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"Those Mongrels Ain’t Jews & That Ain’t Israel. Jerusalem Is Where The Jews Are Not Where America Built Illegitimacy. You Are Not Israel. TRADITION VS BLOOD: You Are The Synagogue Of Satan. As Jesus Despised You Imposters, We True Jews Despised You Too." Blacks Against Israel (BAI); FEATURING EXCLUSIVE Excerpts From Ancient Egypt Historian Rondeux & Oracle Truth Revealed

There were no whites living in the holy lands at the time the holy books were written. Whites were cave dwellers , and they took the traditions and wrote themselves into history and tried to write us out, except they … Continue reading

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(BREAKING) Racist Baltimore City Police Head Terrorist Fred Bealefeld, Alleged Officer Brian Stevenson & Sian James’ Arrest: Baltimore Black Foot Soldier Asbury Green Speak On White Cops, Black Citizens & “All Cops R White” Philosophy; “Black On Black Crime Will Not Be Tolerated: But Was Brother Brian Stephenson Using His Badge Whitely? We Condemn Black Officers Who When Wearing Blue Are White,” Green

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YAKUB MUSLIM EVIL WHISPERS & A SPECTACULAR HELICOPTER CRASH! (SEE) "ATLAST" THIS PIG'S GNASHING TEETH: RACIST MISSOURI STATE HIGHWAY PATROL TERRORIST JOE SCHUENGEL DOWNED FROM FIRMAMENT; St. Louis County Black Foot Soldiers Give Thanks Prayers Slapped Devils' Hero From Sky Over 98%, $153,933 A Year Annual Income White Clarkson Valley: "Fast, Pray & Sacrifice For The Devil's Destruction." (Developing…)

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