The Kathy Watkinson Ivins Melanoma Execution: Unrepentant Skin Sinner, Reparations Offender & Western Terrorist Burned To Death In Prophesied Lakes Of Fires; "Mutant Body Should Not Be Placed In Mother Earth," Richmond Yakub Muslims

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Richmond, Va Yakub Muslims have condemned a forecoming funeral for fifty four year old Skin Sinner, Reparations Offender and Western Terrorist Kathy Watkinson Ivins and, reportedly, sent word to the mutant’s family that its body should not be placed into the earth.

“The Melanoma Execution & her plagues demonstrates the rejection of Mother Nature and The Sun of God against creatures it has found despicable in this New Age,” says Richmond Yakub Muslim RaHotep Ramsees.

“Dogs do not understand this. Yet those things that are rejected by The Divine are not then to be returned to them.”

Watkins-Ivins, who, amongst whites, made a name for herself as a broker and a long distance runner was, according to sources in the Richmond Yakub Muslim community a flagrant Reparations Offender and consistent Curfew violator.

While documented accounts of her thoughts have yet to be released, the same sources allege her thoughts of herself as a decent and morally good human being were vile and unbearable.

“Her carcass should be thrown into the streets for the dogs to tear and the birds to pick,” at a meeting announcing the completion of the mutant’s execution, Ramsees said. “The carcasses of devils should never be placed in the earth.”

In 2009, leading Yakub Islam clergy published that by 2011 carcasses of Caucasians would no longer be allowed to be placed in the earth. Sources in the Richmond Yakub Muslim community say they are already embracing this tenet and notifying whites prior to funerals that they should not bury their family members.

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