“Scripture shows angels have fierce tasks when God passes judgement on injustice. Often the Angels enforce the senten-ces. When carrying them out, angels are strike force. Tyress Mathews is truly heaven sent.” Michigan Soldier Frank L.

Tyress MatthewsMichigan Penitentiary Islam elders have declared his stance against Racist Taylor Police Regime Terrorist Matthew Edwards justified.

According Wayne County Black Foot Soldier contacts, there is relief that so called “officer” Edwards is no longer able to subjectively harass and racially profile members of the black community.

Yet, according to the State and pro white, Western news sources new GhettoBraggingRights Icon Tyress Thearndos Mathews  is charged with first-degree murder, punishable by life in prison without parole; murder of a peace officer, punishable by life in prison without parole; assault with intent to murder, punishable by life in prison or any term of years; being a felon in possession of a firearm, punishable by five years in prison; felony use of a firearm, a mandatory two-year sentence; and as a habitual offender-fourth offense, which is punishable by life in prison if the primary offense has a penalty of five years in prison or more.

Both Michigan Penitentiary Islam elders and Michigan Black Foot Soldiers have condemned the trial against Brother Tyress.  Sources with the National Black Foot Soldier Network say, while an official statement has not yet been made, one will soon be released.

A preliminary examination in the State’s illegal trial of brother Matthews  is scheduled for  today at 1:30 p.m. . Detroit Black Foot Soldier William Sullivan is asking Wayne County Soldiers not TO CONTINUE THE STREET PENITENTIARY PROTEST that erupted in the days following Brother Tyress’ shooting and arrest.


The “Corporal Matthew Edwards Eyes Permanently Shut Funeral Protest

Detroit Black Foot Soldier William Sullivan denied any Soldier involvement in the numerous FECES & URINE BOMBINGS that reportedly took place throughout the city, yesterday, and even at the church where services for the racial terrorist were held. According to key sources allegedly close to ranking members of the city government, the local media, police and city are all poised to l deny the FECES/URINE BOMBINGS, apparently, in hopes of preventing copy cat BOMBINGS from taking place.

“While we know these self styled beautiful white folks deserve to smell like what they act like,”Sullivan said concerning the allegations that Wayne County Soldiers were involved in the numerous reports of FECES BOMBING, “to accomplish that,we would have to piss and shit on every street and on every road in every large city and small town where these devils live. To make these mother fuckers smell like what they act like, there would be nowhere left for even our own to walk – because these mother fuckers stank!”

“Because these mother fuckers stank!”

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