Should Iran Execute American Spies Josh Fattal, Shane Bauer & Sarah Shourd? – Global Black Alliance

“We know there is no way to accidentally cross the Iranian border. Josh Fattal, Shane Bauer & Sarah Shourd are American spies operating with the ter- roristic American Israeli Intelligence Agency (AIIA)
whose covert operation to create dissension in the 2009 Iranian elections failed. This operation has failed as well. Humanity must question whether the strictest sentence should be enforced against America and Israel’s efforts to imperialize and oppress the people of the people of color in the world.”

Prince Khomeini,
Global Black Alliance



“She is a devout pro feminist college student from Iran whose pro West performance has fooled the world,” Iranian UPJ Twitter Correspondent EbrAhim Massoud (Link)

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9 Responses to Should Iran Execute American Spies Josh Fattal, Shane Bauer & Sarah Shourd? – Global Black Alliance

  1. Antioch Hades says:

    Love the quote: there is no way to accidentally cross the Iranian border.

    They are clearly spies.

  2. Anonymous says:

    sounds like somebody has a meth hangover, go hit the pipe antinoch maybe you’ll od, and finally receive you’re 72 male goat virgins. I’m sure you’ll make everyone will feel alot better.

  3. TruthSeeker says:

    protect the people of color? lmao sounds like more hitler bullshit trying to eraticate a whole race because you dont like them. I have news for you assholes we are all of color. most white people arent really white i look white and im a native american indian does this mean i should die because i have pale skin? racism comes in many colors. not all white people hell not even a magority of them are as racist as everyone thinks they do alot to help other races you are basing this war as a racist on against us and hello its not us its our goverment big surprise our goverment treats us worse then foreigners so u have more rights in my country and are offered more help then me and i was born here. this war wasnt the publics desicion and we dont want it happening and are doing everything we can to try and stop our government from doing this to so many innocent people over a handful of terrorist nobody really hinestly knows what the wars about they keep details from us. If you want justice speak out to the people so they know the truth and get more americans to stand up because they would help if they knew what i know. Its illegal here to look up anything to do with the war that doesnt appear on the news despite that whole bullshit freedom of speech they tell us we have they hide everything. killing more innocent people isnt the answer. I dont care what color they are I dont want to see any man, woman, or child laying dead or dying in the streets anywhere over something our goverments are pulling us into by telling all these lies and you people are fueling the fire

    • TruthSeeker says:

      they tell us we are freeing you and helping you get rights and a civilized society when i looked up the war what they dont show you all i seen was blood and tears they even lie about the body count by probably hundreds of thousands im telling you reach out to the people and step up

      • 50 cent...gggggg unit says:

        haha i replied to a comment and i asked a question if Irish people are included even though they didnt have slaves

      • inthenameofx says:

        The black gene is dominant. You might want to be a person of color, but because of your family’s racist beliefs, you’re only white. The majority of whites are unconscious racists and don’t know how not to be. But, it manifests itself in everything you do and every life choice you make: from voting to choosing where your kids will go to school. You only pretend not to know what the war’s about. That’s convenient white racist terrorism again. White Americans are unable to stand up for justice because you don’t actually know what justice is. You can’t even perceive it. Yours have killed innocent people all throughout history. Then, within the body of yours, there have always been people like you who support a fake concept of justice for show.

  4. ugk says:

    Fucking western spies. Its clear they are trying to provoke some false flag attack and blame it on Iran so they can continue this bullshit.
    But fail they will again and again. The melanin is working on a spiritual level and slowly strangling the evil eurocentric matrix

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      Their intention is very clear. I don’t know if you’ve seen those pathetic videos they made of themselves dancing and pretending to look “naive” and “innocent”. See below:

      Western media’s been using this to prove how innocent they are. It’s actually a greater indictment of false flag operation.

      The melanin is working on a spiritual level and slowly strangling the evil eurocentric matrix

      It is a pleasure to watch.

      Slaughter Lightfoot

  5. No_More_Spin says:

    What a disgustingly biased host of comments. None of you have any idea what these three amazing people have done for the world and how heartbroken their families are for having their children unjustly taken from them. Take this moment to do some self-reflection, check your facts, and ask yourself why you think you know anything about these people and why you choose to condemn them because of their color. These three beautiful human beings have spent their lives trying to build bridges amongst the people of the world and you rush to tear them down.

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