Why The Devil’s Lab Rats Are White

The Devil's Lab Ratsquotation markDo you know the real reason white people perform laboratory experiments on white lab rats is because those white lab rats share the same genetic code as they share?  They share two common factors—the albino, and the inbreeding factor.  Those white rats are bred for their albinism and are deliberately inbred to mimic the genealogy of so-called “Caucasians.” White people perform experiments on white rats to see how experiments potentially go over in the human Caucasoid population. If they want to know how something will impact the normal population, the benchmark used is a normally colored rat.”  (See: What the White Man is Hiding by Amon Hotep)

SEE: “The Sun & The Soul-Less Idiot Whites: The Hu- man Genome Project has revealed White DNA con- tains severely-altered genetics, by artificial means.”

Whites have calcified Pineal Glands in their brains, due to being melanin-deficient. Melanin is a Hormone that humans (non-Whites) possess. The very word Human comes from two words: Hue = Colored + Man = Person = Colored Person = Human.

Most “medications” marketed for White people contain synthesized Melanin or ‘Melatonin Reuptake Catalysts’ (MRCs). Whites are genetically-inferior, since they produce none of the Hormone Melanin for normal physical, psychological, intelligence and sociological functions. There is strong evidence in the ancient world, that Whites were literally created out of genetic engineering by the ancient Black Egyptian Priest-Scientists. That is what the records of ancient Egypt reveal.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Melanins no hormone tho.

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