"Devils In Pig's Clothing:" Who's Your Favorite Racist Lakewood Police Regime Terrorist Down: Sgt. Mark Renninger, Ronald Owens, Tina Griswold or Greg Richards?

Shittycop, by Creaux Steele

(FLASHBACK) “Who is your favorite racist Lakewood police regime terrorist down?” Seattle Black Foot Soldier Alfred “Issaquah” Shafford is reported as asking in a rally to celebrate (what’s being called) the blow against the white terrorist racism of the Washington State Police Regime at the Steele Street Forza Coffee House that occurred early Sunday morning.

“For Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen.” BOW Martyr Against White Terrorist & Racist Police Regime (Maurice Clemmons) Adorned With Virgins, Jewelry & Crowned; “When the Battle is Over, We Shall Wear a Crown.” – Seattle Black Foot Soldiers


The rally came after a reported emergency meeting held by the movement to to map out plans for a street penitentiary protest and street party that will be held to disrespect tributes, memorials and funerals whites are expected to have for the terrorists.

Shafford advised brothers to prepare for street penitentiary protest and party unlike any previously known and to collect pictures and prepare effigies of the four terrorists for desecration and destruction.


Wearing masks and dressed in black, it is reported near a hundred local OOBAN Guerrillas were also in attendance.

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7 Responses to "Devils In Pig's Clothing:" Who's Your Favorite Racist Lakewood Police Regime Terrorist Down: Sgt. Mark Renninger, Ronald Owens, Tina Griswold or Greg Richards?

  1. Why you says:


    Why don’t you move to Somalia where there’s no cops and total anarchy?

    What is your point?!?

  2. yooseff douglass-hole says:

    The Lakewood Police Department can be contacted at 1.253.798.4721 24 hours a day and WILL take any and all complaints on the above listed defamation. I ENCOURAGE all readers to REPORT THIS PAGE to the Lakewood Police Department as 4 UPSTANDING POLICE OFFICERS were BRUTALLY MURDERED

    • shittycop says:

      Only supporter of Western terrorism refer to the racist Lakewood police terrorist regime as a “police department.” The deaths of racial terrorists Richards, Griswold, Owens and Renninger brought relief to the many Black Foot Soldiers and even non Soldiers who’d suffered harassment and illegal detentions and arrests by them. To date, more brothers have said Owens is their favorite one down. Richards is 2nd. Griswold 3rd and Renninger’s in 4th place.

      I’m thinking about putting up a poll.

      Creaux Steele
      Shittycop publisher

  3. Brian McNamara says:

    I have ALSO reported this site to the Investigators at the Lakewood Police Department.
    A source inside the department related to me that NUMEROUS email,phone and actual mail complaints have been received regarding this site. I spoke for nearly an hour with two Lead Investigators regarding this site and learned some very valuable information regarding progress in the case. Professional Confidentiality Clauses prohibit me from revealing exactly WHATS in store for this site, but suffice to say,it will all be over soon for
    shitty cop.

    • shittycop says:

      Dear Brian,
      Do the number of complaints equal the number of grumblings from niggas have murmured against them for their racial terrorism? Let me say this slow Brian: Fuck you and the Racist Lakewood Police Regime of Terrorists.

      Shittycop’s been from WordPress, to Blogger, to Baywords. If the shit hits the fan here, I’ll find another home… maybe purchase a domain name. I get crazy support from the UPM Network, recently launched a FACEBOOK page that growing and could give a fuck about the chatter from you supporters of Western terrorism in the background.

      Creaux Steel
      Shittcop publisher

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