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Chris DeWald Melanoma Watch: Augusta Georgia Skin Sinner & Columnist Publishes Support For Industry Propaganda Concerning Race's Damnation On Blog In Wake Of Successful Yakub Basal Cell Carcinoma Attack Visible On Scalp; Warns Fellow Devils To Wear Long Sleeve Shirst, Long Pants, Tightly Woven Straw Hats, Oversized Sunglasses & Sunscreen; Augusta Yakub Muslims Condemn False Melanoma Propaganda, Encourage Local Whites To Bow Down Before Sun Of God & Respect New Yakub Muslim Laws

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THE ALLEN H. (BUD) SELIG MELANOMA EXECUTION: MLB Commissioner Admits Successful Stage IV Yakub Melanoma; Yakub Muslims: Whites Need Heed Warnings, Curfew & New Laws

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Racist Richland & Lumpkin Police Regime Terrorists Tim Murphy Ryan Smith Assault 57 Year Old African American School Teacher (Janice Wells); State Black Foot Soldiers Issue Harsh Condemnation Against White Police Terrorism: "Our Citizens Must Perceive All White Police As Racial Terrorists. White 'Police' Have No Authority Over Our Citizens. You Have Right To Protect & Defend Self & Resist White Police," Savannah Black Foot Soldier Ebenezer Creek

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