Coming Soon: "White Abuse Tokens," by the Church of Black Worship; "They May Now Be Your Toilets, But Not Yet Your Ghosts," Pastor Luther Horning

While controversial Church of Black Worship pastor Luther Horning says Caucasians who present themselves as “white abuse tokens” to blacks now (in this transitional period between the Latter Day America and the New Age of Black Rule) will receive mercy that those who refuse to submit now won’t receive, his message, yesterday, reminded blacks who do receive them that they may not be made ghosts without impunity.”

“The humble and sincere Caucasians who are presenting themselves as your “white abuse tokens” now can not be turned into ghosts without impunity.”


“While in your disgust, anger or for your pleasure (after they have signed the contract) you are welcome to use them for abuse, sex and even as your toilets, presently we are still under their laws.





And, though we are living in the last moment of the last second of the last minute of the last hour of their rule, their law will still fall in their favor if, for life after death ownership, you turn them into one of your ghosts. Withhold thy hand.”


Horning, who spoke at his Atlanta temple, addressed growing concerns by blacks fearful of accepting whites because of “white abuse token boundary” concerns. “We need to know what is acceptable to do to whites now after they sign the contracts that won’t result in our arrests if, for example, they renege,” one audience member is reported as saying.

According to Magruder Carter, Virginia representative with the CoalitionofNiggers, on The Day Of The Power Exchange, the cordoning of all 199.8 million white Americans to the state of Virginia will begin.

“The sociopathic behavior of our local whites has reached an unacceptable level,” Magruder says.

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27 Responses to Coming Soon: "White Abuse Tokens," by the Church of Black Worship; "They May Now Be Your Toilets, But Not Yet Your Ghosts," Pastor Luther Horning

  1. skunkcousins says:

    Praise God!

    I’m getting my fists and piss ready now!

    • Antioch Hades says:

      Oxybenzone (piss) is already in their SPF, but it isn’t helping them or protecting them from UV light.

      You might want to think twice before you share your urine with them, though, because documentation demonstrates in pure form our fecal matter and urine offers protection for their flesh.

      • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

        From wet dog to nigga shit?

        • Niggerwordthinker Basher says:

          I wouldn’t waste my piss or touch these mutants with my skin. They are reserved to burn slowly before the whole world, galaxy and universe. It is a blessing to be within this generation.

          Ultraviolet light only.

    • EyeBeWhite says:

      Yeah nigger, get your fists and piss ready. Dirty stinking niggers, always thinking about piss, shit and violence. Your whole race needs to die of AIDS.

  2. EyeBeWhite says:

    Hey Slaughter, now we’re starting to see you degenerate into pornography. Exactly as I knew you would.

    Oh, and Antioch Hades, you phony ass licker, half jew, half Muslim. Don’t think I haven’t noticed you moving away from the (really difficult for even an idiot to believe) blogs about Mother Shit IFO.

    Why have you stopped blogging about that?

    • skunkcousins says:

      I’m with Vincent,. Ban this half wit, Slaughter. His elementary banter is a nuisance and clustering.

      • EyeBeWhite says:

        Slaughter: While instruction some of the younger brothas on the finer points of raping White people, you might want to throw in a few lessons on how the Internet works.

        Slaughter can’t ban me, its a public blog you blithering idiots.

        All he can do is remove my posts, and then that’s the same as admitting defeat. And his ego is too big for that. Because admitting defeat, he knows (and so does everybody else) that I fully proved my statement that I am smarter than he.

        Don’t worry everyone. Eventually Slaughter will tire out and give up this blog. And when that day comes Slaughter, you will always know that I am smarter than you. Right?

        • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

          Spamming & smearing the site’s not tolerated.
          Get the point?
          Cool off & Check back in (update) 15 minutes.

  3. EyeBeWhite says:

    And now Ladies and Gentlemen, my newest play
    by EyeBeWhite:

    Our story begins.

    Slaughter and NiggerFelon are having a secret communique about their grand plan of taking over the world with their superior black brains.

    They are chatting publicly over an Internet blog, because they are soooooo sneaky.

    Slaughter: “NiggerFelon can you hear me? NiggerFelon, please come in”.

    NiggerFelon: “I read you loud and clear. I’m here in Cleveland keeping a watch over our thousands of NBFS, we’re ready to attack”.

    Slaughter: “Thanks”

    NiggerFelon: “We have our dicks in our hands and we’re ready to start rapping”

    Slaughter: “Thanks”

    NiggerFelon: “After we have a “beatdown”, then will piss in their mouths”

    Slaughter: “Thanks”

    NiggerFelon: “Then, we going to make them stand in the sun, without any sunblock”

    Slaughter: “Thanks”

    NiggerFelon: “But Slaughter, don’t be a stupid nigger, make sure you don’t post this shit all over the Internet like you did last time.”

    Slaughter: “Thanks”

    At that moment Antioch Hades enters the open blog.

    Antioch Hades”NiggerFelon, is that you?”

    NiggerFelon:”Yes your Negroness, it is I, and Slaughter is here with me”.

    Antioch Hades: “Oh my God, Slaughter is here?”

    NiggerFelon:”Yes your grubbyness”

    Antioch Hades: “Well I hope you didn’t put that fucking idiot in charge of communications. The mans a complete fool. He’ll have all our fiendishly clever plans published all over the fornicating Internet.”

    NiggerFelon:”Oh, ahhhh, well about that your Nastiness. We only have the three of us and I had to rape some white people today, and commit some randomly senseless crimes, and well, there was no one else around. So I had to go with Slaughter.”

    Antioch Hades: “Holy titty fucking Mohammad! That lunatic will get us all busted. I can’t believe you did that.”

    NiggerFelon:”I’m sorry your Niggerness, but you know how it is when a nigger’s dick gets hard.”

    Slaughter: “Thanks”

    Later that evening Antioch Hades hung himself in a public shit-house.


  4. We are all the same! says:

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves. This is disgusting pornography that subliminally encourages us to want to be abused by you animals and subliminally encourages you animals to think abusing us is okay.

    White racism isn’t the answer either.

    We are all one!

  5. TruthSeeker says:

    What the fuck are you talking about white slaves? How do you spend so many years and lose so many lives to try and be equals only to try and be slave drivers yourself im sure malcom, rosa, and martin are sitting there going what the fuck did we die for? It is more socially exceptable to be in an interacial relationship. White people are not offering themselves up for slavery to you. Black men like White women because there is more variety and the only reason those tramps do that type of porn is to piss off their daddies. If black people want slaves go back to africa and try to invade the right way instead of being pussies hiding behind some bullshit hopes and dreams. One wrong doesnt right another and none of you have personally experianced slavery it was ur ansestors and we didnt do it to you it was our ansestors technically the spanish got slaves and sold them here not whites, they bought the slaves and eventually released them some slaves stayed with their bosses even after they were set free because despite the horror pics you have in your heads that all slaves were just viciously mistreated alot of them were treated as family.White people set you free and gave you rights and if you were still in africa youd be way worse off and wouldnt have all that bling. I personally am a victim of slavery i was sold time and time again from birth until i was 17 years old and have seen horrors u could never know so get ur facts straight and shut up this is bullshit and u know it

    • skunkcousins says:

      Malcom, Rosa and Martin hated you. When you had the chance to embrace Martin and learn from him, you murdered him. His killer(s) still remain free. It is blasphemous for you devils to even say his name. Hypocrites. Interacial relationships result in black children. Sure you devils can try to save yourselves from the fate and extermination coming, but there are many brothers and sisters who won’t touch your demonic skin. As pastor Horning says, you are not good enough to be our slaves and will only be good enough to be our ghosts or commodes. There’s nothing “wrong” in doing unto you what you did unto us. It’s bibilical.

      White people set us free? Ha ha ha. Another dumb cracker. Niggas fought for EVERY freedom we have. We fought against your lynchings. We fought in the face of your hosings. We fought when you attacted us with your dogs.

      You might be a victim of your own people’s slavery in some sick way. It wouldn’t be surprising.

      You’re not yet a victim of what’s to come and what serves you devil hypocrites right.

  6. what the hell am i reading? wtf man.

  7. Ashamed to be Black says:

    Dat feel when you’re black and have no History, Culture, Tradition, Art, Architecture, Philosophy or Civilization ;_;

  8. nigger says:

    i’m appalled, but eh, this won’t get far anyway.

  9. Rick says:

    The stupidity of you niggers is unbelievable.

  10. NiggersAreBeasts says:

    What a surprise, niggers talking about faeces as its the only thing you’ve ever produced. You are jealous of humans and use hatred for them to protect your fragile ego by blocking out the harsh reality that you are utterly useless.

    please search “Understanding the Nigger Mind”
    all is explained there

  11. lisel says:

    i’m a white girl and just wanted to say that i totally agree:
    white girls should worship Black Men. They should submit them as white people did in the past with Blacks.

    • Anonymous says:

      What the hell are you talking about???

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a joke isn’t it? There is absolutely no way this could be real, after reading alot of the comments I’m not so sure this is fake. Anybody who believes this are scum, anybody who delights and hopes for the suffering of others is a wicked person. Point blank period.

  12. obidient4u says:

    Dominate Black Males Can Rule The World..This white male looks up to Black Males and enjoys Licking Their Big Cocks Clean of white pussy juice, then washing it down with their piss..S.W Ohio and S.E. KY

  13. Anonymous says:

    What is this trash??? You guys really believe this?? How can anyone believe this?? It’s crazy and I’m baffled, I’m personally from Spanish descent, but this is trash and anyone who believes this are no better than the people who subjugated them for years. I can’t believe I stumble upon such garbage while Google searching about my own church organization. Your Church of Black Worship is a disgrace. I’m just completely dumbfounded over this load of complete bs and desire for revenge when the Lord says revenge is His. Anyone who believes anyones life is worth more than another’s just because of the color of their skin are too disgusting. This ideology is absolutely revolting.

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