Michael Osman & Michael Parish, White Cops, Black Citizens: Digging in Niggas Booties On Chief Warren C. Evans Watch

DETROIT — Refusals by the Detroit Police Department, the FBI, and the U.S. Attorney’s office to criminally charge officers Michael Osman (#4788) and Michael Parish (#4436) may end up costing the city millions of dollars.

Lawsuits claiming they raped Black men during traffic stops in 2006, performing anal cavity searches, are now on course for trial in county and federal courts.

Eleven men have sued for compensation for the assaults, pain, and humiliation they say they endured. Both the City of Detroit and the officers are defendants in the suits. Other cases have been settled for varying amounts out of court, with others never filing suit.

Terence Allen Hopkins, 28, of Highland Park, will likely be the first to face his alleged tormentors, in a trial set for Sept. 28 in front of Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Michael Sapala. He is represented by the law firm of Marvin Barnett and Associates.

“[Osman] pulled my pants down, underwear and pants together, pulled them down,” Hopkins said in a deposition about his May 13, 2006, encounter with the officers. “He had his hand on my butt, fingers on my rectum. Swipe. He pulled my pants back up.” (Link)

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4 Responses to Michael Osman & Michael Parish, White Cops, Black Citizens: Digging in Niggas Booties On Chief Warren C. Evans Watch

  1. Brian McNamara says:

    First off, Im CERTAIN that these officers weren’t raping your precious black friends. Most likely they were looking for drugs which are usually hidden by these YARD APES in the rectum to avoid detection. Who GIVES A FUCK if these animals felt “violated” heres a clue to avoid that:

    Typical to your one sided way of posting YOUR side of the story, you didnt related to the readers if the States Attorneys Office approved charges, What if any charges were made against these DNA WASTES and what if any PROBABLE CAUSE AND REASONABLE SUSPICION existed from the initial police contact. You seem very quick to jump up and holler “racist” “pig” and a host of other inflammatory and derogatory statements towards Police and white crime victims but then you suddenly do a turn about and quote Koran and CLAIM your page does NOT promote violence.
    Now before you go stirring your Racial Pot and Race baiting again there Al Sharpton Junior, make sure you have ALL the facts in the case. When you can ACCURATELY report the event from both sides of the fence then perhaps the populous will listen to your clamorous babble. Beyond that your site and your posts stike me as being made by a BI POLAR person that is in need of serious medical evaluation.
    I further wonder how you would react for example if you were walking down your street in “perfect ville” and a group of thugs approached you and began to beat your ass and you called 911 and the Police you hate so much and DEFAME AND SLANDER so much came to help you. What would you call them then? Would the words “pig” and “racist” and all the other shit you rant come out of your mouth or would you be THANKFUL YOUR ASS WAS SAVED?
    I deal with “people” like you every day for the last 24 years of my life. I have been called “pig” and worse. I stand there and wait for them to take it to the next level. Remember one important lesson kid, TALK IS CHEAP. It is the ACTIONS YOU TAKE or someone takes because of your TALK that will COST YOU.
    I wont interject my personal feelings towards the Blacks Ive dealt with as it wouldnt be fair to JUDGE a culture based on the actions of a few brain dead thoughtless assholes.
    I do take offense at the things you label Officers as. Offended to the point where IM DOING SOMETHING about it. You while trying awfully hard to be a “voice on the cutting edge that THINKS he or she has Juice and Clout”, I actually HAVE the clout. Many of my business associates here in Oregon are Judiciary and Prosecutor persons. Many other work in various other agencies as well. The last time this “voice of the black” site was mentioned,the conversation didnt last too long. WE used words like “RACE BATER” “DISGRUNTLED MINORITY” and others. To tell the truth we didnt waste too much of our lunch hour discussing you as it is a mute point. Now Im sure you will come back with some witty remark or quote from your Koran or whatever and thats your PRIVILEGE as an “editor” but bear in mind there are those that are in the background collecting EVIDENCE on you. Not to give you too much info but from what Ive seen in MY area….it doesnt look too promising for you.
    Take care.
    Brian McNamara

    • shittycop says:


      It’s not ironic to you that you’d come here and threaten police and judicial system abuse of power and tyranny when that’s what the Shittycop is about. LOL! Your kind have been the same since emerging from within those savage and primitive Caucasus Mountain caves from whence you descend. On this, our ride to glory upon the earth again, those us (in our varying different positions – according to the will of God who is Allah) who must endure suffering at the hands your collusions, lies ad injustices are greatly rewarded in Heaven – a bunch of white men sitting around a table in Oregon, did you have your hoods on?

      While we’re on the subject of evidence, can you give any details about the suspected murder of Courtney Marie Wesstet by her parents Tim and Cindy? Do you believe it was a murder and cover up or an accident? Are her parents in the National White Devil’s KKKult (NWDK) known for killing their children, friends and staging black on white crimes for the purpose of making sacrifices to the evil. As we are aware that the NWDK is closely intertwined with the racial and terroristic police regimes throughout the country, considering your stated affiliations are you yourself a member of it? Do you associate with members. Did you have anything to do with the young Reparation Offender’s suspected murder?

      I hope that you’ll be as candid about his as you have been about your feeling for your support of anti black terrorism.

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