The Walter Malloy Sr. Reparations Protest & The Showdown At Clay's Wrecker Service; Vile 59 Year Old Reparations Offender Denied Holocaust, Allegedly Turned Peaceful Protest Violent; Activist Eric Dominique Holloway Arrest Condemned, Soldier Crowned For Reported Stand Against Generational Reparations Offender

Greenville Black Foot Soldiers Hezekiah Rankin has issued a scathing statement condemning the arrest of twenty three year old BOW Reparations Activist Eric Dominique Holloway.

Holloway was arrested, Friday, for what pro white media is calling a robbery. Rankin, however, says, in this case, Holloway is recognized as a legitimate Reparations Protester and the local Black Foot Soldier community believes Reparations Offender Walter Clayton Malloy Sr turned what should have been a peaceful Reparations Protest violent and is responsible for his own death.

“Walter Clayton Malloy was a vile Reparations Offender who denied restitution for our Holocaust and supported the global racial terrorism of his morally bankrupt forefathers. Had reparations been paid and he embraced the Christian value ‘love thy neighbor as ye love yourself’ as his kind profess, certainly he would still be alive.” Rankin is quoted as saying.

Greenville Soldiers are reportedly demanding Holloway’s release into their custody.


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