To Josef Kunzler (Skagit IMS Owner) Hear Champ Mike Tyson's Sentiments to White Reporter at 2002 Press Conference of Len- nox Lewis Fight for ShittyCop Regards to Your False Flag Charge (by ShittyCop)

Considering the history of the Caucasian since their descent from those decadent Caucasus mountains and unleashed their reign of hate, terror and oppression upon the world, how could Skagit, Wa’s Josef Kunzler call someone standing up against their historic and contemporary terrorism vile? The answer is that: A) Kunzler is so self deluded and historically ignorant that he actually sees his country is a respectable civilization; or B) He’s part of perverse white American culture who knows they are evil yet isn’t satisfied unless, pulling the wool over the eyes of the ignorant, they can present themselves as good.


(Note: you’ll definitely want to click on the image & determine who’s “vile.”)

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