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The Meaning Of Kenyan, Anti-Colonial Behavior: People Of Color Against White Imperialism; Psycho-Racist Newt Gingrich Inadver-tently States Collective White West’s True Political Agenda: To Continue World Dominance Through Racial Tyranny & Terrorism

According to author Peter Louis Goldman, who published The Death and Life of Malcom X (1979), in the alleged single meeting in which Civil Rights leader MLK met the Nation of Islam’s Elijah Muhammad, Dr. King asked Elijah: do you … Continue reading

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ANOTHER FAKE JEW MELTDOWN: Psychotic Gentilian Jew Claiming Full Jewish Heritage Bethany Storro Defaces Self With Acid, Blames Legitimate Jew (Black Woman) For Attack; "Depravity Devils Willing To Delve For Racism & Legitimacy Will Worsen In Days Coming," Psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs

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MESSAGE TO THE RACIST KNOXVILLE POLICE REGIME: “I won’t aim for the vest, but for your heads. If you want to go home to your wife and kids, stay away from me,” Brother Horace Henry Gladden; Knoxville Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Gladden’s Alleged Disrespect Of The Black Woman But Praise Defiant Stand Against White Police Terrorism

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