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Caveman Scrawlings VS Hieroglyphics

‘Nuff said?

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"'Black' Ethiopian Jews Are Most Persecuted People in Israel & Have The Clearest Genetic Link To Real Jews Rather Than Ashkanazi Imposters," UPM Network Contributor Liam

Real Jews VS Fake Jews: The Original Biblical Jews Were a Black African People The original Jews in Africa 2000 years ago were a Black African people as an ethnic group. (Massey: Egypt Light of the Word p501) Many of … Continue reading

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“Lol, you’re about as clueless as the next nigger. You (black people) are , illogical, and incorrigibly slanted.” Fifteen year old aspiring racist Aaron aka Treemagnet88 “Heil Hitlers.”

(Click here to read user Aaron’s (pictured above) narcissistic “nigger” comment appearing on computer screen above Wow, really? Isn’t that what he just said himself? You black people may use this ridiculous logic that is clearly better explained by our … Continue reading

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"Trailer Park Trash Gunman (Ricky Liles Dead), 2 More Pigs Down: Reedley F.A.K.E. Cop Javier Bejar Dead , 1 Fresno Copper Critically Wounded); "Racist Fresno County & Reedley Police Regime Terrorists' Chickens Come Home To Roost," California BlackFootSoldiers Praise "Implosion of White Psychosis & Hypocrisy," Condemn Racist Minkler "All White" Community

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