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Relive The Glenna Kohl Melanoma Execution: Cape Cod Yakub Muslims Condemn Family's "Fund For Hope"

“Glenna… fought for her beliefs to the end, never giving up and always smiling.We hope … you will learn about Glenna and understand why this cause is so important.” Their message is one that white families with loved ones who … Continue reading

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The Coach Scott Lesley Melanoma Execution; Alabama Yakub Muslims Admonish Skin Sinners to Turn Over Possessions, Denounce Country and Race & Apply for Black Mercy Now

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The Devil's Biology: Ultraviolet Light & Immuno-Suppression

Ozone depletion is also suggested to cause immuno-suppression. This theory was first explored in the 1960s when guinea-pigs, who were exposed to an allergen, showed a lowered immune system response after they had been irradiated with UV (Nilsson, 101).

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HAITI EARTHQUAKE ACT OF WESTERN & ISRAELI TERRORISM: "Enriquillo-Plantain Garden Fault Line Triggered by Western & Israeli Multi-Megaton Thermonuclear Weapon"

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Oil Rich Haiti Attacked by Manmade Earthquake: Enriquillo-Plantain Garden Fault Struck By Highly Developed American Sub Aquatic, Multi-Megaton Thermonuclear Weapon; Massive Global Cover Up Hiding Recent Nuclear Activity in Atlantic; "Oil companies already have country mapped." – Global Black Alliance

The Global Black Alliance has issued a statement that they, along with the clandestine John Doe Intelligence Foundation and the body of The New Collective Consciousness conducting an independent investigation as to the legitimacy of the Haitian earthquake being a … Continue reading

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Poor White Trash In The Obama Age: Clinging To Gun, Jesse James Warren Wears Camouflage & Drives Chevy S10 to Teach Penske Rental Truck Lesson

“Idon’t have to have an education, I’m white.” “I don’t have to think, I’m white.” “I don’t have to assert myself, I’m white.” “I don’t have to be creative, I’m white.”

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The Wrath of Poor White Trash & The Devil’s Demented Psyche In The Obama Age: Jesse James Warren Wears Camouflage, "Teaches Benedict Arnold Betrayers of White Capitalism at Penske Rental Truck Lesson."

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