Whites Banned From Earth! Can Devils Find New Planet By 2012? Mother Nature, Sun of God DAMN Pheomelanin Pig-ment; Immune System & Faculties Severely Damaged By UV PLUS RELIVE: The Glenna Kohl Melanoma Execution!

“God has given white people until 2012 to find another planet to live on,” Jacobi Ail said in a sermon given across his network, Sunday. “Can he return to his birth place in the Caucasus Mountains for protection? No. There is no place upon the earth ultraviolet light pierce. Many will note 2012 as the date the great and ancient Mayans predicted the destruction of his world. Now, by the grace of God, they have found that God is permitting them the opportunity to escape to any planet outside our solar system before the Ultraviolet Holocaust of 2012.”

new planetAstronomers claim to have discovered, for the first time, an Earth-like planet outside our solar system that could support water — and potentially life.

Researchers have not directly seen the planet and it will be years before more sensitive instruments will be developed to look for signs of life on the planet that is about 190 trillion kilometres away from Earth.
Western Scientists Believe New Planet Right For Pheomelanin.

new earth“It is the first truly Earth-like planet to have been found outside our Solar System.

The discovery was announced today by a team of European astronomers, using a telescope in La Silla in the Chilean Andes. If forced bookies to slash odds on the existence of alien beings.

The Earth-like planet that could be covered in oceans and may support life is 20.5 light years away, and has the right temperature to allow liquid water on its surface.

“This could be very important,” NASA astrobiology expert Chris McKay, who was not part of the discovery team, told the Associated Press. “It doesn’t mean there is life, but it means it’s an Earth-like planet in terms of potential habitability.”

“They had to find a planet outside our solar system because the ultraviolet light radiating from our sun will find them on any planet herein,” Ali said. “Yet what they do not know is that the face of every Sun in the Universe is now set against them. Their kind are welcomed nowhere.

(SEE) Yakub Muslim Sleugh Crooks: Who’s Evolving?

Sleugh Crooks (Alexandria, La.) – “The unthawing of the glacial ice caps is the awakening of the great forgotten in the mind of Lucifer’s thugs.

That’s what their calling us, these days,” Jacobi Ali
laughed, Saturday, in his network address.

Jacobi, who has been speaking in behalf of his father, is on a national tour encouraging whites of all faiths to embrace his father’s science of learning Ultraviolet Light Projection.

“The great forgotten in the our minds are the memories taken away from us by that great, historical and metaphorical flood presented in the story of Noah’s Ark.

“Yes, the great story of that great flood represents the sweepeing away of the memories of who and what we were in that original Paradise.

“In that day, many have read and some will even recall, existed a doorway between the earth and the heavens allowing the angels of the Sun of God to transform from angels to flesh and back. As the giants we once were, so, too, were our sins against the Sun of God.

“As the white man treated us in slavery, we treated the Sun of God in those days. But now even the day of his judgement is past.And what God, who is too nature, took from us, is being returned.

“As the sea levels rise, our see levels will rise.”

“Due to their poor ability to (re)adapt to the current minor shifts in the environment without high susceptibilities to skin cancers like squamous and basal cell carcinomas, melanomas and cataracts the long term affects of global warming and ozone depletion negatively impact the fair skinned moreso than those with darker pigments.“Who is evolving, we are evolving.”


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