“There Are No Innocent Whites,” Divine Racial Karma Says…

Leaders and members across the National Black Foot Soldier Network have launched a nationwide discussion on the racial karmic retribution the white man has opened himself up to because of his kind’s unrestituted for atrocities against the world’s people of color.

“That these filthy creatures who call themselves humans that are white could and do think they are above the universal laws of nature, God and karma bespeaks the psychological sickness that is now inherent in them because of their unwillingness to change,” says Chesterfield County Black Foot Soldier Hampton McKenny. (Source)

“The white man has broken each of the Universe’s Divine Laws, grossly violated the human rights of all the non-white citizens of the earth and without regard plundered the earth herself in selfish exploitation of her resources.As such, we must welcome this: the emergence of the universal age of the white man’s karmic retribution,” says NBFSN Divine Karma interpreter Hallowed Yclept. “We know now that when any atrocity befalls any white person at the hands of any person of color it is in accordance with the edict and bounty the universe has issued against them for their Universal Law violations, failure to make restitution for their racial crimes and crimes against the planet.” (Source)

We live in the time of judgment. So we can expect an infultration of the long-awaited “spirits” of karma and the universal laws to swing into full effect.” – UPJ NETWORK CONTRIBUTOR, TRUTHREVEALED reciting Sirach 39:28-31 28 says: “There be spirits creat-ed for vengeance, which in their fury lay on sore strokes; in the time of destruction they pour out their force, and appease the wrath of him that made them. 29 Fire, and hail, and famine, and death, all these were created for vengeance; 30 Teeth of wild beasts, and scorpions, serpents, and the sword punishing the wicked to destruction. 31 They shall rejoice in his commandment, and they shall be ready upon earth, when need is; and when their time is come, they shall not transgress his word.”

“We Welcome the Emergence of the Universal Age Karmic Retribution Against the Great White Man.” – BLACKFOOTSOLDIERNETWORK

“White America failed to make restitution for race crimes in the time given by Universe to restore harmony & will answer for their deeds. While we deplore violence, we know the martyrs of racial karma are the martyrs of Allah & are also the martyrs of Yahweh and they often cannot deny God’s calling. Yet while they might suffer here on earth for allowing God to use them as His vessels of His sacred and prophesied of karmic retribution, they greatly rewarded in Heaven for collecting the Universal bounties against them.” Yakub Muslim condemnation minister Malachi Nigaros says.

Are there innocent whites? Have whites failed at making restitution for their generational race crimes beyond the alleged period of time the Universe allotted for that assumed necessary restitution to be made? If true, woe be unto you, white America.

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12 Responses to “There Are No Innocent Whites,” Divine Racial Karma Says…

  1. Charlie Brown says:

    What a sick bunch of idiots.

  2. kayla says:

    first off you stupid monkeys the girl you mention her name is KARISSA Kunco and she was DATING a black man named Jordan Clemons. In WHAT way does that make her racist? Get your facts straight you’ll do anything to blame the disgraces you make yourself on white people. Get jobs, get lives, quit having 10 kids with 10 different women and not taking care of any of them.. What happened thousands of years ago has NOTHING to do with white people today – especially KARISSA!

    • She was racist because she was white and wasn’t making payments for reparations for slavery. Refusal to pay reparations for slavery is white supremacy and racial terrorism.



      • niggers suck white dick & I have the pictures to prove it. says:

        Fuck you nigger, you already ‘raped, robbed, and murdered out’ your payments in the last 50 years; plus all the welfare that comes out of the taxes of ‘working whites’ you lazy nigger nutsack, and the privilege of living in the U.S. If you think Apefreaka is so fucking great, get your ass over there and see what a joyride it is.

        The only reparation you’ll get other than that from me is a fucking machete chop.

      • niggers suck white dick & I have the pictures to prove it. says:

        You can’t be a MARTYR unless you’re DEAD nigger, so go on and do us a favor like your idiot muslim ‘brudders’ who hate niggers and enslave them, and MARTYR yourself for DUH CAWSE

      • niggers suck white dick & I have the pictures to prove it. says:

        Martyrs die for their cause nigger. You’re not dead, so you are not a martyr, just a racist nigger.

      • under your bed says:

        martyr, i will have fun destroying your world before i end your nigger life.

  3. Tyrell Williams says:

    Great Trolling website, – wow you guys put a lot of work into it. If you don’t know what an internet troll is, try google. Hilarious !!

  4. Bob & Howdy says:

    All blacks are racists.

  5. SFC says:

    Your bullshit may put fear into the minority left wing pacifist, but you don’t mean 2 fux to me. You are a lying, thieving, killer, no more than a dog. There are lot of us scary white-boys what ain’t as civilized as some of these gay-lovin apologists. I’ll shoot your monkey ass in front of your mom, stuff bacon down your throat, and hang you from your own front porch. Why don’t you go suck a Latino nut…it might quell the fear you have of them, you spineless ass puncher. I welcome the cleansing that’s coming, so bring your best, and hurry up about it! Stop your pussy-whining on the internet about reparations. I’ll give your just due, and you will lose.

  6. Sally Burton says:

    You are all fools. All you ever do is prove the white ancestors we rejected in the 1960s were right all along. NOW I am heavily armed. None of my ancestors had slaves. I fought my ass off as a white for black rights in the 1960s. I regret it and owe an apology to so many whites, I don’t know how I will ever get to all of them with my head hanging low for being so stupid! You wanted to be judged as individual humans, but yet you think anyone white owes you reparations money!!! Do you pay your Daddy’s debts? Worse, would you pay your Daddy’s aquaintances debts? Hell, you don’t even support your own kids. Get a life! Oh not someone else’s life, your own!!

  7. Tim Watson says:

    You believe in Karma??! Well then, what did the black race do to wind up so hated and oppressed for a time? Betcha got no answer for that do you? Most of those you hurt are only available because they are trusting, believe in humanity of all races and aren’t carrying guns! So, you are most likely killing people who would have done anything to help you, not judged you,
    believed in you as an equal and as such trusted they were safe anyplace. They were fools, and are becoming a true minority every day because of your actions.

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