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DEVIL KILLS PIG: Savage Christopher Cope VS Racist Shre-veport Police Regime Terrorist Timothy Prunty; Shrevesport Black Foot Soldier Community Relieved Racial Profiling Ter-rorist Dead, “We Want Whites Out Of City & State,” Shreve-port Soldier Saint Issac Pizer; Prunty “don’t DRINK & PISS IN WHITE STREETS” Death Street Party Planned For Funeral

Shreveport Black Foot Soldiers say their community is relieved that 44 year old Timothy Prunty, a sergeant with the city’s police regime, will no longer be able to inflict white police terrorism and racially profile black residents. “His carcass should … Continue reading

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Generational Reparations Offender Ann Harrison, Roderick Nunley & The Infultration Of The Long Awaited Spirits Of Karma: With No Reparations Paid, What Karma Has The White Race Earned? Considering Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, Separate But Equal, The 1960s & Today: Was 15 Year Old Devil Kidnapped, Raped & Killed Enough? Yes Or No? FEATURING Partner In Calling, Michael Taylor

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