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Terrorist Down! Racist Phoenix Police Regime Sergeant ¿Tienes Lo Que Viene A Los Demonios Blancos; Phoenix La Familia Guerrero México; “All People Of Color Must Unite To, With Due Interest, Return Unto White Devil All He Done Unto Us,” Arizona Black Foot Soldiers (Re)Condemn Arizona Immi-gration Law & State’s Racially Terrorist White Police Regime

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"GIMMIE YOUR BIRTHRIGHT, NIGGER!" Birthright Jacking By Synagogue Of Satan Jews Continues Against Original Jews With Original DNA: New Generation Prepped With Falsehoods

Whites did not originate out of the “cold” climate like the liars and clowns keep propagating. As a matter of fact dark skin serves to warm and cool normal bodies in all-climate environments. the dark skin absorbs the Sun’s rays … Continue reading

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(FUCK THE “POLICE!”) NBFSN Condemns Anti Black Terrorists Ronald Beckley & Aaron Hess With Racist Mount Pleasant & Pleasantville Police Regimes In Murder Of Pace U Football Star Danroy Henry; “no FECES SMEAR, URINE BOMB STREET PENITENTIARY PROTEST not UPDATED TO INCLUDE BROKEN GLASS ON WHITE STREETS”

“White police have no authority over black citizens. They are terrorists whom we have the right to defend ourselves from. They have no authority to stop, question or arrest us regardless of circumstances. Know your rights. – Philly Black Foot … Continue reading

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