Curtis Lavelle Vance & Death by Black Man, Anne Pressly's Dream Come True

Curtis Lavelle Vance, Anne Pressly's Dream Come True
“We can foresee a day when white women will no longer want sex from black men and will only want us to violently slay them. It goes all the way back to the days of slavery.” – (Former GBR publisher) Kirkland Perkins (Link)

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35 Responses to Curtis Lavelle Vance & Death by Black Man, Anne Pressly's Dream Come True

  1. EyeBeWhite says:

    This is what I mean by inferiority complex. You feel that you have to defend an idiot who commits a senseless crime in order to vindicate your entire race. If that is not the definition of an inferiority complex, what is?

  2. Slaughter Lightfoot says:

    If you’d read the ongoing investigation you’d know this girl appears to have been selected by the National White Devil’s Cult for this slaying.

    The title, then, is a play on words emphasizing her and her own parents apparent desire for her, as a result of it, to become a national black on white crime celebrity.


  3. EyeBeWhite says:

    National White Devil’s Cult? Oh, I thought it was your National Blackfoot Soldiers who had properly instructed him on how to commit the correct black on White crime, as you so often talk about. Maybe you should take credit for it to bring more attention to your cause.

    Her and her parents desire to be a black on white crime celebrity? Now I know for sure that I am dealing with someone that is completely insane. Please tell me, are there also parents of blacks that want to be White on black crime celebrities too?

    And since I tend to operate on reason and logic, here’s something I bet you can’t explain. If the Whites are to be destroyed by your imaginary Alien Gods, or cousins, as you call them, why do you feel a need to incite violence on Whites? And please don’t be a back tracking Nigga by saying you don’t, I have read enough on here to know better. If we’re all going to be destroyed, why even bother to write about it? Why even bother to vindicate the crime brothas? Why bitch and moan about it at all? Could it be that, maybe, you secretly want to save us? or Gloat?

    I bet you cannot, and will not answer this.

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      In your apparent obsession with demonstrating our inferiority complex, you unveil your perverted and narcissistic desire to a superiority complex. It, though, was apparent before your subliminal announcement of it.

      The National Black Foot Soldier Network are not about black on white (BOW) crime. They are about justice.

      Concerning Anne and her parents, the racially perverted psyche of your kind is what we study, document and warn brothers about. Your presentation of yourselves as moral and descent is a lie. You are neither. We needn’t look far in history to know this.

      We don’t advocate violence against whites. We do, however, encourage all to stand up against injustice.

      Existence has passed the era of salvation for whites. Your attempt to define this as “bitching” and “moaning” again exemplifies your superiority complex.” For, this is a celebration.


      • EyeBeWhite says:

        Slaughter: Me obsessed? Are you joking? It is you that has the obsession. Look at all this bullshit you’ve printed here. It is you that makes the display of inferiority through what you write. Example: Mothership IFO. IFO is the abbreviation of InFeriOr.

        “The National Black Foot Soldier Network are not about black on white (BOW) crime. They are about justice.” Please tell us, what injustice did Anne Pressly or her family ever do to you?

        If anything, all this is about is blacks against Whites. In which case, can you blame the Whites for wanting their race to survive? You should understand that better than anyone.

        Your thought process is perverted if you look at people killing other people as a celebration. If that’s what your god and religion is all about, I can more clearly see why the blacks worldwide live in such a state of poverty, drugs and crime. It all makes perfect sense. Great, keep thinking and acting this way and truly the White population has very little to be concerned about.

  4. EyeBeWhite says:

    I have come to a conclusion/s regarding this site.

    1. This entire site is a hoax, since many references I find to the National Blackfoot Soldiers & this quasi Muslim group, are mostly here. Slaughter apparently supports the whole mess and will never truly answer any hard pressed questions, nor explain what this vague religion is all about.

    2. It is possibly run by hardcore White supremacy group wanting to whip the Whites into a frenzy.

    3. It is a government run site to test the emotional responses for some social engineering think tank.

    4. It is another money-making religious marketing ploy to rake in money based on fear. Probably Nigerian based.

    5. It is real and those that run it are actually believe all this crap.

    Personally, I think it is probably either #1, #4 or #5. Whichever one, it has become a total waste of my time, and anyone else that chooses to visit here as you will never get any real answers.

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      You have reached some of the conclusions other crackers who think they know it all often reach: since blacks don’t think the way we or I think they think it’s not real or white. Let your narcissism shine!

      • EyeBeWhite says:

        Oh Boy, I can’t wait. Believe me, there are many like me who simply can’t wait. This will be an absolute, slaughter.

  5. EyeBeWhite says:


    I just realized something. You contradicted yourself.

    You have written in a few posts referring to “White” history, or science revisionists. So does that mean that blacks were never enslaved, and therefore White guilt is a myth? Or, do you simply pick and choose which bits of history and science to believe, and discount others?

    Furthermore, it is common knowledge that Whites do not control the media, the Jews do. And guess what? Jews do not consider themselves White, they consider their race as Semitic. And Semitic is not Caucasian. Look it up!

    It is also common knowledge that the first slave ship, according to Jewish revisionists history, was a Dutch ship which was Jewish financed and the Captain and most of the crew were Jewish. Facts, look them up!

    The amount of White non Jewish land owners who owned black slaves were actually in the minority, and were mostly owned by Jewish land barons. Look it up!

    Most slaves brought in from Africa went to Brazil, and 100% of all Jewish families in Brazil owned slaves. More facts. Look it up!

    So therefore, according to your logic, the vast majority of the White, non Jewish population are actually innocent of any past crimes against the blacks. Remember, we, the non Jewish population do not own or control the media.

    So how are we (White, non Jewish) guilty of things you have written here? Including any revisions to history. Think about it. If we did, why wouldn’t we just change history to lay the blame on someone else, much like the Jewish revisionists have already done to make them look like the innocents and the White non Jewish people to look guilty?

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      Only in your and their imaginations and historical revisions are you and the fake jews not the same.


      • EyeBeWhite says:

        So what your saying is that you agree with me. You write that Whites and Jews differ in our imagination and revisions.

        Since my imagination has nothing to do with any business of yours, I can only assume that you just threw this out as some sort of smoke screen. Sorry, it didn’t work.

        But your reference to revisions is more to the point. Please tell us what the non-Jewish White man has revised in opposition to the black race?

  6. EyeBeWhite says:

    Just as I suspected. A non answer to a completely legitimate question. Still happy to see I am controlling you.

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      What about your question isn’t answered?

      • EyeBeWhite says:

        Well how about this:
        So does that mean that blacks were never enslaved, and therefore White guilt is a myth?

        And this:
        Or, do you simply pick and choose which bits of history and science to believe, and discount others?

        And this:
        So how are we (White, non Jewish) guilty of things you have written here?

        And this:
        why wouldn’t we just change history to lay the blame on someone else, much like the Jewish revisionists have already done to make them look like the innocents and the White non Jewish people to look guilty?

  7. GeP says:

    EyeBeWhite,… reading this thread or perhaps more acturately, a one sided conversation a few times; I’m begining to come to the conclusion that slugo is reading or responding from a predetermined script. Or a warped, an obiviously heavily guarded an plagiarized crazed secret space writing of some kind. Making slaggertoby, nothing more than a compelete despondent and illiterate fraudulent whore. An if you notice, and I’m sure you have, slaughtertoby has stolen everyone’s volcabulary that’s ever written here an subconsciously, but more than likely deliberately uses them in his own insane rants. An I’ve been called a barbarian.. I would rather be a barbarian, than a filthy mimicking shit flinging terrorist chimp, with it’s vile paw outstretched demanding more unwarranted retributions from society, an then in it’s same fowl rancid breath wish more untimely deaths to American service members and Allied forces.

    • EyeBeWhite says:

      GeP: The problem with people like Slaughter is a question of history and lineage. In his desperate bid for identity, he’ll cling to whatever props up his fragile ego. He could simply take a DNA test and find out exactly what tribe in Africa his forefathers came from. He would be welcomed back with open arms. But instead, he prefers to wander aimlessly around as a half Jew, half Muslim, half African, half American, half Alien, etc. Its pathetic really. I’m sure his mind must be as confused as what he writes.

      I’ve submitted a few of his writings to a psychologist friend of mine, and her prognosis is this. Slaughter has bi-polar disorder, with underlining symptoms of homicidal rage. His misdirected animosity towards the Whites is clearly a chemical imbalance. Because of his lack of identity, he chooses to lash out at whatever perceived enemy he can fit within the framework of his psychosis.

      She went on to say that more than likely (without actually speaking with him) Slaughter never had a positive male role model in his life. That he was probably ostracized and abused as a child. This, she said, was obvious in his pictures of infant children with burn marks superimposed onto their faces. His way of living out his fantasies, much like a potential serial killer does before they actually commit an act of violence.

      She did say that he is probably dangerous to himself and others, and that later in life, he will fall victim to manic depression, if he isn’t already.

      The best way to interact with someone like Slaughter is “at arms length”. Not to argue with, or agitate him, or he may very well commit murder of violence to some innocent person.

      So from here on out, I intend to placate and pacify him at a level he can understand.

      • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

        Give me the number, let me set up an appointment.


      • GeP says:

        I agree with you and you’re friend. but isn’t that just Typical Nigger Behavior? The burning of white babies, or any kind of child abuse is what concerns me most. I’m convinced slaughter is suffering some sort of repressed form of pyromania and pedophilia. And I would even go as far and say, he’s a periodic bed wetter, an may have a mentally induced impotentcy as well. All combined, that may directly contribute to his open ended statements, and his claims of acute amnesia.

        • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

          I think most in some of the new black grassroot movements will ask are white babies human? Or, rather, people of color must see the white creature in the same light as The Sun of God.

          You do see yourself with the same disdain that the Sun of God sees you, no?


          • GeP says:

            are the people in the community that you slither in, noticing a lack of wildlife or perhaps finding animals grotesquely mutilated along with domestic pets? .. just curious.

            • GeP says:

              what I mean, this could be very possibly you’re subconsciously acting out or suppressing years of latent physical abuse or mental trauma, by not being actually aware that you’re doing these atrocities and mentally blanking the acts out or pushing them out of you’re mind, or feeling it was done by someone else. Slugo, do you perhaps have very vivid dreams that may not stay in your mind very long, or not make any sense of say, cats, dogs, perhaps squrrels, or rodents horribly mutilated, maybe even crucified, to trees of fences or perhaps hidden in strange an unexpected places in and around you’re home? Do you hear voices? Perhaps voices echoing relentlessly in you’re head? Whisperings that you’re not able to truly comperhend but you feel, hear them there, controlling you? Spinning, whirring in you’re mind hating you? despising you, making think horrible hatred, an making you take what could be considered distructive, but justifiable actions towards others too purify and cleanse them.

  8. slavemaster says:

    Why do you think niggers are second class citizens? The quick answer is, lack of intillegence. The long answer is no one likes niggers, niggers don’t even like niggers.

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      What happened? Where’s your plantation? Adolph’s not pleased with you!

      Slaughter Lightfoot

      • GeP says:

        aaaahh.. the good ole days … please don’t to listen this asshole slaggertoby, Slavemaster.. it must be getting a little too close to kwanza again.. an this silly splib, may be feeling a little nostalgic, an perhaps little homesick.

  9. GeP says:

    ok slugo, ponder this true story, since you’ve gone on about it… back when Katrina hit Nola, a friend of mine out of the kindess of his heart volunteered to help the “people” at one of the area’s in Texas, the government had set up.. an of course, they had laid on an abundance of fresh wholesome food, proper clean personal hygiene supplies, an more than adequate shelter. An he said the “people” were so obnoxious, rude, an violent, screaming for there retributions, when they had much less on a dally basis before they arrivied, or before the hurricane hit… wanting instead of fresh food, proper shelter… greasy assed KFC, Mickey dee’s, Miller genuine draft, and all kinds of other artery clogging vile shit. An after a short while the hallways and corners where used as bathrooms and trash cans. An the “people” slowly ripped the shelter that was provided to bits, as it slowly turned into a whore/crack house. Well, my friend stuck it out for a while because he’s Human professional person. But even he got fed up after a while and walked away, and I don’t blame him. .. So, for you to call me a nigger, I can’t even remotely get upset, because it just doesn’t apply.

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      Nice story. I suppose the only tragedy is that he didn’t get to experience a Reparations Protest first hand. That, in order to appreciate us in fullness, is what he needed.


      • EyeBeWhite says:


        It becoz’ day been mitreated. Day want day repabutions.

        And, of course, you will always have some misdirected White person trying to be a human, even to animals. But no matter how much you feed and take care of a rattlesnake, it well eventually bite you. It is in their nature to do so. I recommend that before the rattlesnake strikes, you cut its head off.

        The worst offense is always better than the best defense.

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