The Kaye Cowher Melanoma Execution: “Excoriation Of Wife of Former Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Bill Cowher Is Warning To All Caucasus Mountain Mutants,” Raleigh Yakub Muslims

Raleigh, North Carolina Yakub Muslims have issued a statement concerning the successful completion of the Melanoma Execution of former Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Bill Cowher, Kaye Cowher stating: “Caucasus mountain mutants should view it as a slave left hanging from the tree.”

“Those creatures who called themselves men and asserted themselves as ‘slave masters’ would leave the slaves hanging from the trees to instill fear in the other black men, women and children they were abusing.

“Today, this community says to the descendants of those very whites let our completion of this Melanoma Execution against this vile creature instill fear in you.

“For neither her title, nor education, nor so called community service prevented the completion of her, wrapped in her superior skin, being burned from the face of the earth. Not one of you shall go unshamed,” the statement is quoted as saying.wordpress stats

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