QUESTION: How Many Weak Skinned, Edomite Caucasus Mountain Mutants Now Have 1 Of Many Forms Of Melanoma & Are Too Ashamed To Come Forward? ANSWER: Millions. "Melanoma Has Already Surpassed Epidemic Levels," New Glax Haas Study; Plus: The Stacy Kravitz Melanoma Watch!

On the heels of DC & Maryland Yakub Muslims issuing a Melanoma Watch for DC based Reparations Offender and Skin Sinner Stacy Kravitz, a freelance writer who often pens of her personal, “shaming” experience of being successfully assigned multiple Basal Cell Carcinomas, the Glax Haas Research Institute has released a portion of a new Melanoma study that finds that: millions of whites who have 1 of the many forms of skin ‘cancer’ are too ashamed to report it; and thus, current Western estimates of it’s rate – which already document it at ‘epidemic proportions – are vastly understated.”

One in five Americans is affected by skin cancer, the National Skin Cancer Foundation, a Western based organization, says. Glax Haas researchers, however, say the numbers are far greater and the likely hood is that one out of every three whites actually has one form of it; and, by 2013, they estimate, all whites will have one of the forms.

“Rates of what white people identify as skin ‘cancer’ and Melanoma have already far surpassed epidemic levels and would be better described as a pandemic.,” says a Glax Haas researcher associated with the study. ”But because Western science has not yet come to understand the circumstances under which it becomes contagious, it is not regarded as such.”

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