Ultraviolet Light: The White Man’s Kryptonite; SEE: “Pheomelanin Becomes Carcinogenic When Exposed To Ultraviolet Light” (Western Science Admission Excerpt)

Sleugh Crooks (Alexandria, La.) – Like pork chops, red meat, salt and unhealthy sexual practices are kryptonite to blacks, all those things and ultraviolet light is kryptonite to the so called white man. The difference between black people’s kryptonite and white people’s, changes in diet and sexual practices eliminate our kryptonite. There is no place on the earth where the white man can go where ultraviolet light will not persecute him.
Melanin (Greek μέλας, black) is a class of com- pounds that serves as a pigment.

The most common form of biological melanin is eumelanin, a brown-black polymer of dihydroxyindole carboxylic acid, and their reduced forms.

Another common form of melanin is pheomelanin, a of benzothiazine units largely responsible for red hair and freckles. The increased production of melanin in human skin is called melanogenesis. It is stimulated by the DNA damages that are caused by UVB-radiation.wordpress stats

See The Monica Jensen Melanoma ExecutionEumelanin is found in hair and skin, and colors hair grey, black, yellow, and brown. In humans, it is more abundant in peoples with dark skin.

(See: The Monica Jensen Melanoma Execution: “Bitch the flowers don’t love you. They got color too!” Mother Nature, Sun of God Reject Mankind)

Pheomelanin is also found in hair and skin and is found in lighter skinned people.

Pheomelanin also may become carcinogenic when exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

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