GOTCHA! Racist Portland Police Regime Terrorist "Criminalist" Adam Cushman Eats Just Desserts by Dump Truck; Brother Aaron Campbell Strikes From Grave; "Let Us Muthafuckin' Rejoice & Give Thanks to God," Portland Black Foot Soldier Alonzo Fisher


A criminologist who may have been in part been responsible for a portion of the crime scene reconstruction that went before the white grand jury that refused to indict racist Portland Police regime terrorist  Ryan Lewton has been killed when the automobile he was driving slammed into dump truck in Vancouver, Wa. yesterday.

The truck, according to Portland Black Foot Soldiers saying the “accident” is “brother Campbell striking hypocrisy from the grave, was parked along the side 7300 Northeast 182nd with its light’s off.

“Larry Norton says our attitude toward the police, mayor, city council unhealthy, but we know these psychotic white devils who have been a plague and oppressor of all on the earth since their emergence from those Caucasus Mountains are the ones that are unhealthy,” Portland Black Foot Soldier Alonzo Fisher is quoted as saying in meeting to better define acceptable vs unacceptable behavior in the ongoing Street Pentitentiary Protest soldiers have been engaged in since Campbell’s murder.

“The dump truck waited there for him because he was the day’s trash.”

“Norton says there’s no proof that race played one scintilla a part in terrorist Lewton’s shooting of brother Campbell in the back. Along with his defiled concept of justice, the racism was in his thoroughly diseased heart.”

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