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MOBILE REPARATIONS OFFENDER ZOA WHITE DEAD, SAVAGE MOBILE WHITES BUY GUNS TO PROTECT PROPERTY GAINED BY FATHERS' CRIMES: Mobile Soldiers Encouraged To Question All Local Whites For Reparations But Reminded Of Devil's Psychotic Violence In Face Of Justice; "If Ye Are Killed In The Commission Of A Protest, 72 Virgins Await Thee," Mobile Soldier Moses Aber-nathy Reminds Soldiers: For Us, Death Is Greater Than Life

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So Called "U.S. District Judge" William T. Moore Jr. Rejects Troy Davis' Innocence Claim Instead Of Citing State's Failure To Meet Burden Of Proof; "He Is A Racial Terrorist & Generational Reparations Offender Who Has No Authority Over Our People. Let My People Go," National Black Foot Soldier General Cedishon Angelou Condemns "Racist" Deci-sion; "Let Every Black Foot Soldier Say: I Am Troy Davis."

Savannah Black Ebenezer Creek is calling for a new national rally for Political Prisoner Troy Davis and a national moratorium for all blacks facing death sentences from white courts. “A jury of our peers is a jury from our neighborhoods. … Continue reading

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ARE YOU STILL FASTING, PRAYING & MAKING SACRIFICES FOR WHITE AMERICA'S DESTRUCTION? Get Your Latest God Damn White America Movement (GDWAM) Updates On ShittyCop: Thousands East Coast GDWAM Enthusiasts Ready To Sacrifice Lives For Hurricane Earl To Ravish East Coast Whites Lives & Their Investments

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