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Warrior Franklin Wright: "Is It Wrong To Hate Your Oppressor? Until REPARATIONS Are Paid, Whites Are Still Oppressors," South Carolina Black Foot Soldier Anthony "Norfolk" Crawford; Reparations Offenders Yana Schenker, Shalamar Byrd & Jennie Hope Condemned

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Off Duty Lowell Police Regime Racial Terrorist Patrick Johnson Dead, Small Lowell Black Foot Soldier Community Express Relief: He Can Racial Profile No More (developing…)

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WHEN GOD CALLS YOU TO FIGHT THE DEVIL: Peaceful Reparations Protest at Racist Las Vegas Police Regime Terrorist Trevor Nettleton's House Turns Violent for Pig's Hypocrisy, Activists Defend Selves; Pig Linked To United States Presidential Psycho-Racist & Terrorist George Bush Jr

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