of white supremacism. Hence, knowledge the ancient attributions have been kept from the masses.

      Because so much of their self philosophy is built from it, many non blacks find that must keep their beliefs in it (Western science) for very their sanity’s sake.


    • ShatteredDreams says:

      Keep coddling the niggers and speak respectfully to them and see how much respect you get in return.
      Niggers respect nobody, fact.
      Just another reason why the fail.

      You know why nigger daddies don’t stick around for their kids? Because they know they’ll never amount to anything

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      The word “negro” dates back before “Latin.”

      The Egyptians had only one term to designate themselves:
      [hieroglyphics]=kmt=the negroes (literally). (Link)

      The fact, not theory, about “new growth” is that we change (evolve).


  48. ShatteredDreams says:

    Coonfrontation with niggers is something no sane person wants but unfortunately in this day and age it can be a common occurrence. Until AIDS wipes them out all of us will at one point or another have an encounter with a feral nigger beast. The following are a few standard common sense things to remember when you do have an encounter with a nigger.

    1) Never look the nigger in the eyes ever! Unless it is on TV or hanging from a tree or in a cage! Looking a nigger directly in the eyes makes it spooked. This may cause the nigger to prey on you or think you are racist (which of course hating niggers is not as they are not people). It also may make the nigger single you out as a victim.

    2) Never turn your back on a nigger! A nigger is worse than a cougar! Especially when the nigger is alone. Although niggers rarely attack solo they will find a cheap way to attack usually with a weapon. If the nigger is alone no matter the size is odds are if you hit it it will run. Remember niggers are fast animals as most can not afford cars and have much training from running from the police.

    3) If you do have to hit the nigger be sure to use a part of your body ie the foot and not your bare hand! As for niggers are highly toxic and many carry HIV in their blood the virus that causes AIDS.

    4) The one amazing thing about niggers is they can speak but not very well they share this trait with parrots. If one does speak to you do not respond as it will mean the nigger wants something from you (As if society hasn’t given it enough). The only safe place to ever respond to a nigger is in a public place and when the nigger is not roaming in its herd.

    5) If a nigger ever wants to shake your hand DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT do it this is another sign of the nigger wanting something! Niggers have large pores and sweat a lot although it is a mystery why as they are so lazy. This makes them smell as the shit they are full of comes out of their pores.In a business situation this may be tough if you value your job. The best suggestion I have heard is to wear gloves if you have to do this. Then dispose of the gloves using tongs and also dispose of the tongs. Wash your hand even after this well with great disinfectant soap.

    6) When you see wild niglets roaming around as tempting as it is to kick them like a football threw the up rights, do not attempt it. Niggers will attack if so. For some reason they neglect their niglets all the time but doing this just gives them a reason to attack. As if the niglet were to die this would affect their means of crack and malt liquor. Basically they would get no welfare.

    7) As hard as it is to not laugh at a niggers stupidity this is also not recommended. Especially when a nigger is in a herd. If you feel an out burst find a corner or a separate room and then laugh at it. Although laughing at niggers from a passing vehicle is alright most of the time many niggers carry guns (usually stolen) And may shoot! But odds are due to their bad skills at everything just like shooting they will probably miss you. The only problem with that is if they hit an innocent bystander. So it is best to yell at them if you are ever in a nigger neighbourhood so you can hope they hit another nigger.

    8) Finally! Never feed the nigger! A nigger is almost like a stray dog but worse! If you feed it it will keep coming back. And then when it doesn’t get away the savagery unleashes and it will become violent.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shattered Dreams, I hope a ‘nigger’ beats the hell out of your stupid ass

      • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

        Shattered is in denial & angry. The narrow pathway he has for salvation, because of his perverted narcissism, he won’t embrace. His hatred toward us (blacks) is b/c he knows the truth.


  49. Winston says:


    Why do you have such a strange nickname? Do you feel a need to slaughter someone or have you worked in a slaughterhouse?

    Now regarding your sentence:

    “His hatred toward us (blacks) is b/c he knows the truth.”

    Are you sure you wanted to say that? If he knows the truth as you say, it means you admit what he says is the truth. Well, while there may be a tiny bit of truth, but most of it is a delirium and it does not help the society to heal its wounds.

    To: Anonysmous – I don’t think if a “nigger” will beat his sediment area that will teach him to be more considerate towards other people. He will just hate them more. Do as I say, approach such people with love and care and try to help them, they will experience lots of love from “niggers” and will become more soft or even make you his friends. As a final thought – a word “nigger” actually is beautiful, it should have not been made a badword. There’s a country called Niger as well and because of the “N word” now Niger has a different pronounciation “Nye-dzher” or “Nee-zhe’r”.

    Stay well everyone


    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      How are you? It is good to hear from you. My name is (a) Sioux Indian name. My great grandmother was Sioux Indian.

      A better way to have explained ShatteredDreams psychosis would have been to say that: he is in denial of the truth. Not the historically revised truth he writes of, thought. Rather, he knows his so called Jewishness is illegitimate. He knows the supernatural strength the black man and, too, the weakness of his own skin. He has also learned of the new Ultraviolet Light sciences and the fluidness of the Pineal Gland of people of color vs the calcification of those without.

      Anonymous said: I hope a ‘nigger’ beats the hell out of your stupid ass
      The “niggers” he attempts to slight with mere words have beat the hell out of him without laying a single hand on him.

      Is Winston an English name?


  50. Winston says:

    O’Siyo “Slaughter”,

    Unfortunately I only know Cherokee words. My grandmother was American, but I am native European. If you really have proudness in you, you would never say anything like that:

    “the weakness of his own skin”

    You think you can fight white racism with black racism? That’s not intelligent or reasonable.

    Remember, I am so-called “White”. Am a North European, and I do not like any kind of “superiority” or racism, be it Black, White, Yellow or Red or Blue etc.

    Regarding Winston being English name, I don’t know, what difference does it make for you?

    P.S. No, I’m not a Jew and I do not believe in Superiority of Jews, Blacks, Whites, Chinese or any other race or nationality, but I do believe that certain nativities are made for certain activities better than others. Some can dance and sing better, while others are better at deceit and trade, and others are better at science, hunting, crafts etc.

    I also have no idea who you are nor I really care. Enjoy your skin, I’m sure you feel most comfortable in it, but I won’t envy you since I am fine with whatever I was born in and I don’t think it is superior or inferior in any way. Only fools can say such things.



  51. underprivilegedpropaganda says:

    I want to include a reiteration of the inferiority of ghetto niggers. All humans are born for the most part with the same amount of intellectual potential to succeed whether negroid, mongoloid or caucasoid. However shortly after birth that potential is either materialized or atrophied depending on environment. (upbringing) There are decent, hardworking, honorable black people in this country but sadly the absolute fucking scumbag filth of the earth ghetto mindset criminals outnumber those who are numbered amongst those upstanding citizens. Those like you who fuel the flames of hatred and aggression only intensify the veracity and resolution set upon you by those who neither agree with nor sympathize with you. The focus of prosecuting these deplorable degenerates of society isn’t because of their skin color but because they broke the fucking law! Law enforcement is not preventive it’s punitive. These criminals break the law and the police prosecute in order to punish those who have perpetrated a criminal offense out of their own free will while dirtbags like you hold them in high regard.

    As for your bullshit postings of slavery and reparations I think it’s very humorous how ghetto mindset blacks in this country flock to islam and NGE yet the whole reason you are all in this country is because of the Islamic arabs of northern Africa. Your very own muslim brother sold you with the aid of jewish mediators. Your own people were the ones who rounded you up and sold you as cattle because just maybe your ancestors were the scourge of their beloved african continent as you are to our civilization. Once again it’s not a race issue it’s your mentality and thought process. To post comments about indirect slavery reparations in the form of niggers killing and raping and robbing whites carries no backbone. Only about 500,000 of your ancestors were brought to north America out of the 11+ million sold by your own African muslim brothas and sistas. So why not direct your misguided anger and false sense of entitlement towards those who truly deserve it? …your own people! Why not embrace the sacrifice of your ancestors and acknowledge the hardships they endured so that you who are seemingly ungrateful can enjoy the freedoms you have today? An estimated 1.2-1.4 million white males died in the civil war while I don’t recall reading about many black men dying for their own freedoms. Why is it that out of all other races and ethnicities that have previously been enslaved, all have stood up and fought for their own freedom except for the black Americans. So when you promote black on white crimes you are disgracing perhaps some of the very families that fought for your civil liberties. Take a look at modern-day Africa and tell me if you didn’t actually make out in that deal. Slavery in all forms is wrong but give credit where credit is due. You are free because of whitey.

    As stated previously all people are born with relatively the same potential but until the ghetto mindset is eradicated and expunged completely you will never rise to true status. Until the history pages are washed clean of racial and ethnic biases we can never be “one nation under god, indivisible..” instead of spending time on bullshit propaganda and futile banter maybe you should adopt the European mindset and instead of crying and bitching all the time about your culture’s problems start working towards a lasting solution… fair equality / eradication of biases / communal cohesiveness. Or even better still, go back to Africa to educate and motivate if not for a year or two. Work to quell the hostilities across the ocean.

  52. underprivilegedpropaganda says:

    The Federal Reserve Bank is headed by Ben Shalom Bernanke (Zionist) who was preceded by Alan Greenspan (Zionist). Federal Reserve is owned and operated privately and was established in 1913. The World Bank Group is also a for-profit banking system made up of multiple entities that is headed by Robert Bruce Zoellick (Zionist) who was preceded by Paul Dundes Wolfowitz (Zionist). See any trends? The financial institutions are responsible for carrying world debts such as the United States deficits that has reached into the trillions of dollars owed. Researching some of these people would be of interest to those who actually want to comprehend what is going on in our country. If you were to research these men you will find how they are all interconnected and just keep rising to positions of influence in order to control the masses and by masses I mean the entire world.

    NAFTA was established in 1992 and was formed as a trade organization between the United States, Mexico and Canada. Also branching out from NAFTA are North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC) and North American Agreement on Labour Cooperation (NAALC). The NAAEC is aimed at reducing pollution and bettering the environment but is funded by North American Development Bank which is said to be tied to the World Bank Group. The NAALC is aimed at providing cooperation to solve labor issues between the three countries. (eg: speculation: US allowing Mexican immigrants to flood our country to take menial jobs while Mexico permits US corporations to set up shop in Mexico utilizing cheaper labor?)

    NAFTA has been the catalyst for the North American Union (NAU) which has allegedly already been signed into affect by our president. The NAU is somewhat hard to research and difficult to discern if this is a realistic entity however it would explain why the United States have an open door policy regarding an estimated 20 million illegal Mexican immigrants. Illegal Mexican immigrants are not allowed to be stopped and arrested simply for being an illegal immigrant in harboring cities. Why is that? All of this information is freely available to those who care enough to do a little reading. I suggest taking a quick look at the following link and click the MP3 File and listen to Benjamin Freedman’s speech. It was a huge eye opener for me.

    So with all the traffic this site gets maybe you should start utilizing the views as a way to stop all the bullshit racial shit and start banding together against a common enemy…. Elitists of the world. After all isn’t it all about the 5,10,85%. Born light.

    Synagogue of Satan: (MP3 File)

    • Moshe Yitzhak Scheissman says:

      Tree grows only when it has water and nutrients. If supply is cut, the tree will stop growing and will begin declining. You just have to know where and when to cut the supply, or grow your own tree, so it grows big and overshadows the surrounding trees. Fight for your survival and stop whining, everyone. And when you die, you all will become a part of water basin and the soil.

  53. EyeBeWhite says:

    Look at all that non-blacks have contributed to the world: Art, music, technology, astronomy, physics, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, books, human rights, anthropology, ophthalmology, computer science, and the list is endless. If it wasn’t for non-black contributions to these area, you would even be able to write the bullshit you have on your website, let alone have a website at all. Which begs the question of why you even need this website to begin with. It so transparent; you need it so you can bolster your own substandard way of thinking and to prop up your inferior sense of worth. Really, what do you think will endure, an opera by Mozart, or “slap the bitch in her head with your dick” rap song?

  54. jacob says:

    look at the dude who wrote the prayer his last name is felon, he must have gotten that name while doin a job for the black panthers, why do your people whine that everyone is to blame for your problems IE>> slavery,poverty etc last i checked blacks sold blacks to whites as slaves, when a drug dealer sells your kid crack do you attack the user or the dealer…i know why you are plagued with these burdens because its to hard to blame yourselves…. nobodys perfect, no ones blameless you feel me, and if god wipes one place away just remember that shit will roll down hill, he will take it all away including the moron who prays for the death of millions……remember you holier than thou people judge not lest ye are to be judged.

  55. Retard-hater says:

    I hate all racists. You make life for normal peace-loving folks too difficult. Fuck you all racists.

  56. seer says:

    this site was made by white middle class male assholes trying to bring out racist venom in other whites. pfffttt.

    • blackmalefelon says:

      Since when did you devils need anything to stir up your racist venom? I don’t remember anything but your psychotic ego causing you to go into Africa, America and the Middle East and murder millions and steal the wealth.

      • sluggo's thorn says:

        Translation: I ah coward ansheet an I nebber wills defends mah country gomesain dat fodduh whyite man dobe doin. wurd. nows gibb’s meah dolla ohs ah finna gonna burns youz wit mah litebeams ansheet.

      • Anonymous says:


        ha…nice tag to go by….f’n moron….

        why don’t you quit leaning on shit your great g-fathers went through…asshole…


    • G>e>P says:

      no, this filthy blog was developed by crazed racist wannabe space niggers on the downlow; that actually think, they can shoot UV beams out of the’re sloped prehistoric simian-like sub-primate skulls to give Humans skin cancer.

  57. jihadamen says:

    I joined the Black Foot Soldiers in my city last week and am now learning the new laws for the day of the power exchange. I am also learning the new Ultraviolet Light sciences. I’m not hearing their thoughts yet, but am with brothers who do.

    For me, this is the movement of our generation. Living with these dead white devils was like living with constipation.

    I’m encouraged by your words and your writings. In tradition, the brothers gave me my new name Jihad Amen.

  58. John says:

    Jihad your ass, IDIOT! I am White European as it can be and I feel perfectly great being around African, Indian, Asian and any other people, but I feel very unwell being around retarded racists of any “race”!

    • Nubian Overlord says:

      I have seen the Jihad light. I am a black foot soldier. I can read the white devils thoughts. They fear a strong Nubian man. Only Nubian men together can create harmony with the spirit of Nefertiti, the goddess of Light and Nubian men. Nubian men, give me the seed of your life, so that I may bring an aura of pleasure to the ghetto. I also take the seed of the white devil, pleasuring the white devil weakens his evil thoughts.


      • Tobias_Wippa says:

        Do you niggers even understand what you are saying? First of all Nefertiti was not a nigger and second of all you just admitted to taking ‘Da white man’s seed’.

        You are a downlow buck that wants da YT man to muh dik your filthy nigger ass.

        • Nubian Overlord says:

          yes, i take the seed to weaken the white devil. I have to the white devils pornograyfik place. in the back rooms, i take the seend of wite devils. i steal their power and take to the Nubian Ghetto solders and share the power with them. Nefertiti has given me an hole in my body to do this

          all nubian men, you must take the white seed. stop just takeing the nubian seed, as most of us do. we must pleasure the white devil to steel his power

          • Dog's Heart says:

            What she says is this – she has a hole to have sex with white man and when a zebra child is born she will let this beautiful multiracial creature be a president of a dumbest country in the world, which is the only one who does not have universal health coverage for all of it’s citizens. I think it must be a good business to sell white man’s sperm to black ladies, hehe. Peace everyone, don’t be assholes to each other.

          • G>e>P says:

            so ah.. then what you’re saying then neubie is, you’re a completely disgusting inept sub primate. An that you enjoy being a totally incompetent back alley cum guzzling ghetto crack whore transvestite with delusional visions of grandeur, that supports osambo? Do mag’jig’ic kneegro’s from outer space with uv beams shooting out of there empty skulls, whisper things to you, that only you can hear? ya’know, when theres no one else is around? not, that I really givah shit..just curious.

  59. anigadunbar says:

    You worship Zahi Hawaas? Angered by the idea of “black” Egyptians in any sense? Prefer Tut look like a Frenchman than even someone resembling himself? The make believe “Caucasoids of North Africa?” Scholarship takes a back seat to politics once again.

    Your Caucasoid African theory…which makes Caucasoid out of everyone from North to East Africa… is nonsensical. Not surprising. You devils made King Tut a cracker too.

    Jealous fuck.

  60. John says:

    Who cares if Nefertiti was White, Black, Yellow, Brown, Red, Olive, Green, Blue, Pink, Rose, Bordeaux or Orange. In fact she was multiracial. I hate fucking racists. I’m Caucasoid / Europeoid / European and no, I am not a cracker, niggercentric, white trash or any other label you, any-coloured racists invent. Why waste time disputing things that make this world more beautiful.

    • Tobias_Wippa says:

      I am not a racist. I am a humanist. I respect humans from all cultures. Niggers are homo erectus, they are NOT modern humans.

      Their propensity for violence, lack of self control and resorting to feral attacks with any perceived slight proves this. They only plan for the here and now. Niggers do not know how to plan for their future. Without us humans they would cease to exist through warfare and famine.


      • Tobias_Wippa says:

        One more thing John. would you rather live in a cozy suburb of Montana or Detroit? If you choose Montana you are a hypocritical asshole. What’s wrong with Detroit? You can get a house for $800 there. Could it be that you prefer to admire your beloved niggers from afar while shoving them onto the rest of us?

        • John says:

          Tobias, Toby come on doggy, don’t attack the monkeys, here’s a bone for you. What are you talking about? It does not make any sense. Why would I live in Montana or Detroit where it’s either all white or all black? I live in SC which is 50/50 and I have no problems here, people are friendly and I can live in a house for $60 a month (property tax, no rent, no mortgage) and not $800 which is a lot of money actually. I am actually concentrating on nice people of any race. You are not among them, yet I understand where you stand. Unfortunately you will have to create your own republic to have it all white. I lived in one, just like you dream of. I prefer variety.

          • Tobias_Wippa says:

            If you have bothered to read my posts instead of jumping to conclusions, I love in an extremely diverse neighborhood. We have people from India, China, Korea, Pakistan, Russian, Poland, Saudi Arabia, The Philippines, Mexico, Hungary, Guatememala, you get the idea. All within walking distance of one another.

            Unfortunately we also have NIGGERS. Guess which ones cause 90% of the crime in my melting pot of a town? They are also only 8% of the nieghborhood’s population.

            • John says:

              OK, if you hate them, then why do you come here aggravating them to commit more crime? Perhaps the guy killed the cops, because someone like yourself made him upset on a blog? Perhaps if you get them to the insane level they will come and shot your ass. Is that what you want or do you want to be a smart boy and keep it quiet. If most of them do the crime, then change the laws, say allow chopping off fingers, hands, dicks, for stealing and rape, then legalize torture for extremely heavy crimes – see how many of the criminals will want to do crime anymore.

              • Tobias_Wippa says:

                Oh I aggravtae them to commit more crime? What kind of niggerlogic are you spewing boy? Niggers are going to commit crime whether somebody provokes them or not.

                Their homies seem to piss them off over bucket of chicken or a cheeseburger.

                You seem scared John and just because you dear them does not mean that you will be scared. Your kind will be the first on the nigger chopping block.

                Niggers are not going to take on any well armed and well trained human. They go after soft and docile people such as you.

                • John says:

                  Tobias, in your language, how much of a nigger is a nigger to you? Say for example, a person is born from a black mother and a white father or a black father and a white mother. Is their son or daughter a nigger or are they coloured instead? What’s your philosophy on this? Are the mixed race people still a nigger and how about asians?

                  P.S. (I’m not talking to racist-niggers here, only to normal people and to people who have a lot of hatered in them. Racist-niggers need not respond).

  61. Dude says:

    I’ve learned over many years – all racists are retard degenerates, who were either raped by their parents, priests, brainwashed by other degenerates or in any other way they feel incomplete, so they create a fake “supremacy” of “their” “race” to compensate their inferiority complex. Put on ignore. Don’t feed the garbage with attention.

    • Tobias_Wippa says:

      Actually Dude, I was neither raped nor abused by my parents. Nice strawman argument you have there. You criticize stereotypes and yet you are full of your own.

      Does it kill you to know that there are those of us out there that are hardworking, non redneck, taxpaying citizens that hate the nigger plague?

      We are the ones you should be scared of. We do not fit into this tiny mold that you have set for those of us that are sick of niggershines and the North American pavement apes.

      We are the ones that you invite to dinner and BBQs, we are the ones whom yuo let your children play with, we are the ones that are part of the PTA and lodges. We keep a low profile but when, not if but WHEN the crap hits the fan, WE are the ones that are going to save you, your family and loved ones from the savage niggers.

      • Dude says:

        I don’t say I hate white people. I love them. I am white, hardworking, tax paying, very clean, etc. and i hate people who make a mess out of a place. If they mostly black, then I avoid them, yet I know some really nice black and asian people and therefore I can not say that all black are niggers or that all whites are crackers. Yet USA has a huge share of both. And because of your extremist views (you say all black are niggers, etc.) we have no peace with the NICE Blacks and nice Muslims, etc.
        Don’t be a retard supremacist, be a smart one, as the least. And shut your dirty mouth up, learn some respect to all nice people. You are not hardworking unless you mean your tongue is working hard picking on people. Regarding this blog, it is sick, it’s not good to attack all white people like that. They should not allow such propaganda on the web, indeed. This is why I bother to respond, because such extremists have no place on Earth.

        • Tobias_Wippa says:

          You are on an extremist niggerfuxated website and you have the gall to cry about extremism. There is only 1 way to deal with the savage niggers. They need to be kept in check.

          You are a hardworking taxpaying citizen? Working in an AA cubicle is not hard work. You come back to me when you have dragged everyone, niggers and humans alike out of a choking fire. When you put your life on the line for somebody else, then you can come back to me and speak.

          It’s all a moot point though since you are either a nigger or you are so far gone that you might as well be one. Look up the definition for quisling.

          You bothered to respond because I have touched a nerve. You can chalk it up to anything that want. The fact is that niggers cannot provide for themselves. Niggers only know how to rape, breed, steal, kill and beg for handouts.

          There is actually 1 nigger out of all niggers that you should listen to and his name is Pastor James Manning. The niggers had him shut down for telling the truth about the nigger problem.

          • John says:

            You got me wrong. I know about the nigger problem. I avoid the Niggerians for their scams and all of West Africa, I also avoid to those “rubbery rapping humans” who look like black retards with no idea what they are talking about. I’m only talking about decent, hardworking, intelligent Blacks, not the niggers, okay?
            I also avoid criminals, crackers and other suspiciously looking and acting folks of any race and nationality, so do you. I do know about the nigger theft problem, I got things stolen several times and I got robbed and scammed by black women yet not all blacks are niggers. That’s all.

      • blackmalefelon says:

        Brothers I know don’t invite no devils over to the crib for BBQs or to play with our children. We know who and what you are and have Ultraviolet Light waiting.

        • Tobias_Wippa says:

          I wasn’t talking to your nigger ass, I was talking to the non homo erectus HUMANS on this board that could still be saved from your savage nigger paws.

  62. inthenameofx says:

    The very word Human comes from two words: Hue = Colored + Man = Person = Colored Person = Human. No doubt, thru all that racist garbage you learned for your generationally degenerate fathers about black folk, it’s hard for you to accept the truth.


    When black Moses found you white devils in the Caucasus Mountains, you were crawling on all fours, fucking dogs, eating your children, didn’t bathe and hadn’t made fire. Why do you think Napoleon tried to destroy the faces of all great Egyptian artifacts? It was b/c he learned the truth about where you come from.

    Considering what you’ve learned from your parents, coming across the truth must be painful.

    “Nigger paws.” LOL!


    • " Get you're filthy nigger paws off me, you damned dirty ape." says:

      {X}… To agree with you’re statement we would also have to agree, that some point darwin’s theory was Correct, tHen we would start to conclude, and at some poInt obviously disagree, that at soMewhere in history,{ perhaps, “over the rainbow..”} bl@c’s were at sometime a controling true world Power. unfOrtUnaTely, for you, moses wasn’t bl@c. But according to you’re twisted logic an inconclusive deductions, it would be safe to conclude that bl@c’s built and lived in Atlantis… what’s next, bl@c’s are controling USO’s ?.. what was that story fom the old testament, an I apologise I can’t remember who at the moment, but anyway, one of his many wives was bl@c and at some point, she mocked White skin and God turned her into a leper? by the way, you’ve stated that God is the yellow Sun God, but unfortunately again, you’re speaking of RA.. but then again, that would make Humans of yellow skin colour superior correct? an.. not.. well, you know.. sub primate non Egyptian short lived fictional neeegro rulers. just like that token neeegro osambo.

  63. Thomas says:

    Well if you take a look at most statistics, then it shows how it is the ‘people who is not caucasian’ that causes the trouble and crime all around.. Mostly niggers ofcourse, no doubt about that..

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:


      the ‘people who is not caucasian’ that causes the trouble and crime all around.

      You’re either extraordinarily ignorant or typically pretentious. Where do you keep your Florida Swamp Land?

      Slaughter Lightfoot

  64. Repent says:

    Wow. I stumbled across this site and wish I hadn’t. When Christ returns, he will judge everyone with the same standard — God’s standard of righteousness. Not your standard — not my standard — but God’s standard. Placing your full trust and faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to escape Hell and secure your spot in Heaven — where we will live with God the Father and Jesus Christ his one and only son — for all of eternity. Christ said that if we hate our brother (fellow-man), we commit murder in our hearts. To all races I say repent of your sins and trust Christ for your salvation before it is too late. The end is near.

  65. NOTE: I’m not disrespecting anyone (white, black, hispanic, asian, etc.) When I tell this story.

    I have to say this, just like a cool, wise person told me couple years back, “they’re are jerks in every race!”

    I have to say, I DEFINITELY agree with what the guy told me EXCEPT for the word “race”. Technically, we’re all one race, and that is the HUMAN RACE.

    Anyway, I am here on this website because I have to say that as a 27-year old male that is African American, I felt very disappointed of what I went through on Monday night. I got finished coming from 7-eleven & this black young man, who had that ghetto, thuggish mentally came up to me and asked me if I had any change to give him. I kind of hesitated, I told him that I had no change to give him & started to walk away from him. Anyway, long story short, 4 seconds later, another black male walked up to him to shake his hand, (give him dout), & said, “You almost scared the shit out of that motherfucker (man)”. That right there, being a victim, of self-hatred within the black on black community, really HURT me. Deep down inside, I wanted to scream, & put them in there place. But, I had this state of mind, that told me, “Keep moving. Don’t say anything.”

    I did not know the guys, or have seen both of those black males in my whole life. Moments later, I walked back near the store and the black guy, who asked me for some money again, asked me, “Broh, do you have the stuf or cha?” Something like that he said. I said back to him in a strict, defying voice, “I told you. I don’t have any change”. And I walked away. End of story.

    Ever since that happened, I finally have my own analysis, opinion on black people that choose to act horribly on one another. The sad part is, this evil element called SELF-HATRED, which is a byproduct of the ILLUSION OF FEAR been pre-installed inside our subconscious minds for centuries & decades, and we gotta control it, before it TOTALLY wipes us out.

    Again: NOTE: I’m not disrespecting anyone (white, black, hispanic, asian, etc.) I love all of ya’ll……..

    But, really think about it though. That’s why we can’t perform well in schools, that’s why we can’t have no peaceful, welcoming relationships within ourselves, that’s why we seem to be TOO judgmental amongst one another, whenever we dress, sound, act, or talk differently, that’s why our families seem to live in poverty and become non-loving within each other, that’s why many black men have this thuggish, evil, ghetto, hood, hardcore, vile, hoodlum violent-based mannerisms, body language &, that’s why many black women have this tendency to cuss each other out & act like damn fools out in public towards one another, even towards their family members, and that right there, creates a very, unstable mental & disturbing psychological environment & ecosystem.

    And It’s ALL because of the SELF-HATRED that we have inside our minds, that is eating us inside out. Including us being sucked up inside the ILLUSION OF FEAR.


    Every time we act in those negative ways of self-hatred, we’re making the devil, or the corrupt, homicidal, vicious, parasitic, greedy rich people, happy & laid back, and they know that we’re killing off each other. They don’t care. We gotta care about each other. Period.

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