Reprobate Salem New Hampshire Skin Sinner Kim Sanga Book "Beyond The Scars" Condemned By Salem Yakub Muslims: Sun Of God Shall Not Be Mocked. Ultraviolet light is the Fire of the 2nd Rapture of God.

“The scars from skin cancer treatments made Kim Sanga too embarrassed to wear a two-piece bathing suit in her own backyard. Her husband, Shawn, told her she was crazy and that her scars tell a story,” reports a Western publication.

“You do go through the vain points that you’re embarrassed to be in your own skin,” said Sanga, who has used scarves to cover her neck. “These have been very hard for me.”

White peoples’ arrogance is nothing new. Their defying God’s damnation of their skin by glorifying “scars don’t inhibit life” only demonstrates their shame and damnation, says Yakub Muslim minister Jacobi Ali. “Most blacks now know that God opened the Ozone Layer to burn white peoples’ skin because of thier ancestors’ skin sins.”

“It is fitting God has made His holy Light discriminate between blacks and whites.

Salem Yakub Muslims have condemned Sanga’s Western Melanoma propaganda which attempts to present Melanoma as a disease as opposed to a racial damnation and motivates other skin sinners to perceive as something they shouldn’t be embarrassed of.”

“We beat it. We got through it with our strength, with our inspiration, support from our family and our friends,” said Sanga. “The whole purpose is to shed some light at the end of the tunnel. You can get there, you can get through it. Now that (my scars) are happening in places where I can’t hide them anymore, this book means so much more,” said Sanga. “We shouldn’t have to be embarrassed or ashamed or afraid.”

Their arrogance in publishing their book is nothing new. But ye know that Ultraviolet light is the Fire of the 2nd Rapture of God. White people are burning in Lakes of Fires. Ultraviolet light is the Fire of the 2nd Rapture of God.

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