A Hypocrite, Terrorist, Devil & Pig: Anthony Campbell Killed in Afghanistan: Strike 1 Up for the Taliban

Strike one up for the Taliban,” says Cincinnati Black Foot Soldier Seymour Neville. “Anthony Campbell was a hypocrite, a terrorist, a devil and a pig.”

Campbell, a thirty five year old white male who worked for the racist Cincinnati Police regime, was killed while serving in the U.S. military in Afghanistan.

“We must remember that the United States’ war in Afghanistan is one that resulted from the terroristic economic policies inflicted upon the people of other nations by America,” Neville says. “The economic discriminations we as blacks and other minorities experience and experienced at the hands of whites, the citizens in less developed nations were and are experiencing too. The same racist terrorism Campbell practiced on the streets against us as a policeman, he practiced against the citizens in Afghanistan.”

Neville says that anyone who mourns for Campbell, embraces the same reprobate values he embraced and should be considered a terrorist and a racist.

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