"Watch the News, I'm Going to Kill a Bunch of Cops." Terrorist Regime of Racist Lakewood Police Fed Just Desserts, Alleged Activist Maurice Clemmons Hailed Hero Against "Devils in Pig Clothing" by Black Foot Soldiers

The brother suspected in the protest against the racist regime of Lakewood Police terrorists, 37-year-old Maurice Clemmons,  is being hailed a hero across the National Black Foot Soldier Network and in GBR communities across the nation.

While Lakewood city officials are saying the shooting deaths of four of their police officers in a coffee shop on Sunday was a horrific act of senseless violence,  outspoken Seattle Black Foot Soldier Alfred “Issaquah” Shafford called the so called officers devils in pigs clothing and, reportedly, is calling for a street penitentiary protest and rally to celebrate the “blow against terrorism.”


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41 Responses to "Watch the News, I'm Going to Kill a Bunch of Cops." Terrorist Regime of Racist Lakewood Police Fed Just Desserts, Alleged Activist Maurice Clemmons Hailed Hero Against "Devils in Pig Clothing" by Black Foot Soldiers

  1. Seattle Black Foot Soldier says:

    Lovelle Mixon who?

    • Oakland OOBAN Guerrillas says:

      I suspected this would be the place to come to find niggas trying compare Clemmons to Lovelle.

      Both of their lights will continue to shine for their courage.

  2. jihadamen says:

    Can antiShaft be applied? Maurice is a bad muthafucka!

    • elmslough says:

      Urban reality check: if Shaft hadda been a product the mindset of brothers of his day, he’d a been using his skills to snuff out crackers.

  3. inthenameofx says:

    The brother with the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (IPDUM) said it as well as Creaux Steele of ShittyCop has: white cops are terrorists who have no authority over black citizens.

    • Anonymous says:

      shut the fuck up X, you stupid filthy Goddamned nigger. you’re the murdering domestic terrorist, not the police. you dumb fuck.

  4. Cochese says:

    Romanticizing the insane actions of a sociopath. Check

    Twisting and contorting them into relation to your “reparations”… Check.

    Reverse racism. …Check.

    Anything else you want to add to your well established cliche?

    Stop the hate. Get educated. Live peacefully with the folks in your community, regardless of color. Why is this so hard for you understand?

    Maurice Clemmons is a piece of shit. A murdering piece of shit that does nothing but serve to alienate your people from the rest of the world. I am a white, male, police officer. I don’t hate you.

    What I hate is having to think about the 9 children that lost their mothers and fathers because Maurice Clemmons had a screw loose. He made the decision to be a child raping, robbery committing, hate filled, piece of trash. His skin color has nothing to do with my disdain. His actions and unhinged ideology do.

    You would do well to open your eyes to what is going on in the world. If you are all true Muslims and embrace the true word of Islam, your actions and support for this monsters actions betray your faith.

    Open your eyes.

    • akanigger says:

      The nine children you mention are going to hold the same racist beliefs their psychotic parents held. Fuck them. They deserve done to them what the white terrorists of the slave age did to black children. Fuck you and your white concept of true Islam. Jesus Christ himself hate you, not just Muhammad.

      Color has everything to do with you lying psychotic devil. Thank your race of degenerates for that.

      • Anonymous says:

        akaspook, you’re full of fucking shit. you Goddamned faggot bastard. go fuck yourself. I can’t wait until it’s you’re turn to be blown away on the avenue in the early morning.. you’ll deserve it just like clemmons did. I’m glad that motherfucking piece of shit faggot maurice is dead. He got off light, compared too what I would’ve done to his filthy murdering bl@c ass.

      • homeycide says:

        Wazzup nigger boy? You’re just pissed off because you are a downlow nigger monkey living among intelligent humans. Check your mailbox for the welfare check from whitey. You’re welcome, nigger

      • Anonymous says:

        Fuck you nigger. I hope the cops kill more nigger scum.

  5. Anonymous says:

    these bastards niggers on this filthy blog aren’t Muslim. The people of Islamic faith completely despise them. These bastard niggers are nothing but domestic terrorists. An the slain Brave Police Officers, however profane, are not a isolated incidence. niggers murder people at least 10 times more than any Human on earth, everyday. To Hell with these bl@c murderous peices of shit. Goddamned fucking murderous babyraping niggers.

  6. Anonymous says:

    yes, whatever… spoken like a truly inept sub primate faggot bitch. eat shit you domestic terrorist wannabe.

  7. Stomper365 says:

    So you niggers worship a nigger who killed four innocent cops just because you suspected them of being racist. You call us “Devils”? You things are a disgrace to a monkey. Hope that nigger gets raped in the cage he belongs in.

  8. Tobias_Wippa says:

    What a sorry bunch of fucking niggers. You want reparations? How about we ship your asses back to Africa where you can steal, kill, rape and practice your JuJu bullshit without YT interfering?

    As for applauding dead cops, you niggers are disgusting. If one of you niggers gets a beat down and gets made good, “Da PoPo beez RAYCISS!” for not showing up fast enough to stop ole boot lip Leroy from getting killed by fellow niggers.

    When the police catched Leroy’s killers “Da PoPo beez RAYCISS for putting 3 “aspirin’ rappaz dat beez turning dey lives aroun’ in da clank n sheeit.”

    Wake up ALL non niggers. The niggers have declared a war on all humans. Look at how niggers treat other niggers, do you honestly think that if you befriend them or are nice to them that you will be spared? What about your loved ones? These niggers want a civil war II and they are eventually going to get it but they are not going to like the outcome.

    Niggers will kill their own offspring aka niglets if it eats da las’ pokechop dat mammy beez saving Mmmmm Hmmmm.

    Niggers, put your paws away. You want reparations? How about we send you all back to Africa. You know you want to go back to da muddafukkaland.

    Let’s say that us humans did give each and every POS nigger in the U.S. $1mil. You’d all be broke within a week. You’d make a downpayment on a 3 mil. house (Nevermind that you can’t afford it, because in your simian heads you think that Obammy will pay for it if you bitch about how foreclosures beez RAYCISS), a fully loaded Escalade and buy a bunch of white coalburning strippers and cases of Cristal. You’d be right back on the welfare line the next week with your fucking paws out crying about, “Da RAYCISSES done stole muh moneez. Gibs muh mo fore I burn down my own niggerhood.”

    Wake up ALL of you non niggers. What’s it going to take?

  9. Sluggo says:

    You spooks are beyond the shadow of any doubt the most worthless bipedal subspecies on this planet. Enjoy your monkeyshines while you still can because there will be a reckoning, and it’s coming faster than you dumb shitstacks think.

    Do you seriously believe that you’re the only ones with “foot soldiers?” News flash for you functional retards: there are an awful lot of us who are combat veterans (SEALS, Rangers, Delta Force, etc.) who have had more than enough of your nigger bullshit. We’re highly trained, well armed, and extremely pissed off.

    The shit is very close to hitting the fan, and you fuckers are in for a shitstorm of grief beyond belief once we get started.

    See you soon.

  10. Coach Coon says:

    Huh wuh? How’d this nigger get out of its cage?

    Rastus, stop foolin’ round boy, you trippin! Wuh ah say to yo blackazz? Massah goh be hiah any minute, dat cotton ain’t goh pick itself!

  11. Anonymous says:

    You guy’s & girls are great! If you have time{of course, because Humans have lives..} please leave a comment on the ‘Seattle bow’ thread… an to all you nigger foote soldiers… you fucked yourselves with situation. …..God Bless the Fallen Brave Police Officers, the’re families, an the’re friends. You’ll never be forgotten.

  12. Anonymous says:

    these talking sub-human nigger apes crack me up, they actually believe the bullshit they spew.

    • Anonymous says:

      these niggers also think they can shoot uv beams out of the’re sloped prehistoric simian-like foreheads to give Humans skin cancer. ….grn.

  13. Anonymous says:

    these niggers also believe they can shoot uv beams out of there sloped prehistoric simian-like foreheads to give Humans skin cancer. …GeP.

  14. Maurice says:

    If you get rid of all the white folk then who’s left to run the country? Who’ll grow the food?
    Not you dumb monkeys, you’ll be too busy muh-dikking everything and swinging from building to building.

    Ride a zebra right back to apefrica you smelly stupid groids.

    • elmslough says:


      r u saying that you care what da white folk think about us or are you saying you buy into what they think about us because you see us thru their eyes?

      there only 2 kinds of us in the imagination of the devil, the brains of (respectfully) brain washed niggers and silly (as in bad [as in not good]) Chris Rock jokes.

      did/do u really find that entertaining? u saying that shit is tru … u believe that?

      • Anonymous says:

        I believe that the culture of crime is the problem. People that think that they are entitled to steal, cheat, and take because they perceive themselves as wronged by society. That those that “have” are guilty and those that “have not” should be excused for crimes because they have not gotten the breaks others have. The only way out of poverty is hard work (and the lottery). Too many want the easy way out, crime. I don’t come from a wealthy family, but I busted my ass, worked my way through college and now earn a respectable living and am proud of my accomplishments. Criminals are proud that they are getting something for nothing… proud that they can take advantage of a situation and get ahead the easy way. That is nothing to be proud of. I’m not against any skin color, race, or religion. I’m against criminals. Those that would take rather than give. If I could, I would flush you all down the toilet of life and we would all be the better for it.

  15. cleophus jones says:

    dat nigga mo’urice makes it jist harder fo’us lawbidden kneegro’s ansheet… Massah he so’s mad, he gonna gibbs us ah whoopin’ fo’watt dat nigga did dones… lowdy load we’s awe in trobiles nows, lowdy loads… Missy Ann tolds me I’z ah ebil nigga, an ah shold go an hangs mahselfs fro’ohm dat dare yonder tree… I’zzz lippens two’s her, an I’z ah goud nigga, zoe’s I’z gonna go’es own an do’s it … yeas sshah sho’nuff.. Den Massah he knot gonna bezze angry’s wit me’s no’mo…

  16. jihadamen says:

    “Everything They Owe”

    [Chorus: sung]
    I’m comin collectin the shit that belong to me
    Motherfuckers are runnin and duckin
    I’m a crazy nigga on a mission wit a bad mentality
    Armed with missiles guns grenades
    Pull out the pin, free I’m comin

  17. tupac sucks jeffery dahmer's White cock in Hell.. says:

    wanna leave a msg.? I’ll make sure he gets it, as soon as he gets maurice’s cock out of his ass. L

  18. cleophus jones says:

    kerrrrrrrrrack!!! “Ieeeahhh.. pleazzzzzzz… Missy Ann, don’ts whipp’s mez no’moes, loady loads, I’zz bezze ah goud nigga.. I’z tellin’ youz dah troof.. pleazzz.. don’ts beats mez no’mo .. I’zz tryin’ two’s tie dis ‘heah ropes as fastest as ah klans.. I’z surly is… an Massah, sho’gonna bezze hap’pee yeas’ ssshah…

  19. Nubian Overlord says:


    Look at this, white devils. Know your end is near

  20. Anonymous says:

    Sup niggers?
    Keep up with your monkeyshines and then even your white-guilt liberal handlers are going to realize niggers are not human. Then what are you going to do when YT doesn’t feed, house, and clothe you?
    Only a nigger will bite the hand that feeds it.

  21. elmslough says:

    So all you devils watched the news, huh.

    “Told you it would happen & you heard it, read it…”

  22. Anonymous says:

    ahhhh, it’s ok lil chimps. Don’t get angry, monkey want a banana?

    I wont get angry if you grab it with your monkey foot.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Niggers, you have no idea what is going to happen if the gloves come off…

    “I am become Death- the Destroyer of worlds”

    I will rain death and destruction down upon your heads until you beg and weep and grind your teeth in frustration….

    Start your war against us, and sow the wind.

    Reap the whirlwind.

    I’m waiting.

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  25. QueenOfNeggeroes says:

    Yo Niggers waaaz up 50cent Niggers , porchmonkeys 4 live Niggers .

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