Jackson (Mi) Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Killing Of Racist Jackson Police Terrorist Regime Black Patrolman Glen Agee Though Some Questioned If He "Acted White;" UPDATE: Jackson Soldiers Announce Unified Condemnation Of Twenty Four Year Old LeTwan Smith, Praise Young Patrolman

According to Jackson, Mississippi Black Foot Soldier contacts, the killing of Glen Agee, a black patrolman with the Racist Jackson Police Terrorism Regime, has, reportedly, been condemned – despite some in the local community desiring to embrace the controversial “All Cops R White” philosophy.

UPDATE: Jackson Black Foot Soldiers announce unified condemnation of twenty four year old LeTwan Smith, offer praise for Officer Glen Agee sense of community & brotherhood. Accuse Smith of irresponsible & unforgivable Black On Black (BOB) Violence & “acting white.”

“We do not condone the killing of our brothers and sisters,” a statement by the Jackson Black Foot Soldiers is reported as stating. “We recognize Black On Black (BOB) Crime and Black On Black (BOB) Violence as one of the new unforgivable offences.”

Local Black Foot Soldier support of brother Agee is, reportedly, overwhelming with many brothers saying it was his courtesy toward his black assailant that allegedly put his life in jeopardy. “If LeTwan took advantage of this code, he’s in violation,” a Jackson Soldier is quoted as saying. “Our brothers and sisters who work in the Beast’s Belly are often all those of us within it have for safety. These brothers and sisters should be treated with the utmost respect. If LeTwan has violated this, unless done so by brother Agee’s family first, he will not be forgiven.”

Twenty four year old LeTwan Smith has been arrested in the shooting. According to sources, at this point, (regardless of position) all Jackson Black Foot Soldiers have a united front and are refusing to stand by his side.


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