(SEE!) The Tristan Bates Melanoma Watch; Maine Yakub Muslims Condemn Reprobate Harmony Sinner's Melanoma Propaganda; Issue Watch, Impregnable Mole Visible On Face

His grandfather died of cancer and the Melanoma Execution of his father was completed in February.  Reportedly, noting an irregular shaped mole already visible on his face, unconfirmed sources within the Maine Yakub Muslim  community are said to have admonished the twenty two year old Skin Sinner, Reparations Offender and supporter of Western Terrorism that his Melanoma is next and have asked him to stop a “Melanoma misinformation campaign” he’s staged since the completion of his father’s execution.

In May, rode his unicycle from the water’s edge of Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont to West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Lubec, Maine.

He titled his ride the “One Wheel-One Cure,” is, reportedly, intended to raise funds for research into the cure for malignant melanoma.

Bates’s father’s Execution occurred  in February. He was 52 years of age and lived only six months after being diagnosed.

Details developing…

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