Trick Or Treat! All Hallow’s Eve Reparations Protests! Soldiers Encouraged: Seek Reparations


The National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) is a non religious movement whose mission and ideology are rooted in securing reparations for the unrestituted for crimes by America against the millions of descendants of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

If you are familiar with The National Legal & Policy Institute NLPI’s “The Case Against Slave Reparations,” you not only know how weak white America’s arguements against reparations are, but too, that the arguments used in it are rooted in the same racist ideologies of their fathers.


The denial of reparations to our forefathers was done through duplicitous manipulation of the United States government.

Reparations isn’t about hand outs. Reparations is about justice. Our ancestors were not just slaves, our ancestors were abused. Generation after generation, they were then denied the restitution they were owed through a continual abuse of power.
SEE: THE CHRISTMAS EVE 2005 JENNIFER ROSS REPARATIONS PROTEST: Privileged Great Great Grand Daughter Of Savage Slave Owner John Ross Turned Peaceful Reparations Protest Violent, “Pig” Valued Purse Over “Love Thy Neighbor”

No Justice, No Peace translates to No Reparations No Peace. Reparations for slavery is justice.


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