The Mohler Family (Jared, David, Burrell, Roland & Jr) & The Caucasus Mountains: 1 in 6 whites have had sex with animal, 1 in 5 have had sex with a parent, sibling or other family member

The Mohler Family & The Caucasus Mountains
(LEXINGTON, Mo.) Five white family members have been charged with several felonies, including forcible sodomy, rape with a child younger than 12 and use of a child in a sexual performance.

Sandra Herold: Beastiality in the White Community;  They are Returning to their Caucasus Mountains Behavior


Jared Leroy Mohler, 48, of Columbia, Mo., David A. Mohler, 52, of Lamoni, Iowa, Burrell Edward Mohler Sr., 77, of Independence, Mo., Burrell Edward Mohler Jr., 53, also of Independence, Mo. and Roland Neil Mohler, 47, of Bates City, Mo. are all being held in the Lafayette County jail on cash bonds ranging from $30,000 to $75,00.

According to news reports, the allegations include bestiality, forcing children into fake marriages with relatives and making an 11-year-old have an abortion, date from 1988 to 1995.

Three of the five men are lay ministers in the Community of Christ church whose licenses have been suspended.

While the behavior is said to be widespread among rural Lafayette County whites, the current investigation is the result of a 26-year-old woman who came forward with allegations to investigators in mid-August.

Some, however, note the alleged 26 year old woman is an attention seeker who did not initiate the investigation because she was violated.

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88 Responses to The Mohler Family (Jared, David, Burrell, Roland & Jr) & The Caucasus Mountains: 1 in 6 whites have had sex with animal, 1 in 5 have had sex with a parent, sibling or other family member

  1. EyeBeWhite says:

    Hey Slaughter, here’s some jack off material for you. A group of black girls beating a White guy.

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      What makes you think I’d enjoy seeing something like this?


      • EyeBeWhite says:

        Because you’re a perverted black man that enjoys seeing White people attacked by your fellow brethren, that’s why. Just the same as you enjoy taking the photos of innocent white babies and manipulating their photos to show burn marks on their faces. Because you encourage blacks to rape, torture and murder Whites. Because you enjoy seeing Muslims kill our brave soldiers. You enjoy the pain and the torture that others feel.

        You’re a sick person Slaughter, and all of your backwards non logic and doubling talking bullshit won’t change how are you, no matter how you try to justify it.

        In your black heart, all you want to do is destroy. You can’t do anything positive because you only full of negative.

        It is because of you, and people like you that these things happen.

        • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

          Get off the gas, Eye.

          Where was I or this community when your consciousless forebearers began stealing humans in Africa?

          And, certainly you’re not blaming us for the beasting behavior Mohler family?


          • EyeBeWhite says:


            I am more intelligent than you. I can out write you and out think you, and you know it.

            You want me off the gas? Ok, hotshot, here’s your chance to see if you’re smarter than a White man. Read below.

            You wrote: “Where was I or this community when your consciousless forebearers began stealing humans in Africa? And, certainly you’re not blaming us for the beasting behavior Mohler family?”

            So I ask you now, where was I when my forefathers enslaved the black race? Are you blaming me for that? If so, why not blame me for Pearl Harbor, The Napoleonic wars, The Christian crusades, the fall of Rome?

            See you can’t answer this question, because if you did, your entire bullshit pseudo-quasi theology would fall completely apart.

            Because if you say, Yes, I am responsible for what happened during the time of slavery, then you can also justify that I am also responsible for the fall of Rome. But, if I’m responsible for all those past occurrences, then I am also responsible for all the past great things too. If that’s the case, then you should tread lightly on me, because then I am God. Alpha and Omega.

            If you say, No, I’m not responsible for the fall of Rome, then how on earth could I possibly be responsible for the enslavement of the black race?

            Answer this in either pure logic and reason, or at least back up your answer in some biblical sense that can be studied. So that would either be from the Quran, The Jewish bible, Christian bible, Buddhist bible, or Taoism. These are the five main religions of the world, and where all other religions branched off. Any of these would be a good benchmark for clarity, matriculation, and varification.

            By not answering these questions, I am declared “More intelligent than you” by default.

            • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

              Your narcissism is acute. While it is astonishing that you would attempt to measure and define your intelligence in a discussion about your race’s guilt in an online forum, the excursion is not uncharacteristic of your kind.

              Your comparison is erroneous because it is tantamount to comparing apples to oranges.

              Eye, nowhere have I said you are responsible for the enslavement inflicted upon us by your reprobate forefathers. I do assert, however, that you not only hold but cherish their corrupt values.

              Your denial to acknowledge the righteousness in our reparations is rooted therein.


              • EyeBeWhite says:


                When did I deny to acknowledge any reparations due? Your enslaved forefathers did receive reparations. Five acres and a mule.

                If you say we owe more, than that is tantamount to the Jews telling the Palestinians that Israel was their land two thousand years ago, and now they want it back, because God gave it to them.

                Then you write “I do assert, however, that you not only hold but cherish their consciousless values”.

                I am truly an American loving patriot. But, of all the regrets of American history I hold, it was the enslavement of the black race. And not because it was wrong to enslave people (That was a different time, with different values, good or bad). I regret it because you are here now, like a plague on this society.

                And if the reparations you speak of were merely that all White citizens of this country, collect enough money to send all blacks back to Africa, I am sure that we would all be willing to give until it hurts.

                Your logic is falling apart at the seams, because when you speak of reparations, that is claiming we owe a debt. And judging from all that is written on this site, I would assume that is a debt from our forefathers enslavement of the blacks, which in fact is accusing us of being responsible for slavery, and therefore accusing me of being responsible for slavery. So in fact, if even in an indirect way, you have accused us all.

                You see, I am more intelligent than you, since you couldn’t even focus for more than 5 minutes to formulate a proper response.

                • GeP says:

                  EyeBeWhite, that was very well said, I agree with you whole heartly. But, one of the many problems with sub primates is nobody wants them. Not one single country on the planet, not even Africa. Then the sub primates get all upset and blame everyone else for there so called short comings and call everyone racist., when it’s the other way around. niggers are racist. An this plagarizing asshole that you’re conversing with, has already taken my words, you’re words, an others people’s words an used them in it’s insane inept rants, acting as if the’re it’s own, in the feeble attempt in trying to sound or act intelligent.

    • Deny Ignorance says:

      more blacks are on welfare and rape, beat, kill, sell, and starve their own kids and families then whites. more blacks are on the news for violent crimes daily then whites. and tell your men to stop raping white women and kids and stick to their own race if u think we r so disgusting and stop spreading your disieses to us cuz aids came from mokeys that your ansestors ate and probably fucked. Go to africa lets see how well you like it over there if you like it stay if you dont come back appreciate what you have and shut up. black men get pissed when a white girl dont wana fuck them its not us who want you its you who wants us. It dont matter how much weave you by for your girl itll pull out at the end of the day they can never be white so stop trying to be us and stop trying to rule us. A nigas all hardcore in the ghetto with a peace and a crack rock what happens when they meet real danger they run like fuck. quit blaming all your problems on white people and take responsibility for what you do. everyone has the same chance to be someone its your fault your nothing more then a racist asshole trying to start a war so you might have a little chance of some power. If blacks enslaved whites theyd be eraticated never make the same fuckin mistake twice. Most racist now are black people. The black people that are writing this bullshit should be considered terrorists threats and put right along with the big boys.

      • blackmalefelon says:

        more blacks are on the news for violent crimes daily then whites.

        Until reparations are paid, there’s no such thing as black on white crime.

  2. Max The Cat says:

    Just what the world needs. A racist asshole from the other side. Yeah, that’ll make things better. It’s bad enough I have to put up with aryans, kluckers and white supremacists with there lies and bullshit statistics, calling me an n*****r lover, race traitor and the like. Now I have this collections of idiots. I’ve got two words for you buddy – suicide bomber. You could blow up yourself and this blog at the same time, and do the world a huge favor. Promise me you’ll give it serious consideration. Pretty please…

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      It’s like you’ve unthinkingly bought into the bogus white ideal that “anybody can be a racist.”

      Our (black people’s) reactionary hatred for the original, perverted race based hate you (or whites) had for us isn’t the same. One is justified, the other immoral. It’s like you getting mad at the target of the bully as opposed to the bully. White people have been and are racial bullies. All that has developed from us is the reactionary hate for white injustice that we should have.

      Of course many, like yourself – unintentionally or in hopes to manipulate, attempt to make ours as debased as yours.

      That erroneous comparison is even sicker than the original white made race hate.

      Welcome to UnderprivilegJournalism. Thanks for your comments.

      Slaughter Lightfoot

      • Max The Cat says:

        “An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind.”
        — Mahatma Gandhi

        I see, so the solution to abuse is to become an abuser yourself. The solution to racism is to become a racist yourself – you can call it what ever you want but that’s what it is. But please, continue what you’re doing, and keep justifying it with whatever pseudo-intellectual BS makes you feel better. You and the people who think like you will pat each other on the back and tell each other how you scored another point for the Black man.

        Damn, I could just exchange a couple of key words in my comment here and I’d be addressing a klucker instead. Haters are all the same…

        • Slaughter Lightfoot says:


          Haters are all the same…

          That’s a convenient white view that allows you to excuse your race’s unrestituted for atrocities.


          • Max The Cat says:

            Is that your answer for everything? It’s the “white view”? It’s a very convenient cop out when you don’t really have a rebuttal. That and the restitution thing, which has nothing to do with me, since my family didn’t come here from Italy until the 1920’s. You know it’s an economic impossibility to pay restitution to every black person whose ancestors suffered through slavery. It’s just one more way to keep us divided. Maybe I should be compensated for every time my grandfather was discriminated against for being a whop, dago, greaseball, etc…?

            Malcom X came to believe that most white people aren’t the enemy, it’s the American system that is inherently racist.

            • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

              You are not familiar with Malcom’s unpublished papers (written after Mecca) are you?

              Additionally, are white people and the American system you note not interchangeable?


              • GeP says:

                fuck malcolm little aka: detroit red, that Goddamned drug dealing thieving pos, he was nothing more than a draft dodging cowardly nigger racist pimp. I’m glad the fairycoon gave the order to have him cut in half with a 12 gauge.

              • Max The Cat says:

                Yes, and written before his change of heart – You’re going to have to do better than that my friend.

                And unlike these white assholes who think they speak for me, I’ve got no grudge against the Black man. White people and the American system are not interchangeable – we are all victims of it. Racism is just one of the tactics they use to divide and conquer. Class is another. Wake up man, before they plow you under too.

  3. John Beener says:

    OK this makes pretty good sense to me dude!

  4. EyeBeWhite says:

    Another black serial killer:

    Anthony Sowell

    Read it all here >

    And by the way, he mostly targeted black women.

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      It is unfortunate that brothers like Anthony can’t shake the white brainwashing, indoctrination and filthy habits some of our own do acquire from your kind.


      • ShatteredDreams says:

        filthy habbits? A white man would never EVER rape a nigger.
        So his rape of niggers was, needless to say, a nigger thing.
        Fuck off and stop blaming everyone else for your own failure.

  5. EyeBeWhite says:

    Slaughter: Yes, much like yourself, no matter what I write you continue to respond. I just enjoy controlling you.

    Hey Slau, I’ve got a great idea. Why don’t you move back to Africa where everyday is a joyful celebration of brotherhood amongst your OWN kind. I mean, why would you want to be around us filthy White people with all our nasty habits?

    Really, I’ve heard it’s a literal garden of Eden there, and you’re going to love it.

  6. EyeBeWhite says:

    Many blacks inaccurately assume they know what White people are thinking. No, we don’t walk around with what has been termed “White guilt”. If you believe that, than you have watched too much television. We don’t feel any guilt over the enslavement of blacks. We weren’t there, we had nothing to do with it. Even the lowest of Whites are too intelligent for that.

    If blacks think that calling us honky, white trash, cracker, or narcissistic hurts our feeling, or makes us feel bad, than you are wrong. We have too much self esteem for little words to bother us.

    If you think that you can keep pushing us without us eventually pushing back, then you are wrong again.
    Personally, I think the Whites in the country have just about had enough.

    And honestly, if I were living in a country where I felt as Slaughter feels, I would move the fuck out. Especially if there were another country where blacks were in the majority, and whose culture was more closely related to my own.

    Maybe, by Slaughter staying in the United States, he is sending out a message that he wants to be punished and enslaved. Like some sort of fucked up self fulfilling prophesy. It goes like this: “Whites are evil and bad, therefore I am going to stay here to prove this is true by enduring the oppression I seek out”.

    To clarify: when I am making general analogies, I may use the name Slaughter to signify all those that feel and think as he does.

    Thank you for your time.


    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      Going back to Africa is a bandwagon(ish) white solution that fails to regard the realism that America belongs to us. We are now in the process of renaming it.

      There’s a difference between guessing your thoughts and knowing your thoughts.



      • ShatteredDreams says:

        As for EyeBeWhite’s statement that Israel should belong to the Palestinians. Well, do you know the history behind that?
        The Palestinians all evacuated Israel so that the other country’s could nuke the Jews and then they would move back in. Unfortunately for them, the Jews won the war and obviously didn’t invite the Palestinians back. So they live in PLO territories because they are not citizens.
        That is the fact.

      • EyeBeWhite says:

        Again, more bullshit from this tiny minded person. Slaughter, you really are a joke. Renaming the country because it belongs to us.
        Do you really think that the Whites of this country are just going to give up all their businesses, money, homes, etc. and just hand it to you? Are you really that far gone in your thinking?

        Like I said, if this is all we have to worry about, then we really shouldn’t be concerned at all.

        • EyeBeWhite says:

          Oh my, I really pushed your buttons on that one I see. What’s the matter Slaughter, are you losing your composure?

          • blackmalefelon says:

            You missed the point, bitch. It was your Freudian slip about wishing you had a “nigger bar” that opened the door.

            • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

              More correctly, he wished he had a “nigger bar” in his mouth…. .

              You hit the nail on the head.



              • EyeBeWhite says:

                Controlling you both now, I see. Glad to have you on board blackmalefelon.

                • EyeBeNigga says:

                  You barely control you bowel movements and think you control a nigga. STFU. Slugo is right, you is dreaming of an era that long ago passed. Do you masturbate when you think of controlling a nigger on your plantation and sucking our dicks?

                  By masturbate, I mean stick your fingers in your pussy, emasculated bitch.

            • GeP says:

              Bl@cwaddymelom, you’re so full of parasitic shit, why don’t just crawl back under you rock an shut the fuck up nigger. don’t worry we’ll let you know when the next time you can squawk. .. stupid cum guzzling faggot convict.

            • EyeBeWhite says:

              Oh, and by the way, Sigmund Freud was a white Jewish man. So now you’re quoting from white male Jewish psychoanalyst??? I thought with you guys anything White was wrong. Anything that emanated or originated from a White person was taboo. And if that’s the case, then there couldn’t be any Freudian slip, right?

              I think your troops are slipping there Slugo.


  7. just here for the banter! says:

    For any newcomers who’ve been missing the fun (and just in case you hadn’t deduced this for yourselves): this site is one of a number of scam sites run by agent provocateur white racists, the point being to foment racial hatred on all sides.

    “Slaughter” is about as legit and black as:

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      Just here for the Banter,
      Many have tried and failed. Get in line with that one.
      Slaughter Lightfoot

  8. Slaughter Lightfoot says:

    agent provocateur white racists

    The very image this conjures is hilarious.

    What, did the white racists remove their Klan robes and hoods for dark shade and black suits for this undercover black supremacist operation?
    Let me find out you are use to the images of us you see in hip hop videos and in movies.

    the point being to foment racial hatred on all sides.

    It is a fallacy to equate black reactionary hate to the immoral race based hatred of your people.


    • EyeBeWhite says:

      Slaughter, no matter how you slice it, or what name you give it. Hate is Hate. You can call it racism, you can call it bigotry, shit, you can call it Allah if you like. It still amounts to the same thing.

      All you are doing with your site is manifesting the hate to you. This is to prove a point to yourself (and others like you), that hate still exists. What a useless fucking waste of time. Of course it still exists. It will NEVER go away.

      Let’s be honest. No matter how much you want there to be a mother ship IFO full of your Negro cousins that are coming here to whip out nasty old “Whitey”, it just isn’t going to happen. No how, and no way.

      The ONLY reason this site is up is to provoke hate against you and the blacks, PERIOD.

      Congratulations, you hit the mark!

  9. EyeBeWhite says:

    Again, and as usual, you’ve missed the point entirely.

  10. EyeBeWhite says:


    Have you noticed from Slugo’s responses today that his thin veneer of pseudo intellectual is starting to crack?

    The black Elders of mother ship IFO would be real disappointed in him, letting o’l Whitey get the better of him. Now he’s been reduced to making homosexual innuendos at me. I swear to God, his buttons are so fucking easy to push.

    • GeP says:

      yeah I know, the little pussy is a going to have a nuclear mental meltdown any minute… kuel.

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      Don’t put that off on me, EyeBeWhite. Your comment about wanting a “nigger bar” speaks for itself.

      EyeBeWhite said: I always thought of “Nigger” as some type of new candy bar with a caramel center, yet with a crunch. Mmmm…I want a Nigger Bar right now!

      You are sick and in denial, dude.


      • GeP says:

        ah com’on slaughter, everyone knows you wish youz was White. an you’re the only one that picked up on the downlow reference.. when no one else did … faggit. btw, do’s yo’ teef fold back? mo’fugga?

      • EyeBeWhite says:

        No Slaughter, it was nigger bating. And you bite. That’s what I mean by control, boy. I write something and you respond like an idiot, or with some homosexual retort. The only thing that a black man can fall back on usually has something to do with a dick. You’re obsessed with dicks.

        Now shut the fuck up boy and go get your shine box. My shoes could use a good polishing.

        • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

          There wasn’t no baiting in that. The perverted thoughts in your subconscious came to the surface. You probably masturbate every time you see a brother.


          • EyeBeWhite says:

            Tell us the truth Slugo, did you father do something to you? You know what I mean. Did he put something in your mouth?

            Is that what this is all about?

            • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

              You are sinking in trying to cover up your perverted confession.

              • EyeBeWhite says:

                You are so fucking easy Slugo. I could write just about anything and you would reply. Here, let’s test it out.

                Hey Slugo, your mother’s so short, she could sit on the edge of a dime and swing her legs.

                GeP, watch for the response.

                • EyeBeWhite says:

                  GeP, did you notice that Slugo didn’t respond to this one? I knew he wouldn’t. See, that THAT’S control. I have him doing what I want, and then not doing what I want.

            • GeP says:

              more like his babydaddie put something is his arse too prep slugo fo’da pen’otenary.. gott’a get them while there young.. ain’t that rite slugopedo.

        • GeP says:

          you heurd mo’fugga? he sayid get’s tah stepin’ and fetch it.. niggah.

        • GeP says:

          really, Ebw? I thought the niggers here, were more obsessed with extra terresitrial anus. But wait, that must be how slugo got promoted to publisher, slobbing on yuckup’s cock.. It’s the ole suck up, move up theory. An in this particular cer’cum’stance, I sure slaughter definitely swallowed.. over, an over, an over… he’s such the cum guzzling back alley crackwhore.

    • GeP says:

      I guess I can repost at this particular point of this thread since slugo is over his temper tantrum with that moderation thingy, an has deleted my comment completely. what an asshole.. all I said was, he was in such a frenzy, he was about to have a nuclear mental meltdown. I’ve seen it before, an when happens it’s not pretty, but it sure is funny. but lol Ebw, I think you actually may have inadvertently made slugo sexually excited with that candy bar comment. becareful you don’t want that filthy extraterrestrial space splibb humping you’re leg, ’cause you know, that’s just plain nasty.

      • GeP says:

        Goddamnit, nows it back again.. geezz nigger, can’t you make up you’re fucked’uped twisted mind? I know what it is, you’re just too busy writing more exaggerated bullshit and highly plagiarized, an completely fabricated articles. On how much you revel in the ideal of more loss of life, of our brave U.S. and Allied service members. An how much you enjoy inflicting more pain upon the’re families and friends. …. you Goddamned disgusting terrorist, al qaeda lovin’ knuckledragging son of a bitch.

  11. EyeBeWhite says:

    Gep, I have to tell you, I’m really enjoying myself today. Slugo is really coming apart at the seems.
    Are you seeing this?

    He must be down the line pounding on his keyboard and seething with rage. On some of his lame ass replies, I can almost see the spittle flying from his mouth.

  12. YoungScottishGuy says:

    This is a pointless argument that will never end.
    It’s like a vicious cycle.

  13. yuri0lira says:

    I have read some of the most ignorant comments from both races on this post.
    I am guessing most of the people posting ignorant racist comments either have no education or are simply in denial. Racial supremacy is useless.
    – Neanderthal genes have been found in modern humans everywhere but Africa. What does that tell you? Who is the sub primate?
    – Being a Pre-medical student who has also researached different cultures and religions, asking for biblical proof of how one race is superior to the other is the most ignorant thing I have ever read. Religion is man-made.
    – Saying that blacks are most likely to be on welfare, kill, rape, etc. is another ignorant claim. I have family members attending law school, give me a break! I live in a mostly white neighborhood, and I’ve seen all the flaws that have been pointed out in blacks in whites as well.
    – Racial supremacy of any kind is stupid and only for the ignorant.

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