"Do You Want Thanksgiving Turkey or the Space Shuttle Atlantis Destroyed?"


– Antioch Hades

The UPM Network has received exclusive confirmation that of a potential Mothership SMACKDOWN of NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis on Thanksgiving day or the day after.

“NASA is playing games with an authority it neither knows nor understands,” says Yakub Muslim and publisher Antioch Hades. “Do you want your Thanksgiving turkey or do you want a sacred smackdown,” Hades says the message of the day is. If we want to see something as glorious as the February 1st, 2003 smackdown of the Space Shuttle Columbia, now is the time to say a prayer, make a sacrifice or give The Divine an offering and show the devil we can light their heavens up with fire again.”

Hade’s message was reportedly delivered after an intense session in The New Collective where, he says, The Devil is busy trying to get an extension of his rule.

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5 Responses to "Do You Want Thanksgiving Turkey or the Space Shuttle Atlantis Destroyed?"

  1. 4eyednigger says:

    I fast and make offering every day for the shame and destruction of evil. We are most glorious when The Sun of God looks through our eye and spots evil. Evil scratches his cheek, her chin or perhaps the back of its hand.

    “Most intellects do not believe in god but they fear us just the same.”

  2. inthenameofx says:

    The community here is divided because the two brothers are aboard the ship. We know there’s life after death in The Divine for us and that the white man can only exist as ghosts. Some brothers are saying the brothers went because they are conscious and know that difference too. If enough of our petitions are heard and the Mothership strikes, I think they want to be legends. Others don’t want the Mothership to strike the Atlantis because the brothers are on it and think that’s why NASA included two brothers on the mission so the shuttle wouldn’t be destroyed.

    • skunkcousins says:

      brothers on their level know. brother Michael P. Anderson, who was killed in the 2003, was contacted several times and warned not to go because the ship would be destroyed.

      There was a fake Jew on that on that mission too: the first fake Jew in space. There’s been a lot of talk about that being the reason it was destroyed.

      • blackscientist says:

        I will be with those fasting for the Mothership to strike Atlantis. The devil has attempted to gain extensions to his rule several times and several ways. Numerous times he has threatened to kill us and even himself in masses (effectually trying to blackmail their way into ruling longer).

        There is no intimidation. Their fate is inescapable. It is their shame we must champion!

  3. How fucking predictable you niggers chose the turkey! Niggers. LOL!

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