(BREAKING) THE KYSER MIREE REPARATIONS PROTEST BROUGHT TO LIFE: Black On White (BOW) Reparations Artist Nead Diggers & Troupe To Bring Kyser Miree Reparatons Protest Alive In New Theatrical Production

Reparatons artist Nead Diggers is set to bring The Kyser Miree Reparations Protest to the stage, contacts with the performance artist say.

The new production is slated to be part of his troupe’s 2010-2011 “Reparations By Any Means Necessary” tour; and, in the wake of the Kyser Miree Reparations Protest, the controversial artist will feature it in both Birmingham and Mobile, AL.

Bringing with him the surnames of white families whose forefathers most likely owned slaves and performing his controversial REPARATIONS: BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY production, Diggers and his troupe first visited and performed in the city in 2009 – as part of their first national tour. “Birmingham was one of the cities we staged several live street performances in,” a Nead Diggers contact says. “There is a very strong Black Foot Soldier community there and in Alabama in general. We were very well received.”

“The information we bring with us and use in our productions on the surnames of slave owners is already partially available in some US Census records,” the artist Nead Diggers himself is quoted as saying. “Our presentation of the information and the theatrical Reparations Performances we stage are to shed light to members in our communities that members of these racial terrorists’ families are still here with us today and should be held accountable for their families’ crimes. While under no circumstances do we encourage, promote or glorify violence, we do encourage brothers and sisters to approach all whites for reparations and to always be prepared to defend themselves from the racially terroristic behavior whites have historically demonstrated.

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  1. Eat Shit Creaux says:

    Hey noticed you arent on wordpress…..wat happened?


    This is part of a study showing negroids actually dominate in the field of serial killing. This myth of whites being the majority of serial killers and pedophiles must be dispelled!!

    A lack of understanding of base rates can lead to misinterpreting research findings and forensic results.4 Consider the oft-quoted fact, “Serial killers are usually white males.” While technically correct, at least for the United States, this statement is incomplete. To understand it properly, the relevant base rates also must be considered. Three different studies ofserial murderers found black offender proportions of 16, 20, and 20 percent, and female offender proportions of 9, 10, and 16 percent. According to the 2000 census, the U.S. population is 75 percent white and 49 percent male. So, while disproportionately male, the only reason most serial killers in the United States are white is because most of the population is white. More important, all else being equal, serial killers are less likely to be white in predominantly black or Hispanic areas.
    Now, let’s take a look some studies. Pay particular attention to the dates of the data included in each study’s database and its affect on the percentage of African-Americanserial killers:-

    Serial Murderers and Their Victims
    Eric Hickey
    Wadsworth Publishing 1996
    With a database of serial killers from the 1790s to the 1980s compiled in 1991, Hickey found 13% of known cases were African-American.

    In another study Hickey removed the decade of the 1790s and with data from the entire 1980s through 1995 included, please note the sharp upsurge in black serialkillers:-

    With a database of 399 serial killers from 1800 to 1995, Hickey found:
    (1) 20% of the killers were black.
    (2) 17% were women.

    And here’s more:-

    Century of Slaughter 1992
    Michael Newton
    With a database of 800 serial killers from the 20th century, Newton found 16% of cases were African-American

    And more:-

    Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder
    James Alan Fox and Jack Levin
    Crime and Justice, Vol. 23, 1998 (1998), pp. 407-455
    Sage Publications 2005
    With a database of 558 offenders operating in the United States since 1900, Fox and Levin found:
    (1) 86% of the killers are male.
    (2) 82% are white.
    (3) 15% are black.
    (4) 4% are Hispanic.

    Nowhere’s the study that more or less proves my point. Introducing Anthony Walsh, whose research covers a 58-year period from 1945 to 2004:-

    African Americans and Serial Killing in the Media: The Myth and the Reality
    Anthony Walsh
    Boise State University
    Homicide Studies, Vol. 9, No. 4, 271-291 (2005)
    DOI: 10.1177/1088767905280080
    © 2005 SAGE Publications
    There were many expressions of shock and surprise voiced in the media in 2002 when the “D.C. Sniper” turned out to be two Black males. Two of the stereotypes surrounding serial killers are that they are almost always White males and that African American males are barely represented in their ranks. In a sample of 413 serial killersoperating in the United States from 1945 to mid-2004, it was found that 90 were African American. Relative to the African American proportion of the population across that time period, African Americans were overrepresented in the ranks of serial killers by a factor of about 2. Possible reasons why so few African American serial killers are known to the public are explored.

    In another abstract referring to Walsh’s work the same database from the past 58-years suggests that the breakdown of African-American serial killers is 21-22% and provides safe, conservative-lite reasons for the continuation of the White male stereotype as well as detrimental societal effects:-

    The major source of information on serial killers was the encyclopedias of serial killers written by Newton (1990, 1992, and 2000) and by Wilson and Seaman (1983, 1990), as well as the works of other authors. Newspaper and Internet sources were used for cases that occurred after 1999. The study identified 90 African-American serialkillers and 323 White-American serial killers within the time frame of the study. African-Americans were represented among serial killersat a rate approximately twice their average percentage in the population (approximately 10.5 percent) across the 58-year time frame. Why, then, does the media limit its coverage of African-American serialkillers?
    In answering this question, this study suggests that the media’s fear of racism accusations constrains its coverage of heinous crimes committed by Africa-Americans, compared with the zealousness of its coverage of such crimes committed by Whites. Also, African-American serial killers may have been more hidden from the mainstream culture when their victims were other African-Americans, particularly in the early 20th century. Criminological studies of serial killers also neglect to point out Blackoverrepresentation in crimes generally considered a White domain. The myth that serial killers are rarely African-Americans has had two detrimental effects. First, Whites tend to argue that Blacks are not sufficiently psychologically complex or intelligent to commit a series of murders without being caught. Second, police tend to neglect the protection of potential victims of serial killers in African-American communities.

    Last we have Philip Jenkins of Pennsylvania State University, who quickly puts to rest the myth that serial killers are white males and provides a list Black killers you may not have known anything about:-

    African-Americans and Serial Homicide
    Philip Jenkins
    Pennsylvania State University
    “[…] in the mid twentieth century, black offenders were among those claiming the largest number of victims. During the 1930’s and 1940’s, there was a group of such cases including Jarvis Catoe, Jake Bird, and Clarence Hill, all of which can be described as fitting the classic stereotypes of serial murder {Jenkins 1989, 1994}.”
    Cases of Extreme Serial Homicide (8 or more victims) by African-Americans:-
    Nathaniel R. Code Louisiana 1984-1987
    Alton Coleman and Debra Brown Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois 1984
    Carlton Gary Georgia 1970-1978
    Kevin Haley and Reginald Haley Southern California 1979-1984
    Calvin Jackson New York 1973-1974
    Milton Johnson Illinois 1983
    Devernon LeGrand New York 1968-1975
    Michael Player (Marcus Nisby) Southern California 1986

    Below is a non-comprehensive list of black serial murderers.
    (# of victims in parentheses.)
    Daniel Andrew Bowler (3), Richmond, VA
    George Russell (3 women), WA state
    Timothy W. Spencer (5), Arlington, VA and Richmond, VA
    Elton M. Jackson (12), Norfolk, VA area
    Carlton Gray (3), Columbus, GA
    Mohammed Adam Omar (16 women), Yemen. Omar is Sudanese.
    Kendall Francois (8 women), Poughkeepsie, NY and surrounding areas.
    Terry A. Blair (8), Kansas City area
    Zebra Killers (78), San Francisco
    Wayne Williams (33), Atlanta, GA
    Some Negro (15), Indianapolis, IN
    Vaughn Greenwood (11), LA
    Andre Crawford (10), Chicago – southside
    Calvin Jackson (9+), NY
    Gregory Klepper (8), Chicago – southside
    Alton Coleman (8), Midwest
    Harrison Graham (7+), N. Philadelphia
    Cleophus Prince (6), San Diego
    Robert Rozier (6), Miami
    Craig Price (3), Warwick, RI
    Devine Jones (3+), St. Louis
    Maurice Byrd (20+), St. Louis
    Maury Travis (17 and rising), St. Louis and possibly also Atlanta
    Coral Eugene Watts (13 confessed to, possibly 80), Texas, Michigan, Canada
    Hulon Mitchell, a.k.a. Yahweh Ben Yahweh (20+), Florida
    Lorenzo Fayne (5 children), East St. Louis, IL
    Henry Louis Wallace (9), Charlotte, NC
    Reginald and Jonathan Carr (5), Wichita, KS
    John Allen Muhammad (a.k.a. John Allen Williams) and John Lee Malvo, (Suspected in 13 to 19 and rising fast), Maryland; Virginia; Montgomery, AL; Baton Rouge, LA; Tacoma, WA; Georgia; Tucson, AZ
    Torey Miller (2 homicides, one of which was a freeway drive-by, and the attempted ambush-murder of one St. Louis City police officer), St. Louis, MO.Derrick Todd Lee, (5 women), southern Louisiana
    Paul Durousseau, (6, two of which were pregnant women), Jacksonville, FL; Georgia.
    Troy Sampson (3), Las Vegas
    Edward James (3), Las Vegas (This and the previous Las Vegas worthie were both “thrill” serial killers, who brutally murdered innocent and unsuspecting white people they never even met — EPH)
    Eddie Lee Mosley (25 to 30 women), south Florida
    Henry Lee Jones (4+), south Florida; Bartlett, TN
    Richard “Babyface” Jameswhite (15), New York; Georgia.
    Donald E. Younge, Jr., (4), East St. Louis, IL; Salt Lake City, UT.
    Lorenzo J. Gilyard (12 women), Kansas City, MO. (May be Missouri’s worst serial killer ever, according to the Kansas City Star.)
    Michael Vernon (7), Bronx, NY. Killed at least seven people – 5 in a shoe store for not having his sneaker size and 1 pizza delivery person and 1 gypsy cab driver.
    Lamon J. McKoy (2, maybe more). Geneva, NY.
    Jake ( ?) Bird, Tacoma, WA. He offed two in Tacoma in the 1940s and admitted to murdering many others nationwide.
    Chester Dewayne Turner (12 women), Los Angeles

  2. ugk says:

    On Aug 29 2010 @ 08:08, Eat Shit Creaux,
    Yeah LOL
    White people always like to pull stats out of their rear end.
    Of all the countless millions of white trailer park trash that committ incest and paedophilia, how many are exposed to the media and public?
    3 million vietnamese killed by white people
    2 million in the first gulf attack by white people
    2 million in post 2001 invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan by white people
    Millions killed in civil wars in Africa, Asia and South America, orchastrated by…………white people in order to steal natural resources.
    Lab created diseases released across the globe by white people. Just recently that whore Hilary Clinton ‘apologized’ after it came out into the open that they had released disease in a South American country.
    Its not difficult to prove who the real satan on planet earth is.
    We are simply telling you that your time is up.
    Mother Nature has finally had enough of the white mans behaviour and is now in the process of removing him
    When you witness the western world falling to pieces before your very eyes, you will bear witness to your own end. Already countless crackas running around screaming that the USA is falling. Not a damn thing they can do to stop it.

  3. enemyofthestate says:

    Greedy little selfish pig finally got to eat his cake too.

  4. saidi says:

    Kyser Miree was a pig who deserved it.

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