"Had Reparations Been Paid, Gina Stallis Would Still Be Alive." – St. Louis Black Foot Soldiers Hail Mario Coleman as Courageous Reparations Avenger

Message from Malachi Elish: 

Many in this community feel for the white race. Based in the hypocritical, selfish and narcissistic ideals of your fathers, so many of you deny the fact that we are owed reparations for you race’s crimes against us.Rather than allowing this to serve as an example of the wrath of God against the wicked, you continue to act as though your possessions aren’t rightfully ours.When the St. Louis Black Foot Soldiers defined Gina as a reparations offender, that definition was correct. Had, for example, you ever spoken with her about your race’s atrocities and what your race owes? Or, like many whites, is it your position that those things are in the past? Respectfully, when Mario showed up demanding his reparations, he brought your wicked past to the present. Thank you for your comments and most of all know: this isn’t about hate, it’s about justice. God himself hates injustice and white people are unjust.  

Malachi Elish, 
BlackMaleFelon publisher

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4 Responses to "Had Reparations Been Paid, Gina Stallis Would Still Be Alive." – St. Louis Black Foot Soldiers Hail Mario Coleman as Courageous Reparations Avenger

  1. Anonymous says:

    You guys are morons. You weren't a slave. I didn't own any slaves. Get over it. Slavery isn't the reason that half your people are illiterate. Laziness is.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Niggers are so dumb and lazy. I work with plenty of them and they're all the same. You all want something for nothing. You have 20 kids and my tax dollars pay for those little monkeys to eat. When slavery was abolished they should've shipped all your boot-lipped asses back.

  3. Anonymous says:

    When your race hasn’t the upmost respect for each other, you really expect whites to respect you? The most I have EVER seen from a black was when a black man ran for office…you still want to tell me I’m the racist one? You know why your race is so good at making excuses…you have all of your ill conceived lives to write them. Get jobs, contribute (positively) to society and for Gods sake, stop acting like you were personally enslaved. Hell, whites would serve better in the field right now, at least we get off of our asses and do something other than fuck and drugs! You guys always say your handling yours…..are you, are you really? Of the unemployed, what percentage of that number is blacks? Same as welfare! Blacks want a pass in this country and to that I say…you want to act like a wild animal…there are plenty of places to roam in the forest, by all means be my guest. You want to live here…then pull your fucking weight and leave whites out of the picture and be responsible for you and your family for once. You got beef with my ancestors then go visit there grave sites, I didnt own slaves, I treat all races with respect, grow the fuck up, get an education and please get a damn job! I owe you shit, your wickedness is what I’m concerned about, that is the issue at hand. You are ALL pissed on some shit that happened decades ago, you have affirmative action, shut the fuck up! I bet you are so ignorant that you think whites were the only slave owners…did you know you enslaved your own too? How about the fact that you sold your own for capital gain? Read a fucking history book. Lastly, STOP referring to eachother as NIGGA, that is a level of disrespect that I truly dont get, you bitch about the white man and yet you love that word so much you continue to disrespect eachother. Double standards and ignorance need to go away…when you educate yourself fully and you no longer disrespect each other, thats when you will feel the biggest relief of all. Whites are way more discriminated against today, but you dont hear us wining about it do you? The biggest reason for that is this very case against blacks vs. Christian and her boyfriend Christopher, liberal media. You preach about the struggle, shut your mouth and look at this particular case from my standpoint. This case isnt even “juicy” enough to cover in the mainstream media, but flip the roles and it would be headlines everywhere. Case and point…the exact same time there is a hoax story (HOAX) about a white male raping black girls and it is all over the media. For a race that preeches fair treatment, do you feel that is fair? Do you think it is fair to the families of these real (not hoax) victims? If your answer is yes, you would be considered racist in my opinion…but God forbid this was 2 blacks mugged, raped and tortured and it not be national news because then the white man would be covering his ass. The next time racism is brought into a conversation, I challenge you to remember who brought it into the conversation. Take a long hard look in the mirror, all of you America. Whether you are white, black, asian etc…NOTHING makes you superior. Racism needs to stop, and until we stop blaming on each other, until we stop disrespecting each other as well as our own, until we stop bitchin about reparations nothing will change. Who are you in this world? If you are not someone who is here to make a positive impact on the world, do us all a favor and put a bullet between your eyes. Racist America needs to pull together to be America…we arent the enemy. Grow the fuck up, act like adults.

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