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(Western Media) "Sunscreens May Not Lower Melanoma Risk — Study Results Offer No Evidence Of Its Ability To Pre-vent Skin Cancer, Epidemiologist Says"

PHILADELPHIA – A provocative presentation at a science conference today questioned the widely held belief that sunscreens lower the risk of deadly melanoma skin cancer, but specialists still caution against going into the sunshine without these lotions. Sunscreens prevent sunburns, … Continue reading

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(Western media) "Melanoma in kids increasing; doctors alarmed, puzzled:" The Cory Halpin Melanoma Execution

(Western media) –  At age 10, freckle-faced Corey Halpin had bigger things to think about — like basketball and Boy Scouts — than the little black mole he noticed on his arm while camping. At first, he thought it might … Continue reading

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Reprobate Whites Defiance & Mockery Of Sun Of God & Yakub Muslim Curfew Condemned: "All Melanoma Founda-tions Ordered To Close," Yakub Islam

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