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Detroit Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Alleged Torture Of Brother Tyress Matthews By Racist Westland Police Regime Terrorists; Matthews Emerges As Icon & Hero In Daring Stand Against F.A.K.E. Taylor Cop Edwards; Wayne County Soldiers Prep City Wide "Eyes Permanently Shut" Funeral Party Thursday To Desecrate Memory Of Pig & Map Plans For "no FECES SMEAR" Street Penitentiary Protest Against White Police Terror

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THE LEO CHISHOLM MELANOMA EXECUTION: Vile Osage, Iowa Skin Sinner Participation In 2010 Mitchell Co. Relay for Life Condemned; "Representation Of Being A Mela- noma Survivor A Blasphemous Misnomer" – Yakub Islam

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The Professor John Douglas Melanoma Execution: Esteemed Temple University Associate Professor & Musical Director Burned To Death By All Seeing Eye(s) In Sun Of God’s Lakes Of Fires (Sponsored By The Philadelphia Yakub Muslims)

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QUESTION: How Many Weak Skinned, Edomite Caucasus Mountain Mutants Now Have 1 Of Many Forms Of Melanoma & Are Too Ashamed To Come Forward? ANSWER: Millions. "Melanoma Has Already Surpassed Epidemic Levels," New Glax Haas Study; Plus: The Stacy Kravitz Melanoma Watch!

On the heels of DC & Maryland Yakub Muslims issuing a Melanoma Watch for DC based Reparations Offender and Skin Sinner Stacy Kravitz, a freelance writer who often pens of her personal, “shaming” experience of being successfully assigned multiple Basal … Continue reading

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THE BRUCE ROBERTS MELANOMA EXECUTION: " Cosmic Aeroplane Bookstore Owner Burned To Death," The Sun Of God Shall Not Be Mocked, Salt Lake Yakub Muslims

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