Mothership IFOs Down Two Planes in Wake of Illegal ARES 1-X Launch

 Mothership IFO strikes plane with Paul Mazak II of Bushnell, company president of Mazak Properties aboardPaul Mazak II, Malcolm Lavender, Rich Schiter and Chane Schiter, all of Florida, were destroyed when the Leesburg-bound twin-turboprop Beechcraft King Air plane Mazak, president of Mazak Properties, was piloting encountered sudden turbulance.

According to Yakub Muslim and publisher Antioch Hades, turbulance prisms are part of a set weapons IFOs  can use when they  target earth planes with for destruction.



  • (See)NASA DEVILS “POSTPHONE” ARES 1-X LAUNCH FOR “BAD WEATHER;” “Who do you think’s in the clouds?” – Antioch Hades; Mothership Makes Presense Known Over (White) Moscow
  • According to officials in Texas, the men were returning from a hunting trip in Texas when the plane dropped from radar during stormy weather about 11:42 a.m. Monday. The plane was traveling from Uvalde, Texas, to Leesburg. The smoldering wreckage was spotted later about three miles northwest of Benavides, Texas, by a Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter looking for the plane.


    According to Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Lynn Lunsford,  the plane vanished from radar after the pilot  reported encountering (sudden) turbulence.


    “The crash obliterated the plane,  leaving nothing.”  Charlie Ramirez with the Texas Department of Public Safety is quoted as saying.   The bodies were burned beyond recognition and the names had to be obtained from a flight plan.


      The plane plummeted to the ground shortly thereafter, falling directly into a thick, brushy area off Texas State Highway 339.

    While Hades has not confirmed the planes’ destruction as a result of IFO strikes, other sources in the Yakub Muslim and New Collective communities say they are.



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    5 Responses to Mothership IFOs Down Two Planes in Wake of Illegal ARES 1-X Launch

    1. watch says:

      Shouldn’t that be Motha’ Ship?

    2. Truth Revealed says:

      All Praises to the Most High…

      Soon the world will truly see how detrimental it is to ones health to have that old-time leprosy!

    3. EyeBeWhite says:

      Gimmy dat old tyme leprosy – Gimmy dat old tyme leprosy -Gimmy dat old tyme leprosy – it be good enough foe’ me.

    4. EyeBeWhite says:

      Truth Revealed:

      There is no Stage IV. This is merely bullshit that you hold on to like a drowning man clutching at a straw. You have no personal self worth, so you cling to the hopes that some black Alien beings will swoop down and fry all the Whites with their “third eye”. Blacks make up less than 15% of the U.S. population. About three quarters of them have no solidarity. Most are unwed mothers and children. The majority of the men are either in prison, on drugs, or are alcoholics, or just plain too stupid to do anything. The remaining educated Black population are too smart to be involved in any of this nonsense. Which just makes a fraction of the black population (the one you and Slaughter belong to) that can’t do enough to affect any real change.

      I would love to see the looks on your faces come Dec. 21, 2012. Please, please post a picture of it. I would almost pay a fee to see you looking like two idiots, standing there in your white space jumpsuits, waiting for Mothership IFO to pick your sorry asses up so you can cruise the hood looking for crack.

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