Treacherous White Race Thought They Could Elude Sun Of God & Mother Nature's Judgement Forever

is skin without eumelanin skin?Is flesh without eumelanin skin? No, flesh without eumelanin is not skin.

While the new science is not yet publishing publicly what the layer covering the so-called fairskinned is, the conclusion that it is not skin, as defined by classic definitions is now widely accepted. For, skin does not burn in the sun light.

Heightening the problem, however, is that ultra- violet light does not only adversely affect what white people call their skin, it also adversely affects what they call their minds. Yes, ultraviolet light burns their brains further corrupting their thoughts.

“The more UV light coming through the Ozone layer, the crazier, more dangerous, more psychotic and more perverse white people will become,” says black sun worship leader and scientist Yacub 12 X. “As more UV light comes through the Ozone Layer and burns their skin, it also burns and destroys their brains. It is making it increasing difficult for them to choose between their normal evil and the increased levels of perversion in them we are seeing.”


Unlike blacks, whose pineal glands contain eumelanin, the pineal glands in whites are calcified. The calcification is tantamount rocks. The increases in ultraviolet light cause these rocks to rub against each other. The result, again, are the increased levels of perversion and evil we are seeing in them.”

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Of The Biggest Differences Between The Properties Of God & Satan: EUMELANIN VS PHEOMELANIN & Why The Devil Smells Like Sulfur…….

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The level of UV light now is generally speaking higher that it was 50 years ago. This is due to a reduction of ozone in the earth’s atmosphere. Ozone serves as a filter to screen out and reduce the amount of UV light that we are exposed to. With less atmospheric ozone, a higher level of UV light reaches the earth’s surface.

Contrary to Western Science, mankind’s pollution and toxins are not responsible for the increases in ultraviolet light passing through the Ozone layer.

God opened the Ozone layer up to burn His reproach and begin the Fires of His prophesied 2nd Rapture.

Because white people chose perversion, greed and hate over love, God turned them over to their reprobate minds. But moreso, so that the entire world can see the fufillment of evil, the increased levels of ultraviolet light magnify the evil nature they chose.

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