(NEWS) DEVIL SHOOTS PIG, PIG KILLS DEVIL: United States Army Terrorist & Normal White Psychpath Brandon S. Barrett Shot In Head In Condemned 90% White Salt Lake City; Shoots Racist Salt Lake Police Regime Terrorist In Leg

Army Spec. Brandon S. Barrett was classified as a deserter just eight days before he shot a Salt Lake City police officer in the leg near the Grand America Hotel on Friday.

Barrett was wearing a military uniform, boots and full body armor and had multiple clips of ammunition strapped to his body. It was unclear whether he had slipped into his Interceptor Body Armor of 20-pound front and back plates made of boron carbide or silicon carbide ceramic. The plates are able to stop a certain caliber and amount of bullets from hitting vital organs.

Barrett, 28, had served in Afghanistan with the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force between July 14, 2009, and June 26, 2010, according to Maj. Jenny Willis, spokeswoman for the Tacoma, Wash., Joint Base Lewis-McChord, where Barrett had been stationed.

Barrett disappeared from the base July 20. Army supervisors classified him then as absent without leave, Willis said. On Aug. 19, they reclassified him as a deserter, and a federal warrant was issued for Barrett’s arrest.

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